Emergency Double Post

Notice the time? 4:15 on Tuesday afternoon. I just got off the phone with the prosecutor’s office and they are, in fact, going to go ahead with the preliminary hearing tomorrow. This, despite the fact that I was told with surety yesterday that it would NOT be tomorrow. We are to show up at the courthouse at 12:45 tomorrow having had absolutely no preparation-but if the prosecutor has time, she might be able to call me and talk to me for a few minutes in the morning. The hearing is set for 1:00, but we might not actually get IN then, so instead I was told to come prepared to spend the afternoon there, just in case. It looks as if Hannah is actually going to have to testify tomorrow as well, which is not what I either expected or was led to believe.

This is tomorrow; do you guys know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is Hannah’s 16th birthday. So instead of getting to be all excited and carefree, planning her first “date” and getting all giddy with her friends, she will be taken out of school and have to face her molester. Instead of getting to have this one day be etched in her memory as one of those “perfect” days, the memory will always have negative connotations for her. And that? That.Fucking.Sucks.

I have begun to rally the forces. Jacquie’s husband Jim will be there, and Steve will try to be, and Janet, and of course, me. We can’t get her through this, but we can damn sure be there next to her, holding her hand and looking that filthy bastard in the eye. We can, combined, give her the strength to face him and plow right through her fear and find her anger. and with any luck at all, I will not be arrested for attempted murder. Perhaps the forces are not going to be there just for her.

So pray for justice, please, and for mercy and gentleness for Hannah. Please pray that something good will happen tomorrow to somehow outweigh this horrible event. Please pray that her really pissed off warrior princess persona will come out in full force, because she is there, and I need for everyone else to see that as well. I don’t know if I will be back in the office tomorrow or not, but I am going to give April the keys to the blog so that if I DON’T show up by Thursday, she can let you all know what is going on, and how much my bail is going to be. (I am only kidding there-my kids need me too much for some fucker to cause me to lose my temper bad enough to be arrested. I hope.). But in the meantime, please pray to whatever you believe in for this to be okay.



16 thoughts on “Emergency Double Post

  1. I certainly will. Let’s see, 1:00 your time would be 3:00 my time, I think. So I’ll mark that in my mental calendar. And I hope something awesome happens for Hannah in spite of Dirty Old Guy.(Notice how that initials into DOG? It’s perfect. Oh, except that actually, I’m disgracing dogs, so maybe I’ll come up with something else. Anyway…)Tell Hannah to picture in her mind a cheerleading line of women she’s never met, all jumping up and down and shouting “Go, Hannah! Go, Hannah!” over and over at the top of our lungs. Because that will be us tomorrow.

  2. I just read something cool: “just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life. you just have to get there.”_tomorrow_ may not be the best day of your life given what’s on your calendar, but maybe Thursday will be.You are most definitely in my prayers.

  3. Hey girl, like you did for me, I will start sending the good vibrations at 12:30 pm, 15 minutes before court.Channeling Queen Latifah helped for me, Hannah can totally channel Xena Warrior Princess.Peace. Love. Luck. Happiness. Peace.

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