Friday Fragments Virgin

So I have decided to start participating in this thing called Friday Fragments, which is the grand idea of Mrs.4444. I have kind of been lurking around her blog lately, and definitely need one day a week where I have some structure. If you want to know more about it, head on over to her place and check it out. Actually, you should go check her out anyway; she is pretty neat.

**I talked with the prosecutor on Wednesday, and at this point we are still anticipating going to trial. I hadn’t spoken to him in months, so it was good to find out that he is still on the same page as he was in the beginning. He does not have a deal to offer; he will listen to what they propose, but he isn’t going in there set to place something on the table. We talked about the whole “deal” thing and agreed that in the end, one felony guilty plea and a guilty plea to one lesser charge, in exchange for dropping two of the felonies, would be acceptable. We already know we aren’t going to get a plea on four felonies. So it looks like in less than two weeks Hannah and I both have to take the stand.**

**Owen has been getting up in the middle of the night, taking his diaper off, and going in to go potty. We have been working with him during the day, of course, and I think he is doing amazingly well; he wears a diaper at nap time and bedtime is all. But it completely blows my mind that he gets up on his own and goes in to pee. Not every night, not consistently, but a definite leap in progress. And I cannot BELIEVE I just totally did a “mommy blogger” and wrote about potty training. Shoot me now, please.**

**If I were a cop, I would just automatically suspect and pull over anyone who saw my car and slowed down to 10 miles below the speed limit. Especially if they weren’t even speeding before they saw the car. That just smacks of trying to drift under the radar to me.**

**Sam has this amazing ear for music. He knows the correct words to these really obscure songs that we don’t hear all that much. Last night coming home, we heard Come On Eileen, and while Eli was cheerily singing “come on Riley,” Sam was correcting him. He ALSO has a strange fascination with Freddie Mercury; I wonder if I should be worried?** ***And I am editing this to say that I misspoke or perhaps gave the wrong impression; not only do I really have no IDEA whether my child may or may not be gay, I don’t give a rip. But come on guys, Freddie as a role model? Why not Doogie Howser instead?***

**The birds are starting to gather twigs and leaves for their nests; I can see the flurry of activity outside the window. Which is really quite fun, watching them choose juuuuust the right bit of material. The not-so-fun-part is remembering the fact that the office is by the bar, where people puke on the sidewalks and in the gutters, which is where the birds are rummaging for their scraps. Makes me gag just a little.**

**Barbara Taylor Bradford wrote this really great book called A Woman of Substance, and then followed it up with, I think, four other books about this same family. I have read the first three, and they are wonderful. So when I was ill, I went to the thrift store and picked up some books, and one of them was called Voice of the Heart by old Babs. I was pretty excited to find it, and for 20 cents no less. But I found out why it was only 20 cents; it was terrible. I spent the entire, lengthy book just waiting for something to happen. I have a personal “rule” that if I start a book I HAVE to read the whole thing, and man, that was a waste of my time.**

**I have a theory about how women in their 30’s are supposedly at their sexual peak. While I don’t doubt that we want it more now than we did back in the day, I don’t think it really has anything to do with biology or hormones or any kind of scientific reason. Simply put, I think we just enjoy it a lot more because we know what we want, how we like it, and we are less willing to just lay there and let the man do the work. Also, and I do believe this to be true for ME, I think it really is better if you care deeply for someone. I know that isn’t the case for everyone and I am all like meh, whatever, but for me? Yeah. **

**At M.’s funeral on Tuesday, the music selection was just as honest as the rest of the service. They played this song and this song, and all I can say is**

So there you have it; some of the little fragments zipping around in my head lately. I am sure you will all sleep better knowing these little things, right?


14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments Virgin

  1. I call those fragment posts Brown Paper Bag posts- just little bits of things, all delivered in a plain old brown grocery bag, no bows or ribbons attached.Whenever my kids start singing words to songs that I know but I can’t figure out how THEY know, I am always amazed. “Where’d you learn that?” I ask and they always say, “I have no idea.”Congratulations of the potty-training. Sounds as if it’s going quite well.

