In Which I send You Elsewhere

If you need some reading material today, head on over to Maria’s place today. Beause I got nothing, really, and if you want to know why I got nothing, go there. More will be revealed.

P.S. I have nine years sober today.

19 thoughts on “In Which I send You Elsewhere

  1. That is absolutely horrifying, and I have no idea what to say but that I’m glad he is locked up.I am so sorry for both of you… just so sorry and I hope there’s a hell for people like this to burn in.

  2. Kori,You just got another dose of prayer from me.Be so so so grateful that your daughter trusts you.Says something about your greatness as a parent.I’ll be keeping those doses of prayer coming your way.

  3. Totally missing you Kori, and will be here when you decide to post.Still thinking about you and your family and wishing you all peace and hope and some happiness.

  4. Oh God Kori – I’m so sorry this happened to Hannah. Thank God she told you and has an amazingly strong Mom like you to help her through. There is a special spot in hell for guys like him. Stay strong and know that we are all out here sending you prayers and love. Major congrats on the 9 years sober today. An accomplishment to be damn proud of!

  5. Kori, words don’t come easily to me,I hope that as your Thanksgiving approaches you can be together as the strong, vibrant, and loving family that you are! Please know you are all loved!P.S. congrats on 9 years!!!Hugs,G

  6. I love you too. I can’t even think of anything else to say. Everything about this makes me want to cry for so many reasons.

  7. I wish I had something to take it away or make it better. Having gone through it myself, I would not wish this upon anyone. If you need anything, please let me know.

  8. A few more things make sense now. I’m so sorry this happened, and I’m glad he’s locked up too. Fullest extent of the law.

  9. Congrats on 9 years. I’m glad you are directing the anger where is should be placed. You did nothing wrong. Hannah did nothing wrong. I want both of you to believe that intensely.

  10. Kori, this is too awful for words but you and your daughter are handling it with characteristic savy and grace. You’re in our thoughts and prayers (to the goddess). Jess

  11. When I was in college my roommate’s little sister experienced a similar situation and I was in a rage and wanted to kill the guy. I can only imagine how you must feel as Hannah’s mother. You are absolutely entitled to all that rage. Feel it all out; don’t suppress anything. This kind of thing makes me doubt humanity, but then here in the blogosphere I am reminded that there are amazing, loving people in this world. Remember there are people out here who have never met you who love you and your family! You are in our prayers!

  12. Continuing to hold you all close to my heart. I’m raging with you.Thank God Hannah is smart and trusted that you would believe her. That is testament to your parenting Honey, you are an amazing Mama.Sending so much love your way. I’m supporting my 16 year old cousin through a similar situation, should you need to unload just email.These men are scum of the earth, just scum.

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