Random Craziness Today

Just a few little random snippets today. As you can see, I now have an AWARD over to the right. April sent it over to me via email quite some time ago, but I didn’t remember until today when I saw her gratuitously handing out the award right and left. To everyone but me. So when I pissed and moaned to her, she set me straight and reminded me that I did, in fact, get the award, from her, and I should just, you know, POST IT ALREADY. Instead of letting it languish in my saved items folder. Which is where it had been gathering virtual dust for several months now. Yeah. I am so together.

And boy, my little mantras haven’t been working well today when it comes to things getting dicey in my head. I have been having trouble with three different blogs not “getting” my comments; I would post, and they would just disappear. So I was somehow sure that all three of these women whom I love to read were getting together behind my back and had decided to blackball me from commenting. You know, because that makes so much sense. Again, April set me straight there, too, by telling me to just email them and let them know. Hm. Novel idea.

So. I have been messing around with my play list today, and I only have a few more songs to add before I get all 100 on there; I don’t HAVE to have that many, but I somehow like the number. I have also been debating about whether or not to update my blog roll; I have seen a few others do it, and when I look at my reader and then the list, I realize that they are not, in fact, the same. Guess I should get going on that. Not because I care, mind you, but I know that somewhere there is ONE OTHER PERSON who is as fucked up as I am and will look at my list and think, “hm, I wonder why I am not on there?”

Fess up. You know it’s true; there are others like me out there.

And last, a huge thank you goes out to BusyDad; apparently I won a Snapfish gift card for commenting on his Mother’s Day post. He emailed me to let me know I won, and I guess he mailed it right after he got the address because I got it yesterday. That is some good service, and I am thrilled to have won. I love Snapfish, too, use them all of the time, so even better.

8 thoughts on “Random Craziness Today

  1. So, are you feeling neglected because I didn’t reply to your last email? Guess what. I did even better. I accidentally deleted it and have no idea where we were in our continuing conversaiton. Work happened, what can I say? Love you! And I’m not the only one, dammit!

  2. *snicker* so you’re going to update your blogroll just in case there’s someone as paranoid as you out there? lolYou crack me up, girl.Wait… am I on it? Whew. 😉

  3. Blogger comments sometimes end up in spam filters when you use a different platform. I have to fetch them quite often out of mine. Congrats on the award, and the prize!

  4. You are cracking me UP today lady! Well, technically, you would’ve cracked me up the other day when I actually received your comment, and then again today.Secretly blackballing you. Awesome. Seriously, I laugh because that’s almost exactly what I would think!!

  5. I get the disappearing comments too, usually straight into spam folders etc.No biggie.(your ‘next’ post has gone missing!)

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