Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments, brought to you by Mrs.4444. I love the idea of documenting the little snippts that don’t quite make it into an entire post, although for me I tend to use this more as a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing where I write down the things going through my mind at various points during the week. However you choose to use it, it is a lot of fun and neat to see what other people are thinking. If nothing else, I know it makes me feel a lot less like I am crazy.
***April is out of town with no Internet access. Has been since yesterday. It sucks, because we generally email 40 bazillion times throughout the day. I miss her-BUT we talked on the phone for a couple of hours last night and that is even better than email. I hope next year we will be able to meet in real life; it seems odd that we never have, as she is simply part of me.

***I am so annoyed at Steve’s sister. One of the benefits of moving to the next town over was that the LDS church would no longer be such a huge (unwanted) part of our lives. We had hoped to slip under the radar so as to be able to decide freely which, if any, activities we wanted to attend. However, before we have even gotten moved IN to the home, Steve’s sister called the Bishop to let him know that we were moving into their ward and gave him our address and told him where I worked. For a lot of reasons, that itself is bad enough. However, the part about which I am annoyed right now is that since they don’t have our phone number, they think it is okay to just drop by in the evenings. On Wednesday, I was laying on the couch with my feet in Steve’s lap and I look up to see this…this…woman peering in the window getting ready to knock. And then of course I had to invite them in, and then we had to sit there and listen to her talk about her drooling boxers and how much she hopes to see me at Enrichment and Sacrament and she could come pick me up if I wanted (because that two blocks to the church is a really, really long way)…this, despite the fact that when the Bishop called me I told him that we are not active and don’t need or particularly WANT visiting/home teachers. Grrr.

***I got a $50 Gift Card to Rudy’s from Steve for my birthday, and Jacquie and I are loading up tomorrow to go shopping. I cnanot wait to spend my card; I love kitchen stores of any kind, and I particularly love them when I have a little cash in my pocket. When I was in Seattle with my friend Camille last spring, I picked up a pineapple peeler/corer thing and I LOVE it. With home, I will find something equally cool on Saturday.

***The dictionary definition of a deadbeat parent is one who willfully refuses to fulfill his/her court-ordered financial obligation to his/her children. MY definition of the same is a parent who defaults on both his/her financial AND emotional obligations to said children. Of the three men with whom I have had children, only one of them is in MY opinion an actual deadbeat.
***Talked to Hannah’s counselor about the time frame for when the family gets to go in as well. “After the trial, after the trial.” Fuck. But also talked to her about getting Sam in for some much needed help with his issues with his father (see above paragraph), and it looks like there is an opening in June. Hard to realize that there are simply some kinds of help I can’t give him, yet feel glad that there are so many resources out there so I can find someone who can.
As always, there are more of these little things going on in my mind, or in my drafts, half-formed thoughts and paragraphs simply sitting there….but as much as you are all hanging on every word (HA!), I won’t regale you with all of them. Don’t forget to visit the other Friday Fragment participants!

14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. I’m sorry that your family doesn’t listen to you about the church. That sucks..I do wish people respect people wishes about church and whatever..If I stopped you wouldn’t turn me away ? Hugs.Family Ugh !!!

  2. After that experience, I would be putting curtains over each and every window. Oh, and politely explaining to any unwanted house guest that I was feeling ill and couldn’t take visitors at that time. You are a far more polite person that I am, clearly.

  3. I love going into kitchen stores too and have passed this obsession on to my son. We went hunting for a rolling pin a few weeks ago, it was like a treasure hunt. Good to hear Sam will have someone else to talk with, and help him sort out his feelings. Sucks that you all have to wait so long for family counseling. Damn rat bastard. I wish he would just admit his wrongdoing and stop dragging you all through this crap.

  4. too bad that your fam isn’t as understanding about your spiritual practices and you are much nicer than I, I would not have answered the door…oops…I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy!G

  5. Check out the Microplane grater at the kitchen store. I LOVE mine. It grates lemon and orange peel, nutmeg, ginger. It’s amazing.

  6. I love kitchen stores. They have all kinds of cool gadgets that I will never use but am convinced that I need. As for the impromptu visits, ugh! I imagine it would cause issues if you didn’t invite them in? I don’t see why you would feel obligated to do so. They don’t feel obligated to respect your wishes.

  7. Oh man, those LDS folks are relentless! There are a lot of LDS people in accounting and in LA. When I was living in LA, my LDS co-workers offered on multiple occasions to help me find a church closer to where I lived so I wouldn’t have to travel so far to a (non-LDS) church that I loved going to. Um… Thanks? I respect and appreciate that they’re such great servants and evangelists, but they do tend to be selective listeners when it comes to other peoples’ wishes and requests.Glad to hear that Sam can get scheduled in for an appointment. And crap it sucks that family therapy and healing can’t happen until after trial. Each and every day I get more and more upset with the “justice system”. I feel like emailing Obama himself and saying, “WHAT THE F*CK!!”Have fun spending your birthday money!!Ok, I’m going back to studying now!

  8. ooooh, kitchen store!! TOO fun! Do have a ball Kori, and I hope you find some neat new toy.Ummm, yeah. I hate people that come to my house and try to ‘nicely and politely’ shove their religion down my throat…Good luck with all that. I would be pissed at her too. I have just never understood the thinking that anyone’s spiritual state or lack there of is any of anyone’s business or concern but their own…Have you all have a good weekend :0)

  9. You’re a great fragmenter, Kori 🙂 Thanks for joining in this week!That’s unbelievable (your SIL making those calls.) I really admire you for being assertive with your pastor; good for you. I guess you need to make a few calls of your own, though, since your message didn’t get relayedHave a great weekend!

  10. Now see, I would just make a big sign to hang on the door that says “No Visitors Over 18 Allowed Without Prior Notice.” Don’t feel obligated to invite anyone in! Just say, “Oh, sorry, it’s not a good time. Thanks anyway.” And shut the door in their face. If you really want to punctuate it, you can bolt it afterwards – hehe. But that’s just me being mean. 😛

  11. OH! I absolutely ADORE kitchen stores! There is a very pricey Williams and Sonoma store in the mall and everything is sky high in there, but it is so much fun to go in and browse. I can’t believe you are being religiously stalked! How weird is that?!

  12. It would be nice if people would curb their enthusiasm with respect to religious beliefs. I know they’re glad they have God in their lives but appreciating other people’s need would be helpful. Glad Sam can get in to see a counselor. Have fun shopping!

  13. Belated Happy Birthday wishes!! The kitchen store sounds like fun–I loves stores like that too. I think I need one of those pineapple gizmos!

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