Getting Some Love

All I can say today is WOW. I have been the recipient of more little gifts from some of my bloggy friends, and I just feel floored, I really do. Some of these I have been hanging onto for a little while while waiting for the perfect opportunity to post them, but there never IS a perfect opportunity, so here goes:

Awhile back, I got the Kick Ass Blogger award from Tara, and much to my surprise, I also received the same award from Literal Dan. A huge thank you to BOTH of them for thinking I kick ass. And yes, I really just like to say that; it makes me feel a lot tougher than I really am.

Next, Melissa over at Taking What is Left gave me this lovely award; isn’t it beautiful?

I can’t remember if there were specific rules about this one, but there are four women whom I really, really love who deserve this one. The first is April over at It’s All About Balance, which surely comes as no surpise to any of you. The second is Freedom First, the third is Hugabug, and the last is Julie. All four of these women were part of the online community I got forced out of (yes, Maria, I will blog about it one of these days!). These four women were THERE for me-despite completely different religious views, despite political disagreements, despite the fact that I am much more in-your-face than most (save my dear April, perhaps), I got nothing but unqualified support from them, even long after I left. So this isn’t an award, per se, in terms of how great their blogs are, or that they necessarily need to post it or send it on, but instead a very heartfelt thank you to these women who have been part of my personal journey for a very long time. I love all four of you, truly, and am constantly grateful that you took turns holding me up during some really shitty times. Whether you knew it or not, the four of you combined pulled be back from that abyss about which I have written more than once.

Ahem, **sniff** on to the next one. Susie over at Nothing Clever To Say gave me THIS one:

This one DOES have rules, and I think I am supposed to pick Seven blogs to whom to pass this, but I don’t think I can come up with that many. All of the blog I read are worthy of this award or I wouldn’t read them, but I am afraid that some of my people have already gotten this one. However, here goes my attempt:

1. Single Working Mommy . A good part of my blog roll consists of fellow single moms, simply because that is where my life is at right now. This woman has a son who is very close in age to my Owen, so there is much to relate to there. Also, she seems to have her head on pretty straight, which I am envious of and want to be more like. Thanks for your friendship!

2. Following in the same vein, this also goes out to Pisceshanna over at Cost of Living. She has a little cutie called LB, lives in what she calls The Projects, and is a fierce, loyal single mama. Her ex, the Rooferman, sounds eerily similar to mine, whom I simply call the Fuck-Up, so my heart goes out to her and LB for all of the heartache he causes. Despite this, she gets up every morning and goes to work and takes care of her baby and, quite simply knocks my socks off daily.

3. Veering off, this woman is MARRIED, which really should be a strike against her. And as she says it, “mostly happily” married to boot; just for that alone, I should hate her. However, she makes me laugh, she talks a lot like I think, and she is just a pretty awesome woman all the way around. This one goes out to Lynnette from My So Called Life.

4. JT from The Goth Mom is both irreverent and funny, two of my favorite combinations. She also likes to fling around profanity and talks about penises on the blog; this is a must read, I tell you, and I am glad I found her. Or she found me and I stalked her. I really can’t remember how we got together, but her blog is one of the ones I jones for if she hasn’t written anything for awhile. Plus she puts up some really great pics.

5. And while I am almost 100% positive that Mr. Lady has already gotten this one, I am giving it to her again. Because she is fucking awesome. ‘Nuff said.

6. Ronda over at Ronda’s Rants deserves this just for her blog name alone. I love me a fellow ranter. And I haven’t been reading her very long, but so far am enthralled and love it when she posts. Whenever I get around to updating my blogroll (does Thursday of next week work for y’all? If you want on it, you gotta let me know!), you can bet your ass she will be on it.

7. And last but not least, this goes out to the geekhiker. I followed him over from someone else’s blog, and am enjoying the take of a single guy on dating. I have noticed that a good portion of his commenters are women who are also single, so methinks there are some “hopefuls” out there-I am not one of them. And I am being slightly naughty in the giving of THIS one because even though I DO like his blog, I have also been reading and commenting fairly regularly on his and he hasn’t once been over to mine. Maybe this will lure him over into my little bloggy web.

There were a couple more, actually, both from April, and I love you for those, my friend. I will just put them on my sidebar and say thanks. You mean so much!


22 thoughts on “Getting Some Love

  1. Awww… thanks lady!And I have my head on straight? Really? SNAP! I thought YOU were the one with YOUR head on straight. This could be trouble. 🙂

  2. Ahhh Thank you! I’ve lusted after this award since I saw it on Liz’s blog. Thanks for always offering me great advice. I heart your blog too!

  3. Thank you Kori!! I really am very happy about this! My daughter doesn’t feel like I am ranting enough…you know she likes the rant too! Thanks!:)

  4. Wow, thankyou! I’m flattered that you consider my needy rantings worthy of friendship – hehe. And I am very glad to have “met” you. Honestly, I’m just surprised that more of those girls on the Mom’s panel didn’t want to stay in touch with you. After all, you were one of the only real brains who posted there……Hmmm, I wonder what it’s like today. Naaahhhhh, it’s not worth it.

  5. Thank you, Kori. I’m so glad to have met you “over there” and I was so sad when things went horribly, terribly, unbelievably nasty. You have been instrumental in the last year or so in some changes in my way of thinking. I’ll have to blog about it someday. 🙂

  6. I can’t say it enough – I love you! And see? FreedomFirst, Hugabug1 and I were all right! I’m so glad you’ve found more souls who think so in the blogosphere!

  7. You have a good soul and a big heart. You deserve every one of the awards you receive. It makes my day so much better when I look at my blog and see comments from you. Just knowing that I do not go through this alone is a good feeling.

  8. You and April are indeed In Ya Face. That rocks. Who wants mundane? Certainly not I.Oh, and my random number generator really likes you. You just won the Tamagotchi drawing (working on post now, so you won’t see it yet). Email me your address again, ok? Yeah, I’m a horrible stalker.

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