On Being a Grown Up

I hate being a grown-up sometimes. Or rather, I like being one, I just hate FEELING like one. I had to order new tires yesterday (or rather, Steve ordered them because he can get them at cost AND put them on for me) and the total was very nearly $700. I about had a heart attack, really. The last time I had to get new tires was when Eli was a baby, and I was given them as a birthday present. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been driving the same car on bald tires all this time, I just haven’t owned a car long enough to have to get new tires in that long. Which is the subject of another post for another time. The rational, ADULT part of me is all, “Well, they are going to last probably four years, I DO drive kids around a lot and don’t want to take the chance, it does snow and get icy so I really should have good tires, I should just be grateful I have the funds with which to do this….” and the other part of me is all like, “Dude, what the fuck? $700 for TIRES? You have GOT to be kidding me!” Whatever; they have been ordered, and with luck Steve will put them on for me on Saturday. He might be a real dick sometimes and get all “This is confusing!” but he does take good care of the car. (see, that comment right there was an indication of me being more gentle and compassionate. Note that, would you?)


Why, oh why, does this happen every time? I am going to Costco this weekend; this trip has been planned for two weeks (it isn’t in the same town so I have to wait until I need a lot of things in order to justify the expense of driving to said town, 45 miles away). I have an ongoing list on the fridge, and three days before I go, I run out of both diapers AND coffee beans. Neither of which we can go without. So tonight, I have to go to the store and spend $10.99 (with coupon, I might add) for a small package of diapers and about $5.00 for enough coffee beans to get me through until Saturday. That isn’t because I use SO many beans (though I do use a lot), it is because they are $11.00 a pound here. $11.34 for THREE pounds at Costco. Anyway, I try to plan it so that we don’t run out of these things and have to buy them elsewhere, because the price is so high for some items, but last month and this month both, we ran out before the slated trip. Maybe it is time to get totally serious about potty training Owen, because damn. And believe me, if it ever gets to the point in this economy where I have to choose between diapers and coffee, the poor boy will be thrust into his undies without further ado. Just sayin‘.


I have been searching diligently for a four bedroom house, as the deadline in is 6 weeks and I have still not found one. There was one in the paper about 10 days ago, and I called on it-perfect location, as it is just a block from where we currently live. Newly remodeled, 4 bed/2 bath and an office, just really, really nice. We would have had to get rid of the dogs, but okay, we can deal. Then I get to talking in depth to this guy, and I changed my mind in a hurry. “Are you married?” No, of course, and his tone of voice immediately became cooler. No biggie, really, I have lived here awhile I know that it isn’t the “done” thing to be a single and not looking mom. He made a couple of comments about his previous renters not being very “reverent,” which is a very, very Mormon thing to say, so I knew that his judgement was clouded by that. Again, no biggie. The two things that got to me enough that I mentally said “fuck it” were that he was very, very condescending when asking, “So since you are going to getting this subsidy, I am assuming you will be able to afford the rent?” and then when he asked if all my kids were potty trained. “So your kids are all toilet-trainer, right?” and honestly, I laughed; it was just such an odd question, and I kind of thought he was joking. “Well, obviously my older three are, but the 2 year old isn’t.” He did not think I was amusing, and said very stiffly, “I would have a problem with an untrained child in the house.” Like what, I am going to let Owen just shit all over the floor at will? Anyway, I was very polite and kind, and did go look at the house-it is beautiful, but not worth the potential hassles with Mr. Reverent.

There is another 4 bedroom that I am going to call on today, but it is in another town. A close one, I wouldn’t need to find a new job or anything, but there are issues involved in moving to a different town, even one only 8 miles away. I have blogged about those issued before, so I won’t get into it right now, but regardless, I am still going to call on it. If this one isn’t “The One,” we are going to have to start seriously considering a three bedroom one. Not ideal, but certainly better than we have a the moment.


I heard three Valentine’s Day commercials on the radio yesterday. What the fuck is up with that? This is why I love my Sirius (and I am having issues with my receiver and am without it for a day or so), because I hate commercials so badly. Talk about a huge amount of hype for one day; Christmas is bad enough, but at least then the advertising is geared toward the majority. I think I will come up with a new ad campaign for those of who don’t have partners. Something along the lines of, “Don’t feel about about not getting a diamond this year; he is already cheating on her and the marriage will last 6 months, and he will be paying on the ring she throws in the rover in a fit of rage for years to come!” Maybe something a little more catchy, but you get the idea.

I got nothing else today; seems to be a little bit lame-o to be writing anything so mundane after yesterdays historic event, doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “On Being a Grown Up

  1. Mr. Reverent needs to get over himself. Seriously. You should have told him that you still experience mild to moderate incontinence ever since giving birth to Owen. Jackass.

  2. I know how you feel about paying for things that are needed but not wanting to dish it out! It seems, at least for me, that everything happens at once-ALWAYS! So good luck! I enjoyed reading yesterday’s post as well! If i’d agreed on some of the policies that you and I have talked about before I would have voted for him.

  3. Hehe. This whole post made me laugh, except the part about Mr. Reverent. He can stick it you-know-where. I hope you find a perfect place.

  4. good call on the house- what a fucking wierdo- what businessisit of his if a kid’s potty trained- HE’S NOT A DOG! FREAK! I hate when coffee (and back in the day when diapers) are on my list- too expensive!!!

  5. Being a grown up totally sucks somedays!! Mr. Reverent should take a look at what he is LEGALLY allowed to ask prospective tenants. And I’m happy to read you any day – no matter what you’re talking about.

  6. If you ever run out of coffee and diapers again, you should just reuse the filters as a make-shift diaper. I think it can be done. I know, I know, I need to stop reading all the DIY blogs. As for Mr. Reverent, you should say that Owen is definitely not potty trained, you just let him wander out into the yard and squat — that is, only when you’ve run out of coffee filters.

  7. OMG. You had me laughing out loud with the shitting on the floor bit. What an ass, though.And I’m seriously about to full-on potty train my child just to avoid diaper costs.

  8. I am sending up a small and irreverent prayer that God chucks a lightnig bolt at Mr. Reverent, rendering him incontinent for the remainder of his days. And that he comes to his senses, offers you the house and is a kind and pleasant person, having learned his lesson.

  9. That is amazing about the toilet trained kids. Good grief… House-trained dogs, yes, but this isn’t India – kids do generally wear diapers…

  10. $700 for tires?!! Are you driving a monster truck or something?Yikes!!Yeah, I love when property managers judge you. You’ve read about mine. I haven’t done a darn thing to her, but she still treats me like I’m a pain in her arse.

  11. I’m with you on that whole grown up thing. Oh to be 18 again. Just starting off and making some different choices.Oh man that would not have been cool with that first landlord. Then he would have taken one look at me and really made a run for it. 🙂 Good luck with your search.

  12. I’m thinking Mr. Reverent has some serious issues and I’m thinking you saved yourself a whole lot of agony by walking away from that one. Seriously. Since when is un-potty trained toddlers a rental agreement breaker. Unbelievable.

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