Check Out My Crib!

Eli’s room. I would apologize for the mess, but it wouldn’t do any good.

Hannah’s room. The other two walls are the same brown as Eli’s, which is actually much prettier in real life than it comes across in the photos.

My living room rug (and dog).

These two are the basement; one area is the craft/games/stay out of mom’s way area; notice the pipe hanging down? So far everyone save Owen has gotten up too quickly and hit their head on it. Good times, good times.The bathroom. Jacquie and I painted and put up the border in there. The shelf above the toilet isn’t always empty like that, we are just currently out of clean towels.

Living room/kitchen. Isn’t the light lovely?
Kitchen. A lot smaller than I am used to, but again, the light is what got me.

This is my room; you don’t get the full room picture because my bed isn’t made, the dog ripped down the other curtain, and there are still unpacked boxes in there (I WILL be a size six again someday, right?). However, check out the awesome mirror I found at the thrift store-major score. Also note the little paper chain hanging from it-Sam made that for me when I was ill last week.

The little boys’ room.

The other corner of the living room.

My favorite reading/writing spot.

So there you have the pictures of the house. I wish I could have gotten some of how it looked before we moved in. It was not very clean at all and rather shabby looking; it is amazing what some hard work and a few coats of paint can do. I ALSO wish I had some pictures of the old house, so that you could compare the two and appreciate why we are, in fact, thrilled and in love with the new place.
I am taking a very late lunch today and going to the services for my friend, which will be-well, not GOOD, but necessary. Steve is meeting me there, which will help. This has hit both of us tremendously hard, for some reason. I mean, I wasn’t close to this man in the sense that his death is going to leave a huge hole in my heart; I hadn’t had more than passing conversations with him in the two (ish) years since he went back out into the drinking/drugging world, but instead have been told of his life by him mom, who IS my friend. I know it is the same for Steve. I think part of it is that it is a reminder, however harsh and unwanted, of where I used to be and what WILL happen if I relapse. It is also just such a waste; he had so much potential, and he he has these two great kids and a full life ahead of him and now, he is just another body. So, so sad.
An odd mix of feelings, sadness and gratitude all at one. Sad he didn’t “get it” or could
n’t keep it, that which he learned in AA, but gratitude that I did and have. It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “Check Out My Crib!

  1. Thanks for sharing those snaps.Loving your lounge green, it is similar to my ‘putting green’ kitchen.

  2. It totally looks like HOME to me! Warm, cheery, and inviting! I’m sorry about your friend… but so happy for you.

  3. Yes. A very nice nest for you and your children. I agree.And it is so hard to lose these ones who take off and go down their own path- the path that has only one end.I’m sorry for that.

  4. The house is beautiful…good for you!!You are doing great…it shows in your pictures and in your writing…That makes me happy!

  5. Yay for the house! Stay sick just a bit longer and maybe you will be a size 6 again πŸ™‚ I love you no matter your size!

  6. The house looks very cool, congrats on the new digs. I am so sorry about your friend’s son. It is tragic on so many levels.

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