I Made It Through Mother's Day Without Going Postal!

One of these days I am going to have a Weekend Recap full of some exciting and fun adventure, but this isn’t the day. Instead, just another rather ordinary recap of the ordinary doings of my very ordinary life. So be it.

Friday evening was good. Eli was gone to a birthday party, so Hannah and the little boys and I went out to dinner and then just messed around the house. I was putzing around outside trying to fill in the hole the dog dug under the fence (I think it is hilarious; the backyard neighbor has a dog and he and Lola both dig from their respective sides until there is a hole big enough for them to get through. Often I have come home from work to find the neighbors dog, still on his chain, in our yard playing with Lola. Unfortunately, the backyard neighbour doesn’t have a sense of humor and isn’t very nice to the dog, so I wanted to try to fix the problem) and raking the lawn. Lost track of time and therefore didn’t make it to the meeting, which was too bad. Still, a good night. We were all in bed by 10:00, which I love. Because I am getting old.

Saturday we all got up early and did a major housecleaning. We clean on Saturdays anyway, but since Dad was coming over we made an extra effort. It looks really, really nice, too. Dad got there with the computer and had it all set up within half an hour. It is a thing of beauty, I must say. It is a rebuilt emachine, sleek and black. He put in a new something something and beefed up another something something, took Vista off and installed XP instead. Also has a new monitor and keyboard, mouse and speakers. Since we still don’t have the DSL hooked up, I watched a movie instead and listened to some CD’s. Which was fun. Then we all went out to lunch, then came home and dad took off and the rest of us napped. Grocery shopping, making dinner, playing at the park, and then Steve came over and ate dinner and stayed the night. That was good; he has this new job (well, for about the last 6 weeks or so) where I don’t see him nearly as much. In fact, I hadn’t seen him all week, and this week is going to be the same. So I was glad to have that time with him.

Sunday. Ugh. You all know how I feel about Mother’s Day. However, since I had absolutely no expectations of any kind, I wasn’t totally disappointed. That is the good thing about planning for or expecting the worst; no crushing disappointments. The older two kids did tell me Happy Mother’s Day, and Sam gave me a fridge magnet he had made at school and the obligatory petunia from Sunday school. Steve actually SAID Happy Mother’s Day, which is more that I got last year. We went to his sister’s house for dinner, and at least his family made up for the whole “We aren’t even going to taste your fruit pizza” debacle of Easter by eating every last drop of the two dips we made (roasted garlic for chips and spinach artichoke for bread), plus the pan of Basque Bread we made in the Dutch Oven.

Wouldn’t you know, though, that the whole fucking court issue would crop up not just on a weekend but on Mother’s Day? We got served our subpoenas for the new trial date on Sunday morning. It pisses me off. I mean, it never goes away. We go through our days not dwelling on it but it is always there in the back of our minds. So then we have these days where we get to think, “Oh, okay, we get to at least have this one day where we can push it all away and just enjoy the day…” and then this kind of shit happens. It didn’t ruin the day (which goes back to no expectations), but it certainly brought the whole issue right back into the forefront. Just makes me more and more angry at CF, you know?

So that was the weekend. I will say that I went into the day yesterday thinking of it like any other day, and if you look at it from THAT perspective, it was a good day. Owen finally got to try out the tricycle we have had for him for about two years (Jacquie gave it to us for him and we have just been waiting for him to get big enough), and that was a lot of fun. At first he was very adamant about not riding it-because we have no sidewalks, he kept telling us, “But I can’t rid in road. Cars will run over me!” It took a lot of convincing that if me or Daddy was with him, it was okay. He can pedal backward like no other; forward, not so much. We had fun making Eggs Benedict for breakfast yesterday, and the weather was finally warm enough for me to go without a long-sleeved shirt. The kids were all being extra-careful to be quiet while I was napping yesterday, and mostly behaved, so that was their collective gift to me, and it was good.

And tomorrow I will be gone all day for a class for work, and on Wednesday I am supposed to be ONLINE at home. I can hardly wait!


9 thoughts on “I Made It Through Mother's Day Without Going Postal!

  1. Ahh, the power of negative thinking works again! Can’t wait ’til you’re internet-capable at home, too!I love you.

  2. Glad you had a decent weekend. And congratulations on the computer! Owen’s words made me think of something hilarious my nephew said yesterday, while we were visiting my oldest brother and his family. My nephew J., the same one who thought his finger was “probably an elbow,” was playing with Hunter when I heard loud yells of “Mommy, help! Aaaaaggghhh! Help!” I peeked around the corner to see Hunter lying on the floor playing with a tractor, and J. SITTING ON HIS BACK like a jockey. Hunter was kicking and yelling but they are fairly close in weight, so he couldn’t throw his cousin off. I asked J. what he was doing, and he said, “I’m saving him.” That didn’t make sense. “Saving him from what?” I asked. HE looked rather confused and tried again. “Saving a ride.” Then the light bulb went on in his little face and he goes, “I’m saving him for a ride!”I just about died laughing. Of course I told him not to sit on Hunter anymore too.

  3. I keep thinking about a story a friend of mine told me about Mother’s Day when her kids were young. It was about two in the afternoon, no one had said a word about Mother’s Day and then all of a sudden her husband goes in the back yard where the three kids are playing and yells, “Dammit! Get in here, kids, and do something for your mother for Mother’s Day!”I’ve never had a Mother’s Day THAT bad.Sorry about the subpoena though. Really- could the timing have been better?

  4. Dear God in heaven, pretty please with sugar on top (and a cheery) will you help Kori get her DSL running so she can go hog wild on the new home computer? We are all waiting for her to post 5 times in one day in a manic “I have a computer at home” kind of way.”Thank you,Kristin H.

  5. You online at home is a great mothers day present. For me. If I were anywhere near my computer I’d have wished you happy mom’s day. So I’ll wish it now, instead.*smooch*

  6. Well you got a NAP!!! That’s major cause for celebration in my books :)!That sucks about the court stuff…it would have been nice to get that AFTER… but then, I suppose when is a good time, really.

  7. That sounds like a sweet computer! Glad your weekend went well under the circumstances.As for the subpoena man there is no good timing for that…

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