I just can't do it…..

You all know that vacation I am going on tonight? Four days and nights with no kids? I have, quite simply, decided that I can’t go. I mean, really; look at these photos; can I really leave all this?

Here is my Eli, looking oh sweet at his birthday last year…..

And Sambo, who though you can’t see it, is holding his bunny who has actually lived for an entire YEAR!

Owen camping last summer; the only thing missing from this picture is a can of beer; doesn’t it look like he should have one?

So. Look at these sweet faces and tell me if you really think Ican do this. Haven’t been anywhere without at least one of them in, oh, ever. Do you blame me for getting a little teary-eyed this morning and kissing Owen so many times that he finally pushed me and said “GO!”, or for telling Hannah about 11 times that I love her…

Am I really thinking about leaving?

You bet your ass I am!


9 thoughts on “I just can't do it…..

  1. HAHAHA!! Good for you Kori! I was gonna comment how you’d be crazy not to go. Everyone needs a reset. Better for all in the long run. And HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY, girl! We know you swear too much but we love it. (haha even the random letter code I had to type in below says FUQT. How funny!)

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