A Saturday Morning Post

A Saturday morning and I am sitting at my computer AT HOME, having already been through my reader and cleaned it out, played a couple of games, drank almost a post of coffee and it’s just after 8:00 am. I am still not sleeping well, so when Owen woke me up at 6:00 or so it was just like a normal day; too little sleep, start the day off tired, try to make it through until bedtime tonight. Pretty soon my day time posts are going to start sounding like my midnight ramblings, because lack of sleep gives me the same feeling of having no barriers, no filter-quite like when I used to drink but wasn’t quite drunk yet. Lack of sleep also makes one feel slightly hung over, too, which is just a reminder that I don’t want to go back out there.

Seems like when things go wrong, they really go wrong. Steve and I got into an argument a few nights ago about his drinking, and though I talked to him yesterday afternoon and everything was fine, he now isn’t answering his phone nor, obviously, calling me back. Because of his history, because I know that he is in a town with a brother who is also an alcoholic, this worries me. He has a breathalyzer on his pickup so he can’t drive it when he is drinking, but he also has access to lots of other vehicles, and in fact was drinking while plowing a field the night we argued. No matter how upset he has been at me in the past, and vice-versa, the only times he has ever simply not called me back or answered was when he was drinking heavily, so of course my assumption is that he is on a runner. That itself is troublesome; even though his drinking isn’t MY problem, even though I have long since trying to stop him or make him stop or drag him to meetings by the hand (can’t carry the drunk, can only carry the message), it doesn’t stop me from wishing and hoping he will get it.

More troublesome, though, is the fact that anything could have happened. This is one of the problems with loving a practicing alcoholic; even though I am almost 100% sure that he is just drinking and trying to avoid having to deal with the consequences, there is that other little percent that worries he has been in an accident, or in jail, or maybe killed someone while drinking. Of course the very female part of me worries about stupid stuff like they went to a bar and he hooked up with some hootch and they are snuggled cozily up in her bed. I would be lying out my ass if I didn’t worry about that on some level (and yes, I know that I don’t want him at all ever if that is the case, but it doesn’t stop the idea or worry from hurting), because hey, I am a recovering drunk; I know the things they do. I would think that if something major happened, someone from his family would CALL me, but again, I don’t know. You have to understand the dynamics of their family before assuming that I would be one of the first ones to know, and I have neither the time nor the energy to get into THAT. Anyway, so even though reason says he is just pissed at me or whatever, there is still a pit of dread in my stomach about the whole thing.

Also, dad isn’t doing as well as they had hoped he would be, which is worrisome. He has congestive heart failure, but they took him off some of his meds in order to re-hydrate him, which in turn has caused fluid to start building up around his heart, which has made his rhythms get all wonky. His blood pressure is also unstable right now, and I think they are simply trying to balance everything in order to keep him stable enough to start getting better. I may be going over to see him later today; just depends on what my sister says when she calls after rounds.

Sigh. So much. My newest post is up over at the Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, too, should you be so inclined. Now, I have to go get in the shower because our day begins in earnest very shortly; we have a Pinewood Derby to go to, the older kids have an assignment to complete involving a two hour visit to the local museum, and then there is the relentless housework and laundry. Perhaps tonight things will be much better, right?


10 thoughts on “A Saturday Morning Post

  1. Kori, I really hope things start looking up for you. Too much for one woman to deal with, even if she is an incredibly strong one.

  2. I am not going to act like I have answers because I don’t but…early on in my marriage I realized I was co-dependent…people love co-dependent people…they are the clean up after everything kind of people!I have a little sign on my desk that reminds me…It is what it is…not what I want it to be or even what I am afraid it might be but rather…It is what it is.Take a deep breath and don’t swing until the ball is in front of you!Always love your posts!

  3. I hate that pit of your stomach worry about someone else’s actions. I know you try not to worry but it doesn’t make that ache go away. I hope you can push it aside and enjoy the Pinewood Derby.

  4. Sounds like you’ve already made your decision about Steve. I hope you get some good things coming your way soon.

  5. I hope that the rest of your day went a lot better. It’s so hard to be worrying about someone that way knowing that you can’t really help them until they are willing to help themselves. (Hugs)

  6. Wow, that is a lot to have on your shoulders. Hoping things get better soon… And I don’t blame you one bit for worrying about the things you’re worried about… I’m sure I would do the same.You’re so strong… keep on keepin’ on girl!!

  7. I know what you are going through with Steve (and you know I know, right?) Just thank your blessed stars that it’s not you out there. And you are right about the fatigue/hangover thing. Sleeplessness sucks.((big hug))

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