Flashback Friday-The Daughter's Accident

Another episode of Flashback Friday, brought to you by the lovely CableGirl over at 42. Go check it out; always worth it. In fact, go ahead and put her in your reader while you’re at it.
As hard as this might seem to some of you, I really don’t have a topic for Flashback Friday today; too many other things going through my head to get the words to string together into a coherent sentence. Therefore, you get another photo post. After all, Cablegirl said we could use any medium…

And yes, folks, this would be why The Daughter will never drive again.

17 thoughts on “Flashback Friday-The Daughter's Accident

  1. And this is a prime example of how pictures are worth thousands of words. Brilliant.If it’s any consolation, I had similar mishaps with the family car and stuff in the garage when I was a student driver. The car, the stuff in the garage and I all lived (finally) to tell the tale.

  2. I’m guessing this event was not long ago? Maybe, someday it’ll be a funny flashback for you to recall… Thanks for stopping by Spatter.

  3. Aww, come on, that isn’t SOOOO bad. One of my brothers flipped his truck on its side right after getting his license! I still hold the jackass who let her drive it in the first place responsible. 😛

  4. If I was not the parent of 2 teenagers, I would say how the hell did that happen? Since I am the parent of 2 teenagers, I’m nodding my head and feeling your pain.

  5. Oh. Thank God, Buddha, Yahweh, and whoever else is listening that I have 9 more years before I have to deal with this…

  6. OMG I forgot how funny those pictures were!!! haha, good times, they removed the bench from the park and finally cashed my check-bastards took long enough!Hope you had a good weekend, and btw could you please ask FreedomFirst to stop referring to my husband as a Jackass, I know she’s not trying to be mean but its not very nice, she doesn’t even know us!Love you-K

  7. LOL, that’s awesome! My first driving experience, I hit a gas pump. Not hard obviously, I’m still alive. But I went to a party with a friend who was way to drunk to drive and I somehow ended up behind the wheel driving her ass home when I didn’t know how to drive myself. So I can totally relate to your poor daughter. Must have been a scary as all hell first time driving experience. How does she feel about driving after that?

  8. Lol, sorry Miss K. I didn’t realize Kori had relatives on here. But in all fairness, I can hardly think of a single man on the planet whom I would NOT consider a jackass, hehe. Still, I promise to refrain from calling your husband one in future. 🙂

  9. So sorry that it is at your vehicle’s expense but that is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the laugh!

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