If God IS There…

Yeah, yeah, another double post. But we have an “interview” tonight with a lady about a dog. She is an 8 year old Golden Lab, already spayed and registered, LOVES kids (which is why she is getting rid of her, she no longer has kids at home and the dog is suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome), ignores cats, is completely housebroken and is used to sleeping outside in a doghouse. I want this dog. This is exactly what I am looking for in a dog. And while i am not averse to still getting another puppy for Eli, I want this dog for ME.

So: cross your fingers, say a prayer, send me some of your good juju, whatever, that I get this dog. That I pass the interview with flying colors and she bows down and says, “YES! You are the owner I have been looking for!” I am NOT going to mention that our most recent dogs got ripped off-not going to mess with the Karma. I AM going to give her the Sad Story (which actually IS sad) about how we had to have our beloved family dog put down because she bit the baby; I may even be able to squeeze out a few tears. I heard that some people get all tenderhearted and gooey when they see tears, even though it has never worked for ME. I really want this.

Wish me luck. And tell me, despite the fact that our other dogs got stolen and that we have this CSG around who might possibly harm said dog, and the fact that I will give her table scraps and let her sleep on my bed (as soon as I GET a bed), would YOU give me a dog? Would I pass YOUR interview?


9 thoughts on “If God IS There…

  1. I’d have a lot more questions to ask you and I’d need much more information on you putting your dog down before I could answer that. It’s probably because I’ve volunteered in dog rescue so long. πŸ™‚

  2. You would totally pass my interview, mostly because I think you should really have a dog outside right now, and I know you care about your pets like part of the family.

  3. I agree with Maria on the more info needed on having to put the dog down. I certainly don’t think I’d open with that.

  4. I hope you get the dog!! I’m sorry your dogs were stolen–what a nightmare!! Were they large or small? Hopefully having a big dog like a lab around would deter any creeps. Good luck!!

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