Time To Pay It Forward

I have it so good. You know, we all know that some things have happened over the last year that were less than ideal, but I haven’t had to deal with any kind of really scary illness, my children are all well and relatively healthy, and so am I. I am so, so blessed. Because there are some people whom I really, really love who are going through a very scary time right now, and while my heart just aches for them, each one of them, it also makes me realize just how blessed I AM.

Today, I would like you guys to go here and meet my friend Amber. She works with me, but I have also known her for a few years from the church I used to go to. We were pregnant at the same time, she with her Makiah and me with Owen, and she has since gotten married and had another little girl named Melanie Grace just about 6 months ago.

Melanie is ill; she just had heart surgery for a defect called ALCAPA, and if you go see Amber’s blog, you can read about the diagnosis and subsequent treatment. It will break your heart, I think, as it has mine. In fact, up until yesterday I hadn’t been able to even comment or be there in any real way because I looked at those photos and I just cried.

Anyway. I know that Amber and Thayne are really in for a long haul. They have sweet Makiah at home, and Thayne has to be back here to work while Amber stays at Primary Children’s Hospital with the baby. They have health insurance, but there are going to be a lot of additional costs associated with this, from actual medical expenses to Amber’s lost income and silly little things like food and gas and other essentials involved in being away from home for an extended period of time.

So. I am putting a donate button here on my site, and I would ask each one of my readers (lurkers or not) to think about what you can contribute. I average about 65 readers a day, sometimes more, and if each one of us could scrape together a minimum of $10.00, that would add up to enough money to cover the loss of Amber’s income for a month. I know that Amber has talked a very, very little bit about the financial worries, but I don’t think she will out and out say HELP ME and put a button on HER site. So I will, because I love them all. And parents with a critically ill child should just not have to worry about money problems. I am going to leave it on the site until March 2nd, at which point I will transfer it to Amber and Thayne’s account. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Did I mention that I love these people?

And if you can’t spare any money, please stop by her blog and tell her hi. Pray for her; pray for her family. Pray for her to be strong and faithful and find the everyday miracles and blessings, even in the midst of this really crappy hand she has been dealt. And also, tell her to please hurry up and come back to work because the filing, she is killing me!


9 thoughts on “Time To Pay It Forward

  1. Thank you Kori…from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! That means a lot to me and I’m soo greatful for your act of kindness! I cant truely express the way I feel now…maybe when I get home I could just hug you…a big one! 🙂 I hope God blesses you too…and hannah!

  2. I stopped over there to check out their blog, but didn’t last very long. I can’t handle imagining what it must be like to have to go through this with your baby…Please know that I am sending much love, strength and healing energy their way. You are so right Kori; someone going through this shouldn’t have to worry about such things as medical bills and how to make up for lost wages…I am off to click on that button.

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