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I got a new bra. Well, I got a new to me bra-so yeah, I am so wearing someone else’s undergarments. But she JUST bought it, after having been fitted for it and everything, got it home and wore it once and couldn’t stand it. So she washed it and passed it on to me. I am glad-I love it. I am wearing a white t-shirt today and damn, my boobs look GOOD, if I do say so myself. I HATE shopping for bras-I always end up in tears because nothing ever fits right, or they are old-lady bras, whatever. So this one I got is wonderful; I love it. It FITS! So I go look online and of course the ONE bra that I have found that I REALLY like costs $50.00. Life is so not fair.

And speaking of boobs and life being unfair: if I won the lottery, one of the first things I would do would be to make an appointment to get a reduction. Seriously. But I have never, ever once heard a man complain because his junk is too big. Or that he would just lop off a couple of inches if he could afford to. God has a freaky-ass sense of humor.

I have a Bad-Mom confession today, too. I let Owen get in the shower with me this morning because I thought he probably needed a bath; the stench emanating off of his sagging-to-his-knees diaper and the pear juice in his hair from his after-dinner snack last night had nothing to do with it-I just thought it was time. Since the last time I clearly remember giving him a bath was Monday night. So I get out of the shower and give him the detachable shower head to play with while I towel off and grab his shampoo. No shampoo. It is ALWAYS in the same place so I can just grab it off the counter. Gone. So was furiously looking around, searching for the damn $9.00 a bottle shampoo, nowhere. And then I remembered that I packed it in the bag for Steve to take with him when he took Owen. Last week. So this toddler has been IN a bath, he just hasn’t been, you know, WASHED in going on a week. I suck. I slathered him with sweet lotion and pretended he was French before taking him to daycare. And after work I will have to find the damn shampoo.

Just reading the paper and found out that a kid was shot in Tennessee at school-some kind of a dispute between two young boys that ended up with one of them dead. This shit? It pisses me off. It scares me. It makes me wonder why kids think that it is okay to resolve a problem using a fucking gun. And while I hold the child responsible-and yes, a 14 year old is a child, sorry!-I also can’t help but question what kind of parents the killer might have in order to instill in him the belief that shooting someone is acceptable and reasonable. No, it isn’t their fault, but isn’t there some culpability there? I don’t know the answer to that. This just disgusts me to no end. I look at my 14 year old and cannot imagine killing a person being in his thought processes- I can’t imagine that it would seem to him a reasonable thing to do. One if his former friends? Yeah-I can totally see it. Totally. In fact, this particular former friend scares the shit out of me-at 14. There is a REASON he is no longer welcome at our house. Anyway, I look at his lifestyle, HIS parents, and he comes from your typical two-parent, fairly affluent though not rich family, the kind of family that looks really great from the outside, but…I just don’t know. It boggles the mind.

My 14 year old has Freshman Orientation tomorrow, and then all three kids start school on Monday. I seriously can’t wait. Because the fighting and bickering and pestering is totally out.of.control.

There you go; just some little tidbits to start the day. No drama, no major happenings, other than that I found a way to get the calls traced so will go over the the phone company and cop shop later this afternoon or tomorrow morning, depending on my schedule. Yes, I am TOTALLY doing their job-do you think I can get a little sumpinsumpin‘ for it?


17 thoughts on “Topicless Post

  1. LOL – I love how we’d all much rather talk about the girls than the shooting! and I’m also laughing because I went thru all my bras last night and decided I hate most of them so I’m jealous, too!

  2. You should definitely invest in one more just so you can wash the other one every other day… Once you find a good bra, you really don’t want to have to go back to wearing the uncomfortable ones on the off days.

  3. Yeah, I seriously aspirated some tea when I read your bit about a man asking for a dick reduction. Oh and don’t feel bad. I only ever use shampoo on MJ like once a week…. you know, unless she’s been rolling in paint or something of that sort.

  4. It is so hard to find comfy bras. And I’m not even an unusual size. Good for you!I also bathe the boys once a week, barring anything unusual like being sweaty for three days straight or getting coated in filth. And the sweat I can usually take care of in the wading pool.

  5. Shawn is seriously getting his punk ass kicked tomorrow for signing into Blogger under his name on MY COMPUTER!!!! I have enough annoying little brothers, I don’t need another one!!

  6. 1. There’s nothing that makes me feel better than a great fitting bra!2. When you get your reduction…do you think you can loan some of the junk in your trunk on over to me.

  7. Ah nothing better then a great boulder holder.I too have a ‘handmedown’ bra that I love….only prob is that its red so I can’t where it with white…wicked pisser.

  8. So what brand is this amazing bra? I need to know! And at least you rinsed the little guy–that counts for something!

  9. I hate shopping for bra’s too. But I am a man and my wife makes me go to the mall with her. . .That was my attempt at empathy. So, maybe I can’t feel your pain.My wife wants a reduction too. Her best friend wants an augmentation. To bad they can’t do a partial transplant.Kid’s with guns: Does no one teach them that guns are able to kill people? Where do these kids come from? Who are their parents? The kicker: If he hadn’t had a gun, he would have run over the kid with a car, stabbed him with a knife, or thrown a huge-ass rock at him.

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