Totally Subjectless Post

It has been an eventful morning already. I did not sleep well last night for some reason, lots of really strange and unsettling dreams that I can’t quite remember this morning, so I subsequently overslept a little. This meant my morning started off rushed, which for me is never a good thing. Hannah and Eli needed a ride to school this morning, so I didn’t have time to finish blowing dry my hair, so I have the lovely 80’s feathered look going. Believe me, it didn’t look good then, it doesn’t look good now. Meh, whatever.

So the kids got to school on time, no problem, and I had to stop by the house to get my breakfast and refill my coffee cup. I had told Sam to just leave the door unlocked because I would be right back, so I ran in, got what I needed, firmly locked the door behind me and when I got back out to the car realized I had locked my keys in the car. With the car running. I have an extra set to the car, of course, but where were they? In the locked house; my house key is on the keyring that was in the car. I remembered that awhile back Steve had put one of those magnetic thins with a key in under the car, so I found that (which was not as easy as it sounds, and involved laying down on the cold concrete), and just as I popped up with key in hand, I realized that all this while, my window was unrolled part way; I could simply have reached in and unlocked my door. Geez, what a dork. This is what happens when I don’t have my allotted amount of coffee in the morning.

All is calm now; I think it will be slow here at the office today, because the post office and bank are closed, as well as the majority of our companies. People will also probably think we are closed as well, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One of my coworkers needs to leave early today, so it is a good day for that to happen. I don’t have a single thing going on tonight, and neither do any of the kids, so perhaps we will get to have a rousing game or two of Skip-Bo-I am currently the champion, and need to keep that status. The rest of the week, evening-wise, is filled up, so I am just going to enjoy this night.

Had a terrible meeting last night; there were only 6 people there, which isn’t itself a bad thing. In fact, oftentimes those are the best meetings, when people have the chance to really open up in a small group. It was a bad combination of people, though, a small group of people who are court ordered (save myself and one other man who has 25 years sober!) and who really don’t care to be there. It is hard when that is who the majority of the group consists of; we are supposed to carry the message, and we do, but it sometimes seems futile when you are amongst a group of twenty-somethings who are more concerned with who is banging whom than listening to anything being shared. E. and I talked for a little while afterward, and I got way more out of that little slice of time than I did the entire meeting. Thankfully, it doesn’t often happen like that; I can chalk it up to one not-great meeting, and I guess it served its purpose in that I didn’t feel the need to drink, so all is well.

I have a lot in my head today, but am having a hard time putting it all into words. Nothing bad, just internal stuff, and with hope it is all just kind of percolating in the back of my mind and will either go away or make sense. I am just going to let everything simmer and not stress about any of it. The only thing ever to come from worrying and fretting and over analyzing everything is a stomach ache for me-and who has time?

6 thoughts on “Totally Subjectless Post

  1. Ugh, those mornings are always so discombobulating!Wow, we’re growing up Kori. We used to obsess about those things in the back of our head. Now we’re letting them be. Love you.

  2. Your automobile ordeal would have stressed me out BIG TIME. My car is currently sitting in the parking lot of the church where my Monday night women’s meeting is held. I broke down last night and I couldn’t get it started. That kind of stuff puts me in a mood big time…

  3. Don’t you hate mornings like that! And unrestful nights. Had one of those myself the last couple nights! I’ve locked the keys in my car more times than I care to remember.

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