If You are Reading This….

…you will know that I am not here. Well. I am here in spirit, but not in body. Depending on how early you rise and hit the ‘net, I am either still sleeping, yelling at the kids to hurry up and get in the car, eating lunch in the dirt, on the steam engine, or baking my lovely, plump, dimply, drilled ass in the sun. Aren’t I lucky?

But I love my readers so much-and know you all love me just as much, right?-that I will not make your reader be empty of ME the whole time I am gone. I am going to have a couple of guest posters! The first one will be the ever-lovely Jillian, to whom I gave an award that she blew off totally…but she has a good reason and I think she just might tell you when she visits. Be nice, be helpful, remember I love her.

And the other poster will be none other than my beloved April. She is in the middle of a move right now so it won’t be until sometime next week, but she will be here. And I fully expect her to get lots of love, too. You SO don’t want me to give CSG YOUR address, right?


9 thoughts on “If You are Reading This….

  1. Awww, Kori – I haven’t been around forever and have no idea where you’re going, but it sounds like it’s somewhere great.Thank you for all of your wonderful comments of my blog as of late – very, VERY much appreciated.xo

  2. Lol. Go ahead and give him my address; I’m feeling my oats these days anyway. A good fight would invigorate me! JK.

  3. I’ll ignore your guest post snubbing of me. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let me guest post either. Not if you want to keep your readership anyhow.

  4. You were wise not to allow me access to your blog while you’re gone.That being said, can I have access to your blog next time you’re gone? I “promise” not to cause trouble.

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