Avoidance Works

This is what is on my agenda today (after work, of course, because I would never do personal things while at work. Please.): Taking the kids to, yep, McDonald’s and to buy Eli a pair of shoes. His are, I think I mentioned earlier, falling apart, and he also has a terrible case of athlete’s foot that just isn’t getting better. This is in part his fault, because he wears his shoes with no socks AND he swims in them regularly and then walks around in them all day. Eeew. This little trip serves a dual purpose: to “celebrate” the better financial situation, and also to avoid the people from the church who want to come visit. “They” called me and left a voice mail at nearly 10:00 last night ( I was, thankfully, on the phone when they called), asking if they could come visit today. At 5:30. Even if I wanted to have them visit, which I don’t, that would not be enough notice for me.

Here is the thing. I believe wholeheartedly in God; I actually even consider myself a Christian, though I tend to be, shall we say, just slightly to the left (okay, way the fuck off in left field, as ***gasp*** I don’t think homosexuality is a sin, I support gay marriage, and believe in pro-choice. To name a few.) politically. What I DON’T believe is the whole religious dogma that is espoused by many churches, but this one in particular. Here are a few examples: since I am a single woman, I am not “allowed” to have missionaries into my home, even if the kids are present, without also having a male over 18 present. Because I might corrupt or seduce these poor innocent boys. Yet it is perfectly appropriate for three adult males to come into MY home, with or without kids present; how is that at all appropriate? Might that be, perhaps, a safety issue for me in addition to a propriety issue? I mean, really; I don’t want to sully my reputation by being seen entertaining three MEN in my home! And what is to stop these men from overpowering me and corrupting and abusing ME? I hate the double standard that comes from people with testicles, especially CHURCH people with testicles. Also, there is the simple fact that I cannot hold a position in the church due to my status as a divorcee, AND the fact that I had a child out of wedlock. Because again, I might corrupt someone, in this case the innocent young children. Puhleeze. The fact that my ex-husband was a chronic and confessed philanderer (okay, in layman’s terms, he fucked a whole boatload of people who he was not married to. Because, you know, he was married to me) had absolutely no bearing on HIS status in the church. In fact, I got told that it was my fault for not being “loving” enough, and he got extra prayer and support. So yeah, I have some issues with organized religion. Which is why I am going to pointedly NOT be home tonight; the fact that I neither confirmed nor denied that I would be available does not preclude them from driving by to see if my lights are on and stopping anyway. Go figure.

So going out is on my agenda for this evening, and this is what I have already done today: got up at 5:30 because Owen has figured out how to climb out of his bed and come visit. This is progress in that he made it clear until 5:30 to do so this morning; over the weekend? 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday morning both. NOT fun, at least for me. He thought it was just a great time to be up and around. My alarm goes off at 6:00, so it wasn’t worth staying in bed that extra 30 minutes. Therefore, I was able to get a load of laundry washed and in the dryer, and another one washed. Finished loading the dishes left from last night’s chili verde. Left The List of chores for the older three kids to get done. Acted like a real bitch to Steve when he came over to get the leftovers, for no real reason other than I was tired and grouchy so took it out on him. Which meant that I had to call and apologize, which I really, really hate to do. I really like to walk around and think I am the shit and that I am never wrong or behave like a childish two year old, but the reality is that sometimes Owen is better behaved than I am. I have read the things in my reader, done a crapload of actual work, and now…wait for it…

…I just added something else to my blog roll. Someone else. You all know how I feel about dad blogs, and basically about men in general, so this is really a special occurrence that brings the men on my roll up to, yep, THREE. I do read other blogs by men, don’t get me wrong, but the three I now have listed are ones I read and comment on regularly, and thoroughly enjoy. You all know BusyDad, and for those of you who don’t know XBox4NappyRash, he is a man who wants to be a dad so badly but he and his wife have not had any success yet; go read him if you get a chance, because he is an excellent writer. Last, and newest, is one called LiteralDan; he is funny, he is thoughtful, and he is real. I followed a link from someone else’s blog to find him, because I liked a comment he made, and wanted to read more. I was well pleased, and I think those of you who don’t know him yet ought to go check him out.

***And by the way, I do fully expect (hope, right) to get accolades for letting my anger and bitterness toward the male gender long enough to keep an open mind. Not ALL guys are illiterate, ignorant infidels, right?***

12 thoughts on “Avoidance Works

  1. The door to door church people drive me crazy! There’s nothing worse than someone trying to force religion on you.

  2. Well, I’m at least as much of a man-hating bitch as you are, and I not only have men in my Reader, but men IRL that I consider good friends, so yeah, I get that.I’m going to be a good girl and not comment on the church people 🙂

  3. I hear you about the church people. I hate it when they show up on my doorstep. And no, not all guys are bad. Actually, there are some pretty great ones out there too. Enjoy your night out! You deserve it.

  4. I take it this is a Mormon church? Because some of those little rules sound a bit far-fetched even to me…

  5. Kori, you crack me up. Athlete’s foot, new shoes, old shoes, Owen’s new sleeping habits, church people, chili verde, adults acting like children, and man-hating–all in one post. And you strung it together like it make perfect sense. And it did!

  6. Here’s kudos for resisting temptation and keeping an open mind. I try to keep my ignorance to a minimum whenever possible.And thanks for all the nice things you said!

  7. I give you credit for holding onto your religion at all after what you said about your divorce. He actually got more prayer and support than YOU DID?? Disgusting.

  8. Hi ther Cory. I hapy to b on yer blawg roul. OH! Boobies!Bye!(just setting you back to your normal self. I don’t want to share this old blogroll spot with TOO many guys, you know – xbox and literal dan? way cool dudes though.)

  9. Ugh! I hear ya on the church folk. I was raised Mennonite which I am most definitely not know, and I have had to deal so much crap from my family, that I have almost no contact with them anymore. My mom raised me to be completely different and open-minded, I have one aunt and uncle I get along with, 6 sets I don’t, and grandparents I haven’t spoken to in years. Which is sad because I would like my children to know them, but not enough to go thru’ their hell that they consider religious love. That would be a good rant post.

  10. See, now all of those reasons you mentioned are why I don’t subscribe to organized religion. I need no “holier than thou”s telling me how to live my life.And I too love your “dad blogger” suggestions.

  11. Many, many, many years of religious education. Many. Seen my fair share of hypocrites. I have a strong faith in GOD, but very little faith in organized religion. Funny story. Awesome couple in college (they led Bible study, did volunteer work, were genuinely kind to EVERYONE) got pregnant. Snotty “Bible Bangers” decide to harass them so much over their indiscretion that the couple left the school (eventually got married and are living a happy life). The head snot was later found on top of the community building doing things with another girl that are only suitable for XXX movies. Nice, huh?Eek. Sorry to go on like that. BTW–Love your blog taste . . .

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