My Weekend Recap-Dullish

There has been precious little going on in my life lately, or rather precious little that is blog-worthy, and I just feel blocked and dull and stupid. Bear with me, please. I have to keep writing, I actually need to write MORE, simply so I don’t get out of practice. I lack discipline lately, so I am simply working hard at putting some words down every day.

My weekend recap? Mm. Friday night was dinner and a movie with Steve; it was so lovely, it was almost like a DATE, complete with him paying for everything and opening doors. It was nice to put makeup and grown-up clothes on, to sit in an adult restaurant and then go to a movie without even a single child. We went to see Taken, which was actually quite good. I love Liam Neeson, and watching him kill people right and left was pretty cool; the basic premise being that he was trying to find and protect his daughter-I could relate, even though I d0n’t necessarily condone violence. Good flick.

Saturday was spent basically lolling around the house. Sam is still not 100% recovered from his bout with Strep, and now Owen is also ill, so the majority of the day was wiping noses and drawing and reading. It wasn’t bad by any means, just very still and quiet. Both Hannah and Eli had friends over (though that stops after this weekend; either Hannah can have friends over or Eli can, but no longer both of them at the same time. Too many potential conflicts, too many ways for them to behave inappropriately, and I cannot stay up all night keeping an eye on them. As it was, it was almost 1:30 before I went to bed because first I made them all GO to bed and then I had to make sure they were all asleep. NOT fun.), so poor Sam felt left out some. He is, however, easily amused, so I took him to the grocery store with me and he helped me make a cake; that seemed to appease him, and I was glad.

Sunday? We went to Steve’s mom’s house to help her pack (because she was SUCH a big help to me when I was moving, right?); their house sold and now they have two more weeks to be out. They didn’t even have it on the market; two years ago they did all this work on it and put it on the market, but then it never did sell. So they gave up and resigned themselves to staying there. To that end, they just had brand new granite countertops with a beautiful tile back splash all the way around, did some other pretty major improvements, and then someone spotted the place, fell in love, and put in an offer. Needless to say, they weren’t ready, and still aren’t. It was hilarious helping her pack. I mean, they built that house in, I think, ’72 or ’73, and I think there were still some things in the closets from when they first moved in. So I got the bathroom, and went to town: does she (or anyone) really NEED three dozen half-empty bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner, so covered with dust that you can’t even tell where they came from? Um, nope. It wasn’t bad helping, and we got roast beef and potatoes and THE best green beans in the world when we were finished for the day, which was just a bonus.

And now it is Monday, the beginning of yet another week. I am looking forward to the delivery of my new camera charger and USB thingy so with hope I will finally be able to post photos in a timely manner! Yep, perhaps Sam isn’t the only one easily occupied, right? And I will tell you that as quiet as life has been, I am certainly NOT complaining; it has been lovely in very meaningful ways to have this bit of peace.


14 thoughts on “My Weekend Recap-Dullish

  1. Well, look at you! Kicking’ back, and takin’ it easy! This is good to hear. Everyone’s world needs to slow down and let them catch up from time to time.

  2. Hooray for no serious drama! Really. I confess, we have way too many bottles of bath products. Riley plays with them in the bath. The girl would spend multiple hours in there if I let her.I love you.

  3. Hmm. Sounds like cleaning out my FIL’s house before we moved back in here, lol. I mean, he was saving stuff for recycling that was like 3 years old! And the newspapers – my goodness……..

  4. Sounds like a decent weekend to me. A movie out and the best green beans in the world? Not so bad. It is the little things…

  5. Sometimes I am just so thankful for a little time of quiet.Glad you and yours are getting a little. Ummm, you wanna come over to my house and go through all my half empty bottles of crap? I am a horrible pack rat…(Actually, we are now getting a chance to use all that ‘crap’ up…With things the way they are, I am thankful I saved all those halfs, it just means I don’t have to buy any for awhile…even if my hair looks like crap :0) )

  6. OH I love quiet and nothing happening, it still sounds like your life is going great…you sound busy, content and there’s a flow…wowza!Just take care and enjoy!

  7. April has informed us that it is Single Parent’s Day. (They have a day for everything, don’t they?)So, Happy Single Parent’s Day!

  8. Quiet is always great. Glad to see things went well with Steve. It’s pretty amazing what build up over time. I remember when I moved I threw away like three bags of stuff. Why did I even have it?Here’s to some more quiet.

  9. Glad you’re doing well. DD has that empty shampoo bottle habit too! Must say, I also love green beans done to perfection. Can’t get Sim to eat them, though, and I never cook them for myself.

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