Moving On and Photos

Moving on, I am over my depression of yesterday simply because there is nothing I can do about it. As I have said before, we all KNEW he wouldn’t remain in jail, so it isn’t as if I was surprised. I comforted myself last night by the mental image of CF having to go to work yesterday knowing that his face has been all over the news, and I got a chuckle or ten out of that one. This IS a small town/tri-town area, and yeah, people are going to know him now. Worth it, wouldn’t you say? I have this secret hope, one so unlikely to come true that I am afraid to say it out loud-and the media coverage might help. So-upward and onward, right? When I told Hannah last night, she is SO much my daughter that she said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” And then was mortified that she actually SAID that in front of me. Normally I would chastise her for it; I allow them to say the more “mild” swears in front of me, but not the bad ones (and I actually try to do the same at home, FYI). However, her response was SO unexpected and funny (but not) that all I could so was laugh. We have weathered this little bump in the road and will go on from here.

The above photos are from my birthday and the weekend combined. Thank you, too, for all of the lovely greeting and cards and well-wishes both on mine and April’s blogs. Also, thank you to April herself, and Freedom First for the e-gift certificates. I have already used them both, and did not buy a single thing for the kids. Thank you, again.

Another of my great friends, The Goth Mom, has generously offered me some of her web space, so I will soon be making the move to WordPress. I will of course let you know, and don’t hold your breath-it is still very confusing and while I am having a lot of fun messing with it, I am in no way ready to make the big move. However, that is in the works. I am also planning a giveaway in the next few weeks (hard to believe, I know…), so look for that as well.

I will have you all know, though, that for all the deep breaths and the calming/centering exercises and practicing compassion (though I haven’t even gotten close to feeling any compassion for CF!) I have been doing, I am pretty sure I will be ready to move into an Ashram within the next few months. Damn it, I even just ordered some goddamned incense; what the HELL is happening to me?


12 thoughts on “Moving On and Photos

  1. Lovely pictures. And I’m so glad you’re learning to control what YOU can control-yourself. Now when you really figure it out, tell the rest of us.

  2. I love when you post photos! I hope you had a great birthday!You have a great attitude about the butthead getting out on his violation. I like the idea of him getting a lot of heat from the media coverage.

  3. You have an amazing attitude. And I, too, am taking glee from his public humiliation. It may actually be worse for him than being in jail — with reporters at his door and calling all the day and night.

  4. Love the pictures. Everyone is so happy. Good luck on another move. That is a good way to look at the situation even though it still sucks

  5. Looks like you’re having a blast. Also? It is sort of like a little salt in his wounds to have his face plastered all over TV. Heh. Nobody deserves it more.

  6. You clearly have a lot of joy in your life 🙂 The way I see it, there are sometimes circumstances for which only the f-word will suffice.

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