A Random Thursday-And an Update

Many apologies for the lack of reading everyone’s posts yesterday; I try to stay caught up, but yesterday I had to leave unexpectedly to go pick up Sam from school-poor kids was sicker than a dog, high fever and achy and just all the way around feeling rotten. Just got him all settled with Gatorade and some soup and some Motrin, then J. called-Owen was also ill, with the same thing. Had to pack Sam out to the car and go get the baby, and boy. having two whiny little buggers home sick is trying. Still, they both got dosed up and finally fell asleep, where they stayed until late afternoon. I came back to work for a little while when the other kids got home from school, but opted out of bowling for work last night. It was actually quiet last night, too, all of the kids in bed early; Eli had started to not feel well, and in fact is staying home from school today.

The wind is blowing like hell today-I went to take my walk at break time, and even if my hair had looked good before (which it didn’t), it sure doesn’t look good now. I like the wind, though, within reason. It is kind of invigorating to be walking out with the leaves flying everywhere. They-the leaves-are also a huge source of entertainment; one of the men in the office has a real issue with leaves getting blown into our doorway. It is recessed off the sidewalk, so the leaves get caught in there and, of course, don’t get blown out. So this morning D. was outside trying to sweep the leaves out of the doorway, and every time he would get a nice little pile going, a gust of wind would come sweep them right back into the doorway. After about 15 minutes he finally gave it up as a lost cause, which was about 13.5 minutes longer than it would have taken me.

I have a couple of awards to post and pass on, and for those who gave them to me, I thank you and have not forgotten. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. The problem is not in posting them, it is in passing them on…how to pick, of course, as all the blogs I read deserve some kind of mention! I am pondering, though, and will get them up as soon as I can.

Still haven’t decided whether or not to send that letter to the school board. As most of you know, this IS a very, very small town, and it very well may have repercussions on my kids. However, there is a Weekly Mailer paper thing that allows you to send in letters without your name, so that may be an option. I know that I should be more ballsy ans just let it all out there, and I should be able to do that without repercussions, but come one-we all know how the real world works, and just because because we know how things *should* be doesn’t mean that is how they are.

I got nothing today, really. I am not even halfway through the month yet…please, guys, suggestions! Memes! Something!

*****Went home for a break and to check on Eli a few minutes ago and got the Official White Envelope from the Idaho Housing Authority. My briefing is tomorrow afternoon (nothing like some really short notice, as it means taking the afternoon off work), and at that point I guess I will find out what the exact rules are, find out what the landlords have to do to qualify, and get my voucher. Which is, I don’t know, a piece of paper or something? At that point, then, I have four months in which to find a house. I am just really, really hyped about the qualification being official; I mean, I knew I would be, really, because we hover at right around $20,000 for a family of 5, which is waaaaay below the Federal Poverty Level. Still, that old saying about ocunting your eggs before they are hatched has been in the back of my mind. So-this is the beginning, and wish me luck!******


13 thoughts on “A Random Thursday-And an Update

  1. I like the Weekly Mailer idea… I know how it is to want so much to make a case, but know it will go bad for your kids if you do… totally defeats the purpose. I’m with ya on this one mom!

  2. You are doing just fine; I love your posts each day and look forward to reading you…I do agree with Tara in re: to the weekly mailer idea is good. We live in a small town too…I understand that!Just keep posting…G

  3. Kori-Totally get the small town / reprecussions thing…Although I think what you have to say is TOTALLY important. Hopefully the mailer thing will work out.

  4. You should definitely find some way of making your voice heard. Those are some pretty serious issues there. What’s wrong with what you’re posting now? :)I hope the boys get over their sickys soon.

  5. The wind’s whipping up here too and it’s great. I wish you *good luck* with that housing and with getting what you truly need for a family of five. That could be a huge step. With your writing talent. . .other prospects are not far off, for sure! Oh, and I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you don’t get sick.

  6. OK, now I know what I’m getting you for Xmas 🙂 Yes, get the letter in the Weekly Mailer. I’m SO thrilled for you on the Housing thing and hope it all goes well. Love you.

  7. Wishing as hard as I can! I really hope you get this. I wish you lived close enough for me to give you a couple of empty bureaus we won’t be using. Ummmm – did I actually tell you we were moving? Come to think of it, I don’t believe I did; oops. I’ll elaborate on my blog.

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