Thanks, Patrick!

Thanks to Patrick, I have had to enable comment moderation on my blog again. The upside is that I think his strange shit has actually earned me some money on AdSense, so thanks for the few cents, Patrick. You see, I am saving to go to BlogHer in 09, so every penny-literally-counts.

You know, I think while I am there I might hit a few AA meetings, I hear they are pretty rockin‘ there, and oh, I was also hoping that Maria, Mr. Lady, April and I could all get together and have us an all-girl orgy; because I like women, Patrick. I like men, too, and if it will help you go into such a rage that you pop those already-bulging-blood vessels in your tiny little pea brain and actually fall over dead from a craziness-induced rage, I will even go so far as to tell you that I will fuck the neighbors dog (when the guy from Blockbuster is done servicing him, anyway. And ironically enough, the customer service guy from Blockbuster is ALSO named Patrick. Hm. Patrick, are you THAT Patrick? Because if you are, “I want my two dollars!”).

All right. I am going to chuckle myself off now. To all my readers, sorry about the extra step you are going to have to take. And Patrick? Have a good night. I am pretty sure that getting yourself off while AT and AA meeting and wearing a crucifix is a sin, but I’ll let you know if God strikes me down.

*****And hey, those of you who know me ? I am firm in my beliefs and certainly don’t mean to offend any of YOU.*****

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Patrick!

  1. And – I’m doowwwwnnn for the orgy. Just get me really high first.Oh and Patrick – I don’t believe in AA either. I believe in being as drunk as possible as much as possible. Yeaaaa boooii!!

  2. Oh my….how did I get so behind in your posts? I thought I was doing pretty darn good at keeping up but DUDE! I wish I had some fool proof infinite words of wisdom to share with you in regards to Eli. But I don’t. I CAN tell you that I was that same 14 1/2 year old jack ass. My mother too was a single mom struggling to balance all aspects of her/our life. And I eventually came around through my mother’s persistence and insistance of respectful behavior. He’ll come around. And…um….patrick is a little freaky.

  3. ROFLThank you so much!One of the blogs I linked to — until yesterday — hadn’t had a post in several weeks and I went to check it out. 80,000,000 comment posts from His Holiness.Someone needs to GAL.Ya heard meh? šŸ™‚ PP

  4. Hmm. Maybe I can throw some of the comments he posted on my blog over here, to help you earn even more! I just can’t get over this guy. LMAO! I feel wonderfully refreshed, now that I am back in my natural element of mocking idiots. MWAHAHAHAHA! If anyone gives a crap what Patrick has to say about them, you can check out my blog; he’s made some pretty personal comments. Or not. I’m letting him go on because it amuses me to watch him foul himself. It’s hilarious. And since I doubt anyone but Kori and April actually reads my blog, the only people he’s bothering there are the poor Blogspot web guys who have to store all that BS in cyberspace.

  5. KoriYou just keep doing what you’re doing. 9 years is remarkable and I commend you for having the courage to continue on with the AA meetings.You are brave and amazing. Your strength is something to be admired. I choose not to comment on this Patrick’s rants. Sometimes people think they are doing good by God but really their not. May God bless you Patrick and show that His way is not to bring others down but to encourage and love them.

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