Is it Wednesday?

My latest post for the Rocky Mountain Moms Blog just went up; I have been trying to write a little bit differently, a little bit more meaningfully (it is too a word), and t his is a good example of it, I think. Unlike my springtime post, I don’t think it will get made fun of. Much, anyway. I am shamelessly self-promoting because I am needy like that. Please go check it out. If it isn’t too vain to say so, I actually think this is one of my best yet.

On to other news, but there really is not that much going on. I “got” to take Friday off to take Sam to the doctor for a shot of penicillin (the dreaded Strep Throat is making its rounds), and the two of us spent the entire day on Friday reading and eating Popsicles and taking big fat naps. It was lovely for me, though considerably less so for the Boy (on second thought, maybe not; he did have codeine…). The rest of the weekend was also lovely, in a calm and peaceful kind of way. On Sunday, we went to lunch with some friends and then to their house, which is aways a treat (come on, they think my kids are “delightful;” who can resist that?). They live right by the reservoir about which I wrote on Monday, so we obviously went there, and then we went to Steve’s mom’s house for Steve’s 40th birthday party. He had taken Owen to the state basketball championships for FOUR days (a first), so we were all glad to have him back home, too.

Tonight is please god the last violin concert of the year…I think this time we actually get to hear them play as opposed to just plucking, and there is a singing part of the program as well. Sam is excited, and we will all cheer, except Hannah-who suspiciously and conveniently is ill this afternoon….hm.

There you have it, in a nutshell. If you want the meatier stuff today, head on over to the other place, because I got nothing for you here today.


6 thoughts on “Is it Wednesday?

  1. I loved the Spring post. I was seriously chilly and feeling cold wet toes. Off to read RMMB.Your book was(finally)sent TODAY.s.l.o.w. is my middle name

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