Tuesday Morning Blahs

I got nothing today. I haven’t been reading the news so can’t comment on Current Events-not like I do that much anyway. Ditto with the whole TV thing; since I don’t watch TV, I can’t even comment on the shows I watched over the weekend. I am a dullard today.

Hannah’s date went well; she came home walking on air, the boy having not just taken her to dinner and a movie but also bringing a Valentine’s Day present for her. They went to see Twilight, which I had absolutely NO desire to see, so they were safe in that respect. Also, big points for being responsible: the movie is apparently quite long, and they left before it was over in order to get home on time. Hannah said he asked what would happen if he called to tell me the movie was running late, and she told him, “She won’t let me go out with you again.” I have one smart girl, I tell you. The Boy came over for dinner on Sunday night, and he seems…nice. He didn’t say much; he might be the teeniest bit afraid of me. Don’t know why.

Eli had friends over on Sunday night as well; thank your Jebus for a basement! They all just sort of hung out down there playing video games and what have you, and I was able to go to bed at 10:00 like always and not have to yell at them to keep it down. Good deal. At about 7:00 pm, they, along with Hannah and The Boy and Sam, went outside to play some version of tag called “Ghost in the Graveyard,” and it was a little sad for Owen and the dogs left inside. All three of them were leaning on the back of the couch peering out the window and whining. Cruel Master that I am, I could only laugh at the pathetic picture they made.

I don’t know. There is nothing WRONG, not at all. It was a good weekend, actually, from dinner on Friday night with Steve through the weekend. I just feel tired and a little blah today. Maybe from the sudden cessation of adrenaline which has kept me moving forward over the past few weeks. Maybe waking up to snow and ice. Maybe just because I am simply resting inside, I don’t know. Maybe later I will read through the paper and see if there is something I can work up a good rant about; my readers seem to visit a lot more when I am all worked up about something or other! Teasing, really. I just don’t feel very inspired, and yet I know that if I keep at it, the feeling will come back. Have to stay in the habit of writing, writing, writing in order to get better at it-even if that means you poor folks have to read a lot of crap waiting for the good stuff!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Blahs

  1. i didnt post or reject your comment I just feel as though i need to keep it for myself because it means a lot to me right now hope all is well and sorry about the filing


  2. I think blah days are the best sometimes. You get to recoup some energy for the AAAGGGHHHH days. I’m glad Hannah’s date went well. How sweet that she got to go out on Valentine’s Day. I have to laugh with you at the picture of Owen and the dogs. Poor little tyke. To answer your question in the last post that I was too busy to reply to, I would use a password to read your posts if necessary. I might not read them as promptly, but I would read them.


  3. I think it’s the lack of adrenaline that has you feeling blah. You are finally able to process everything that’s been going on without having to head into another crisis. Relish this time. I always miss the boring days when they are gone.


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