  2. Okay, I won’t give you a hard time about the Freddie Mercury remark 🙂 I read all those books, too! None of them were as good as Woman of Substance, though. I think you’re right about women in their 30s. Except of course that thing about caring about the other participant 🙂 Love you.

  3. No shit, Fuck me, huh? Those are very powerful lyrics…and seem fitting for how your friend, or friend’s son, lived and died…I have lost a couple of friends to drugs and alcohol, with similar stories, and yeah, those songs pulled some buried emotions…Can Owen come and give L some tips?? I can’t even get him to sit on the potty yet…not with his pants off anyway…Was really hoping to have him somewhat potty trained b4 this baby arrives. Not.gonna.happen.The sexual peak…yeah. Just had a funny conversation with my husband last night about this; well, it was kinda about this, definitely connected.I just picked up a few books from the library and am SO looking forward to getting in to one tonight after L is in bed…They have promise of being good, heartwrenching, pull me in and not let me go stories, which is just what I am craving…W is going out with some guy friends, and I can’t wait! You are a better reader than I, though, I am in the middle of two books that I have given up on, although I really do try to finish any that I start, neither of them are doing it for me…

  4. I clicked on your Freddie Mercury link since I had no idea who that was, lol. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh hysterically or gasp in horror. I think I did both at the same time. Good luck. :DGood job to Owen! Hunter is also going potty on his own whenever we are home, including at night. Because of that, I am a very lucky mom who actually has a 2-year-old ENTIRELY weaned of diapers! Whoohoo! Now if the 4-year-old would just follow suit….

  5. Way to go Owen! Hopefully you will not have to buy any diapers soon.As for those books it’s not cool to be letdown like that in the end. What gives? It’s amazing what kids pick up on. I know that music got me through the good times and the bad.

  6. Oooh! I love Fragment Friday! I’m so doing it! (When I have time!) Thanks for commenting on my post. It makes me feel special. LOL. Owen is amazing!! He deserves some stickers or something. What a cutie! :)(I didn’t read the entire post yet because I’m at work trying to work my 50 hours, but I’ll be back later to read it all.)

  7. OH, I also wanted to say that 2 of my co-workers last week thought the song was “Come on Irene” and I said, “Only if you’re Japanese.” Hahaha. Not trying to be racist…I’m just sayin. and I’m not the first one to say it. Have you seen hilarious!

  8. What a sweetheart you are! Thank you so much for that wonderful introduction 🙂 I’m glad you joined in this week, as you are a natural fragmenter :)When my son was on the cusp of being trained, we had a “Congratulations, Kyle!” party, complete with a cake, a gift, and friends who came over to help celebrate the end of diapers. It was so nice. Looks like your little guy is taking some big steps; sounds like you’ve been doing a great job with his training.You are right on about the women in their 30’s thing. In my 30’s, I finally felt comfortable asking for what I needed. Thankfully, Mr.4444 was listening :)I’ve put Woman of Substance on my summer reading list; thanks.Off to read more…Wow. That’s some heavy music; I’m going to have to do a little back-reading, now that I am intrigued. Wow.

  9. Wow. That? was interesting. I am impressed that you were able to come up with so many different things. When I don’t have a specific post, (like the last one), I ramble around and can’t figure out what happened to all the ideas I’ve had about what to write about. This tells me I need to start keeping notes. 😉

  10. Funny connection thing here, my sister, Eileen, hated that song ‘come on Eileen’ for obvious reasons.But she ADORED Freddie Mercury.

  11. Yeah for Owen!!!And please, more respect for Mr. Mercury please. I got what you meant the first time but still…it’s freakin’ Freddy Mercury! We’re still talking about him as a musical genius where Doogie Howser has been relegated to the punchline of bad jokes. And you don’t want your child to be a bad punchline, do you? No, I didn’t think so.

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