Halloween and Photos

Happy Halloween to everyone! It is chilly and cloudy here today, with a chance of rain in the forecast, but believe me, that will not stop this mama from hitting the streets with the kids. Sam is a Ninja this year, and Owen is a dinosaur, and I can’t wait. We do the Trunk-or-Treat thing, and then we head on over to the nursing home across the way, and afterward there are the stops to see Grandma and Grandma and friends. The ultimate goal for the kids is, of course, to acquire as much candy as possible in as short a time possible. I am like one of the people in the vans following along a bicycle race; there to shout out encouragement, mop the sweaty brow, administer first aid in the form of just one more bite-size Snickers in order to keep the sugar rush going strong. I do it well, though admittedly have ulterior motives. I love me some Almond Joy, and Kit Kats really light my fire, but what I really love is the inevitable crash that comes after the sugar wears off. Last year, both the little boys were comatose by 9:00, and I had the rest of the evening to myself-everyone wins.

On to other things; we had class last night, and wouldn’t you know it, the class we skipped last week because I wasn’t feeling well was The Sex Class-the ONE class I really, really wanted the kids to go to. The woman is going to come talk to us adults in a week or two, so that will be good, but I really wanted to kids to hear all she had to say. I guess she talked about all of the myths surrounding sex, the things that kids actually believe: that you can’t get pregnant when he pulls out (um, hello Owen! and that was with birth control!), that you can’t get diseases from oral sex, that anal sex isn’t really sex…plus a lot of simple biology that a lot of kids don’t know. I know that the kids and I have talked about the subject a lot, but not in such blunt, matter-of-fact ways about the intricacies of sex. T., one of the instructors, was telling us that one of the girls she knew who was pregnant when she was 12 is now 14 and has TWO kids-and she said that now there are 3 young people who don’t have a chance. These are the things I want my kids to know. T. also said, though, that I am more than welcome to go to the Sex Talk in their other English Speaking class, so it doesn’t appear that we have missed the opportunity.

In talking about sex, do you remember me telling you all about the man who was adamant that his 14 year old wasn’t having sex? The one with hickeys all over herself? He told us this week that not only is she sexually active, but that she has been sexually active with a 27 year old man. This fucking pisses me off. What in the FUCK? I hold the man responsible for taking advantage of this 14 year old girl-and yes, I am sure it was consensual, I am not absolving her of her part in this, but still, what kind of sick fucker DOES this? Well-a sick fucker. And, ahem, where were mom and dad? This girl is already in trouble, but clearly mom and dad are either not capable or willing to impose appropriate limits. In my way of thinking, if she has already proven that she lies, sneaks around, and can’t be trusted, then she shouldn’t be out of the arena of adult supervision. I am disgusted, angry, and so, so sad for this girl.

However, I am grateful that this isn’t our family. With luck and hard work and good kids, it won’t be. Moving on….

If you guys have noticed the new icon up in the right hand side, I am going to participate in the NaBloPoMo this year. More for discipline than anything else, because I suck at following through-as is evidenced by the fact that I never got past Day 10 in the Guided Journal. But I am not a quitter, so will try again-but I need some ideas. Please feel free to tell me what you would like to hear from me in the coming month. I am going to get to use the “Scheduled Post” function in blogger, which will be fun (I don’t have a PC at home), but I very well may run out of topics….so fill up the comments in the next days with ideas, okay?

With that, I leave you some photos of my little guys LAST Halloween-are they not gorgeous?


15 thoughts on “Halloween and Photos

  1. Your baby is so little! I can’t wait to see this year’s pictures. I was in charge of a living skills class for the foster youth when I was a social worker. I will never forget the sex education part. I was so grateful that the instructors showed actual photos of what venereal diseases look like. These kids needed to see the herpes virus up close and personal. It made them sick.

  2. I am so glad that there is another parent that appreciate a good sugar crash. I say “go ahead adn eat all you want” because I know what will happen next. Mwah-ah-ah.

  3. I want to go trick or treating with you. Sounds like you are going to hit the mother load. Love the costumes, your kids are adorable. I’ll see you around NaBloPoMo… I signed up too.

  4. Sorry you missed the sex talk…I wished I lived closer as I am trained by my church to speak to Teenagers about S..E…X!!! Ha! Ha! I hope you catch the nest class!Enjoy Halloween! My little grandkids are coming over…so much fun!!!

  5. I so wished I lived closer to you! We would have way too much fun though! I am going to do NaNoWriMo this month and after that do the NaNoBloMo too! What fun!Hugs to you on Halloween!G

  6. Your kids are adorable!!I rarely get kids at my house, but I buy candy that I like to eat on the off chance someone stops. That way, I can enjoy it without the guilt trip. I can tell myself that I bought for Halloween and since no one showed up for it, it’s MINE!

  7. Definitely get them into the Sex Class. You can tell them until you are blue in the face but like most things, it sinks in more when heard from a “non-biased” (read: non-parent) party.Don’t give up on the teenager with the kids just yet. I would like to think that there’s hope.As for the 27 year old pervert. They should arrest his ass (and take his penis!).I love the Halloween pics! I want to see some before and after (the sugar crashed induced nap) pics of this evening’s adventure!

  8. Aha! Tell Sam he looks WAY better in that Superman costume than Mark does. Ugh. I’m not into costumes on adults. I agree with you 100% on the issue of the 14-year-old with a grown man. There is no excuse for Mom and Dad not knowing about that if she lives in their home. I feel the same way about the little girl with two children. Personally, that one makes me really suspicious that she is being abused by a family member, as I can’t imagine a girl that young being willing to risk another pregnancy after going through one. But I may be wrong. Still I hope someone runs a paternity test on those babies.Have fun tonight!

  9. 2 kids at the age of 14…that just makes me want to cry. I love your proactive actions/nature with your kids. You’re a good mama.and what’s Nablopomo…

  10. Great pics! What a cute little chicken and handsome Superman! Looking forward to this years pics.That is sad and shocking about that 14 yr.old girl. Ugh.Hope you scored lots of Almond Joys!!

  11. The 27 year old needs locking up, the 14 year old needs a kick up the arse and her dad needs to wake the fuck up.People.

  12. Maybe I should catch up on reading posts from the least recent to most recent and I’d know you DIDN’T get a PC at home… deeerrrr….The sex stuff made me sad.

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