An Interview with ME

I am actually quite thrilled with this particular meme, partly because it is one that I haven’t seen before and partly because I like the kinds of meme’s that actually require me to think. In three minutes I could come up with some smart-ass answer to all of these, and that would be that-but I really like to have some questions that require me to actually contemplate the answers. So a special thanks to Kerrie over at Life at Number 14 for both the idea and the questions.

1. If you could have one wish granted for 2009, what would it be..??

Only one? That really isn’t fair, I have to say. There are so many things I would like to see happen, so many people I want to wish good things for…How about if I just say that I wish for every single person I love to have the kind of year they absolutely need, want, and deserve?

2. What do you find the best thing about being a sole parent..??

I am glad you didn’t specify “one best thing” on this one, because there are many. For one thing, I really enjoy knowing where my money is going. I might not have enough 90% of the time, but at least I know that our very basic needs are going to be taken care of. I also really enjoy being able to cook what WE like for meals, as opposed to things we will tolerate in order to please the Great God Husband. It has also been really, really neat to get to forge new traditions with each other, and to learn how to simply enjoy each other for who we are. Those are things none of us had when I was married, so they are all the more special now. We were all so sick and dysfunctional that we spend the majority of our time trying to please The Man, and the pieces of us that were blighted by that behaviour (and his abuse, let’s not forget) are just now beginning to bloom again.

3. …and the most difficult..??

Everything else.

No, there are many facets to this one, for sure. From a strictly parental standpoint, I would have to say the fact that I am IT. I am the one the kids come to for support, guidance, love, money, things, as well as the one they take it out on when they are pissed about something. I am also operating one one income, which is hard. ALL of the discipline falls to me, and I am the only driver in the house as well so the taxiing to and from different things is on me. When one of the younger kids is ill, I have to stay home from work, and every medical-related thing is mine as well. I also have a hard time with not having the emotional support and backup when making tough decisions or going through struggles. I see sometimes these couples who just have that knowledge and certainty that the other one is going to be there to reinforce decisions and help with the follow-through, and I don’t have that. From a purely personal standpoint, I miss having someone to sleep with at night. The dogs just aren’t the same, and if they were, well, I think that is illegal.

4. What is the one vice you have that you could never give up..??

Oh fer shiz. Is drinking a gallon of coffee while smoking AND having sex-with a dessert plate balanced on my stomach as well-considered a VICE?

5. Where or when do you feel most at peace..??

It sounds silly and probably IS, but when the bills are all paid and there is food in the fridge/cupboard. When I can snuggle up on the couch at night with my book or my Gameboy or my journal and listen to the kids breathe, giggle, snuggle in their own beds. When I am with someone who doesn’t look at me as if I have grow two heads when I tell them how much I truly, deeply, passionately love my kids. When I feel just the smallest sense of how sacred and beautiful life really is, that there is just the one life and I better just live it.

So there you have it, my very own interview! How cool is that? If you would like to play along, post a comment saying “Interview me!” and I will send you some questions. Make sure I have your email address, though.

Happy New Year to all of you, and may it be a blessed, safe, and joyous year for all of you.


19 thoughts on “An Interview with ME

  1. Um, I’ll take the wish for the kind of year I need and want, but deserve? Lordy, if the coal in my stocking was any indication of the kind of year I deserve, I’m in big trouble.

  2. I will be back later today to actually READ :0) but for the moment I just wanted to say… I have something for you over at my blog, so come and check it out when you have time!

  3. At first I was wondering how you have sex with a dessert plate, but then realized it was having sex with the plate on your stomach…which makes perfect sense.

  4. You wrote:”Oh fer shiz. Is drinking a gallon of coffee while smoking AND having sex-with a dessert plate balanced on my stomach as well-considered a VICE?”Thank you Kori….I have been thinking I needed to come up with some aspirations for the upcoming year. Now, I know what I want to do in 2009…Hope yours is blessed.

  5. It is such a joy to get to know you in the bloggy world, you always amaze me and your honesty and love just shines through! Thank you!!! And number four cracked me up!!! Thanks for the smile.G

  6. Kori, I truly love you. I know that there’s no one in my life that I’m closer to, there’s nothing I can’t say to you, there’s nothing you can’t say to me. I hope 2009 is filled with true love for you – and you already know you have it from me. Oh, and since we love each other so much, I may just steal these questions and answer them. You won’t mind, right?Happy New Year.

  7. I love that! And I totally get where you’re coming from on the last one! There is nothing to compare with that “complete” feeling of having “it” done.Happy New Year, sweetie!

  8. “Is drinking a gallon of coffee while smoking AND having sex-with a dessert plate balanced on my stomach as well-considered a VICE?”Sounds like Nirvana on a popsicle stick to me honey, thanks for the idea! It’s just what I needed after a particularly crapulous couple of weeks!

  9. I totally understand about #5! When my house is CLEAN and the laundry is done, that’s a big one for me! Husband went on a cleaning frenzy today and mopped, cleaned the bathroom, etc! It was awesome and I felt so relaxed sitting in our clean house!

  10. I sincerely may be reapeating myself because Blogger gave me an error code earlier however I will try again!I love your answers and you are such a beautiful person…Happy New Year and May it bring many blessing for you and your family!You may interview me…if you would like to! πŸ™‚

  11. Great answers…I laughed out loud and coffee came out of my nose when I read your answer to #4. I found myself nodding when I read #3…when i was a sole parent the hardest thing I found was having no-one to be there for me at the end of the day…no-one to cook me dinner or to snuggle with.I enjoyed writing questions for you, enjoyed your answers even more.

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