Photos: Part 1

I think I should rethink my life’s work; surely, surely, I could be a beauty queen of some sort, as is indicated in the below photo (I am, of course, the one vamping on the big ottoman thingy)? This is me and my friends after the birthday dinner C. and D. had for me while I was in Seattle. I am laying down for two reasons: They are all at least 6 inches taller than me, four of the five considerably more than that, and I didn’t want to look even shorter than I really am. Like, midget-sized. And I ate so much dinner that I really didn’t feel like I could support the extra weight any longer; I needed to rest. Really.

And here

is the place where C. and I went shopping; isn’t is beautiful? This was at University Village, which is (obviously) by the University of Washington. I love the way the rain made everything look so clean and new and fresh. There was this one store called Restoration Hardware that I absolutely loved. Although they did not have candlestick holders, they did have this chair, which would look really excellent under the painting I was posting about yesterday. Which Ican’t link to. And I don’t know why. And this one has to be one of my all time favorite pictures. Can you tell whom I am voting for?

I have more where this came from, but am not good enough at the whole adding images thing to do them justice; perhaps I will have to do these in installments.


7 thoughts on “Photos: Part 1

  1. I feel yah on the midget thing, I really do. I tell people I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged, and they should respect my handicap. And would you please get that down for me now?

  2. I am SOOOOoooo into restoration hardware… or rather, I would be if I could afford any of that stuff. I’ve been ogling that overstuffed leather chair for what has to be nearly 10 years now.I just want you to know that you will have to be the subject of my 7 Deadly Sins – Envy post if you get that chair. 😉

  3. I would leave my husband for Restoration Hardware. I cannot afford to shop there, and I am quite sure I never will be able to, but still I get their catalog. I need a tub of Vasoline and a sock to read it.

  4. Lol, the first time I ever baught anything for Mark was at Restoration Hardware. I was on a very rare mall trip with family friends and we were just getting old enough that my parents were letting me call him my boyfriend. I think I bought him a really nice tape measure.

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