What Was That I Said About Victory?

So much for victory. He didn’t even spend a day in jail. He was released yesterday. Fuck. This is all just a bunch of fucking shit. That’s it-just a bunch of shit. That must mean his attorney already knew that an ankle monitoring device was likely and already had him start making the arrangements. Must be nice for the motherfucker to have access to all sorts of ready cash in which to make sure he faces no consequences, isn’t it?


17 thoughts on “What Was That I Said About Victory?

  1. I’m with FreedomFirst, I’m crossing my fingers that he screws up again and gets caught. Cause then he’s really fucked.

  2. That sucks ass. Hopefully the cocky bastard will make another mistake, forcing his sorry ass back in jail, and soon….

  3. Oh Kori.I am sorry the joy was so short lived. But, remember, you said even if he does get out with the ankle thing, it STILL was a small victory. It WILL force him to follow the rules of his parole and if he fucks up again his ass is back in jail. I really wish he would have sat longer though. FUCK seems appropriate.(((hugs)))

  4. Hang in there, girl. I firmly believe there will be justified karma coming to this guy. And he won’t be waiting forever for it, either. God will step in his life eventually and there will be justice.

  5. Yeah with ankle monitoring, they know the second he misses curfew or steps out of bounds. His life isn’t going to be much fun either way.I know how you feel though. I kept hoping Rooferman would screw up and it just tore me apart when I didn’t see him hang. I know your situation is completely different, and your anger is probably a thousand times stronger than mine, but I definitely know how it feels.Fuckin lawyers will defend the biggest asshole, and call it justice huh?Hugs to you and your kick ass family.

  6. Oh Honey…I’m sorry your joy was so short lived. It just doesn’t seem right.He will find the restriction on his freedom difficult and humiliating and he will be constantly reminded of his wrongdoing by having the device fitted but it just doesn’t feel quite enough punishment, does it..??I hope he thinks he is above the court’s jurisdiction and violates his parole…then he’s in deep shit.Ah fuck it all, it’s just plain unfair. I’m sorry.

  7. Rat bastard! He probably thinks he’s above the law and will break restrictions again. I do hope karma comes back and chews him a new one.

  8. This sucks. I guess you have to have faith that even if he gets off relatively scot-free for this, he will do something else stupid (preferably not anything that hurts someone) that will send him away for good.I’m putting my money on public urination or harassment.

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