About That Giveaway….

I think I have gone insane. As if the two and a half dogs (I say half because we have Steve’s dog part of the time) AND the rabbit we have as pets, we now also have two kittens. Can anyone say “sucker?” Really. We stopped to just look at them, and ended up taking the last two home. What can I say? If nothing else, I really like Asian food so perhaps they might come in handy at some point in the future, you never know.

I have this problem with moodiness and despair for a day or two about a week before I start my period. No big surprise there, I am sure (and sorry to the three men who read this). So when we were at Rudy’s on Saturday, I came across this little travel tin of tea that is supposed to be an all-natural balancer for those pesky hormonal issues. I brewed up a cup of it last night, and let me ask you this: have you ever put fresh wood chips down in your flower garden, but then underneath them are the old, half-decayed chips that smell sour and compost-y? Close your eyes and imagine that smell; add to it the smell of the dog shit you stepped in yesterday that you thought you got out of all the crevices in your shoes but didn’t, slightly burned toast, and a very light yet still there smell of Murphy’s Oil soap in mop water from three days ago. If you have all those lovely smells floating around your nostrils, you know what this tea tasted like. Needless to say, my loved ones (sorry Steve and April and Jacquie and kids!) are simply going to have to put up with my bitchy mood for another day.

It looks like I might just have a computer at home this weekend. My dad has been working on one for me (he is a computer fixer/builder in his spare time. When he isn’t buying Jaguars and Porsches on Ebay and fixing them up, that is), and it soundsl ike he is bringing it over on Saturday. I called to have DSL hooked up yesterday, so with hope both will be up and running by Saturday night. I am so excited about it that I can hardly stand it-which just goes to show you how much a nerd I really am at heart.

There are too many things going through my head right now; a full brain is better than an empty brain, for sure, but there are TOO many things up there and I am having a hard time sorting through them all. So I will end this pathetic little post with this: I think I mentioned that I am planning a giveaway when I move to my new WordPress digs, right? So I am going to be giving you all hints in the next couple of weeks, but you aren’t going to know they are hints. Might be something I write an entire post about, OR it might be just a small little mention. So pay attention to the details, ok? And April? I think I might have to disqualify you for this particular giveaway; you know me FAR too well!

11 thoughts on “About That Giveaway….

  1. OMG the tea sounds horrendous…ugh! I usually meditate a bit more and drink more green tea during those weeks before…that works and just being honest and open with those close to me that this is the time…(give me lots of room..LOL).Great post miss reading you!LoveG

  2. I tried some of that tea once. It was SOOOO nasty. I couldn’t gag it down anymore after the first few gulps.Now I take this stuff from Boiron called Cyclease Cramp, but I take it for the pain, not the mood swings. My mood swings don’t sound as bad as yours. It’s the terrible ache in my gut that makes me useless for a whole day.

  3. Bitch! No, it’s fine. You’re right, it wouldn’t be fair. *sigh* I still love you. And no, you weren’t bitchy to me at all today.

  4. No prizes for me! I have everything already. And I’m so glad you’re getting a computer at home. That is wonderful.

  5. I just drink more wine when I’m PMS-ing. I know, not good but it helps tame the PMS bitch. 😉 Oh, and I watch The Notebook or Beaches or something like it to get out a good cry. Oxygen is really good at timing the airings of such movies during “that” time.

  6. details huh….hum, should be interesting! 🙂 Sorry about your tea..doesn’t sound appealing…oh well! ~K

  7. I love that you adopted two kitties! I’m also excited about the home computer. However, if you start posting LOLCatz pictures, we will have to re-evaluate our relationship.

  8. I used to get “monthly mental illness.” Then I started taking chaste berry extract (an herbal supplement.) Now I NEVER have it. Check it out. BTW, if your dad comes upon a Porsche for less than a grand, let me know, as my son would like a car for his birthday…

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