Friday Fragments and a Clue

Friday Fragments?
***On the way to work this morning I saw two things in particular: a car driving past with the backseat filled with Happy Birthday balloons, and a funeral procession. It really made me stop and think how life is just flowing along and we are all just along for the ride. Right this second, there are babies being born and people dying, marriages ending and new ones being performed. It is spring here and fall in another country, an endless stream of humanity, lives being led that we know nothing about.

***Pavlova is a lot harder to make than you would think. There aren’t a lot of steps, but everything has to be juuuust right for it to work. Ours did not work. Sam took one look at it this morning and asked if I could just stop and buy cookies for the Orchestra picnic tonight.

*** My sister called to let me know that dad is doing well, might be sprung over the weekend- sooner if he keeps pissing off the nurses. He told one that he has grandsons (my two oldest boys) coming to stay in two weeks and they need to get him better so he can be ready. I guess the nurse told him that maybe he should go to the doctor when he first starts feeling ill and he wouldn’t be in hospital.

***I got the Juno Soundtrack for my birthday, which has THE best song in the world with the best lines in the world. But that isn’t the song I am talking about. The one I am talking about is called, um, So Nice So Smart, and there is this line about Roofies. Now, I am pretty worldly but not THAT worldly, and I didn’t know what “roofies” were. Eli told me to look it up in the Urban Dictionary, so I did-it’s that date rape drug called Rohypnol, in case anyone wants to know.

***Somewhere in this post is a clue to one of the questions I am going to make you answer when I have my giveaway. And I am aiming for the first of June. Now that I have been able to spend time on the new place at home, it isn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. Or is at least more manageable than first appearances would seem.

***Last night the neighbor bitch called across the lawn (and I hadn’t even unlocked the door yet), “Do you have a chain for your dog? She got out today and tried to kill my rabbits (which is I know a lie; we have a rabbit, too, and the two of them love each other).” So okay, I get that the dog got out ans shit in her yard; she got her collar off is how she got loose. It was her tone that killed me. I wanted to reply,” Do you have a chin for your kids? Because they broke Owen’s basketball hoop and pulled the seat off of his tricycle, plus shot BB’s through two of my windows.” I thought better of it because she could totally

***I support the rights for parents to make decisions for themselves and their children with regards to a lot of different things, but this pisses me off. Just from reading this one article, these parents seem like wackos. What 13 year old with a learning disability-who is also admittedly illiterate-is capable of making an informed decision to refuse Chemo or other treatments based on some religious tenets? I agree that the government has too many fingers in our personal parental pies (I love alliteration!), but sometimes I think it is a good thing.

Bah. I am sick of myself. Go check out Mrs.4444 for some far more entertaining Friday Fragments.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fragments and a Clue

  1. My daughter was born on the very day that one of my friend’s parents died. It really made me think about the circle of life.

  2. If I lived in your neck of the woods I would have your back while you took care of the beyotch next door. Just sayin’.

  3. You know, that case about the little boy is fraught with so many different issues. Religion, medicine, parent’s rights. But what tore it for me was his mother calling him a “medicine man.” He’s not even a man. I hope it all gets resolved and he can grow up to be one.Have a good weekend, dearie!

  4. I skimmed the article, but knew it would piss me off too much to read in detail. April also adores alliteration! And you. April loves you, too! And I have to talk talking about myself in the 3rd person – ick!

  5. I would totally have said that to your neighbor. Okay, maybe not if I actually had to live next door to her. It’s easier when it’s YOUR neighbor – hehe.I’m torn about the cancer thing. I think chemo and radiation have an awfully high fail rate for something with such horrific long-term consequences, and therefore I feel that it is pretty outrageous of the courts to basically order us to kill ourselves slowly. On the other hand, the parents should at least have the balls to call it their own decision as a 13-year-old is clearly not capable of making that decision. I do believe that there are alternative methods out there which have as good a chance of curing cancer as chemo, without the misery. At least, for some kinds of cancer.

  6. Hey girl! How the hell are yah? I feel so out of the loop. Trying to catch up. May take me awhile. Just wanted to say “hi”.

  7. I haven’t seen Juno yet. I love Ellen Page but Michael Cera makes me want to claw my eyes out with a seafood fork.

  8. Yeah, the chick next door needs some carefully constructed plans for retaliation to be used on her. Contact me. I’m up for it.I absolutely love every bit of the soundtrack for Juno. I could watch that movie over and over just for the music alone.

  9. I’m torn when it comes to situations like what happened in that article. I thing people like that are crazy for the choices they make in terms of not getting life saving medical treatments based on religion…BUT, the government forcing medical treatments of any kind on citizens is just the start of something really bad, imho. I dunno…just a thought.

  10. Good thing I’m not sick of you 🙂 Loved your fragments this week, Kori. Especially about that bitchy neighbor! Please tell me, though, what you mean by “do you have a chin for your kids”? (I don’t get it.)That circle of life thing…so true and beautiful. You can’t deny it. I remember when my heart was broken over my FIL’s death and someone brought a newborn to the funeral home. Heartbreaking, and yet comforting, to know that the world keeps on going.

  11. Juno is one of my favorite movies…I like the soundtrack too!I came back from being gone a month away and got a citation from the dreaded Homeowners Association that we need to pull dead plants and put new mulch in!My plants are dead because we were not at home and since Florida is in the worst drought since ever…we aren’t allowed to use our automatic sprinklers!Welcome home…some people are so dumb…not you…not me 🙂

  12. Thanks for the link to Mrs. 4444. The conversation about the ex-as- STD had me in stitches. You know I do a lot of adoption stuff. It’s so funny to come here and hear people say they love Juno! Get some sleep!!!!!! (So you’re doing give-aways. Cool. Plan to spend more time catching up on your blog.)

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