I am NOT blogging about….

Out of deference to a couple of people whom I have been emailing about those little girls, I am NOT going tell you that I found out that this piece of shit mother has another child as well. A little boy, just a year old (meaning that he and A are not quite a year apart), who is also going to be placed with this same foster mom. He has been with a family member up to this point, but suddenly they decided it was too much work and and have said they don’t want him. This also goes back to my raving yesterday: how in God’s name did they decide they wanted him but not the other two? Oh, yeah. Different family, different dad.

And also out of deference to those same people, I am not going to tell you that B actually let me touch her hair this morning, and tapped me on the leg when I left. I of course had to bestow kisses to A and my sweet little Owen, and both of them needed prolific hugs, but somehow that oh-so-casual tap on the leg was just as sweet to me. I am not going to tell you that Jacquie and I picked out a pair of shoes last night for A, and the sweetest little outfit for B, when we were shopping last night, nor am I going to tell you that I have already gone through some of Owen’s old clothes and rooted out just a few things for Little Boy, C, who will be starting at the daycare on Monday.

I will tell you, however, that Foster Mom, T, is considering adopting the three of them. From what I understand, it is likely at this point that they will be separated; there are few families who want to adopt three kids, two of which are not yet potty trained. But T. wants them, all of them-and if there is ANY justice on the world, she will get them. She has tried to adopt several different fosters over the years, but has always been denied for one reason or another-at the last minute, a willing (if not particularly able!) family member has popped up, or the state has decided to give mom one more chance…but let hope that in this instance, things go right and T gets them.

And that’s really all I am not going to blog about today. I had a meeting in another town for work this morning to go over some changes to their policies, and it was actually quite fun. The Marketing Director is about 60 years old, and did this really funny skit involving an eagle costume, a stainless steel egg timer, and a flashlight, and then we all went out for lunch. Consequently, I am in the midst of a carbohydrate induced coma, and my creative juices are all being used to digest my lunch. Keep good thoughts in your head for T and those three babies; C is supposed to be dropped off tonight, so they will have the long weekend to start adjusting, and I will get to meet him on Tuesday. I will be sure to not blog about him, too.

P.S. I love you, XBOX!


13 thoughts on “I am NOT blogging about….

  1. Ok. If you’re not blogging about it, then I won’t read it.My aunt adopted three sisters last year. So it does happen. I’ll keep those little guys in my prayers.

  2. For the people that you are not writing about I will continue to pray for them as well as you and your wonderful family. Also you need to run over to my blog. I know you are so game. Love ya.

  3. Just because we’re not commenting about what you’re not writing about doesn’t mean I can’t keep darlings A, B and C and T in my thoughts and prayers. And you, too for caring so much!!!Have a great weekend and keep us posted!

  4. If only you had told us how the kids were doing and what their future might have in store for them, this would have been an excellent post. I guess I can only say that I hope what you didn’t mention actually happens and that they are not separated.

  5. I really hope that the fact she’s willing to take all three, unlike the family members and even the Mom!! will get her the adoption.

  6. Wow…I’ve been gone all week and had some serious catching up to do. My heart is breaking for those little ones. I hope all works out for them…..and you….=)

  7. Oh those poor babies! It boggles my mind when people endanger their babies or don’t care for them – I know my heart would break if anything happened to mine.

  8. Oh Kori! I just read through the last few posts. My heart is breaking.Those poor children.Your love, amazing!I am the same way as you and if Dave didn’t put his foot down I would adopt a family like A,B and C in a heart beat.I hope your friend gets them, what a blessing!

  9. When I was a teen, a cousin and her husband adopted five siblings. The parents had been killed in a auto accident. Their family went from 2 to 7. It can be done. Just saying… not because anything I read here.

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