Friday Fragments-Edited to Add More!

Friday Fragments?
Yep, it is Friday. You know what to do. If you don’t, go see Mrs.4444; she will be happy to tell you.

***Today is Owen’s third birthday, and Tuesday was Sam’s. It is funny, when I was pregnant and due with Owen, I just kept praying that he wouldn’t be born on Sam’s birthday, and he wasn’t.

***For the last two weeks or so, we have seen a bird on a fence post just as we turn a corner on the way to the high school. It is a black bird with a brilliant yellow head, and while I am sure it isn’t really the same bird, we like to think it is. He hasn’t been there the last two mornings, and this morning Sam said that he probably has a girlfriend.

***One of Sam’s “very bestest” friends died this week, along with a 41 year old man who was driving and another 11 year old boy. The driver ran off the road and into a canal, and the three of them drowned. Another boy, 12, was able to get out and go for help, but too late. The man driving didn’t have a drivers license, and there were no skid marks or other evidence that he did anything other than simply drive off the road. Of course, speculation is rampant, but so far no one knows more than that. Sam has been crying himself to sleep almost nightly; he was feverishly trying to find the boys phone number a couple of nights ago so he could call his mom and tell her how so, so sorry he is. The services are today, and I had hoped to be able to take Sam but it is a Funeral Mass, which is generally a lot longer than either of us can manage today. Poor Sam, poor family, poor kids in Sam’s class.

***If all goes the way it should, the trial is only about three and a half weeks away now. I don’t even know what to think or how to feel about it anymore; mostly it is just too tiring to think about for too long, and I am not going to make any plans or have any worries about it because I doubt it will go then, either. They will find some other bullshit reason to postpone it again, most likely.

***School is out next week; I wish there was year-round school here. I worry about what the kids are going to do with themselves while they are home every day.

***My mind has been quiet all week, as this Friday Fragments proves. I didn’t think I was in a bad mood but I guess I am, so I think I will just keep on being quiet.

Thanks to Mrs.4444, though, for doing this-because at least I had something to post today!
***Had a couple more random things pop into my head. One is that I talked to my ex-husband a couple of nights ago (the non-deadbeat one, H. and E’s dad) and he asked me 1. if I was making cookies and 2. could I send some to him? When I told him that no, I don’t make cookies much anymore, he said, “How about a wonderful apple pie? You could send it up with Eli on the plane next month.” Now, I have heard the “You don’t make XXXX like my mom does,” but this “You don’t make an apple pie like my ex-wife of over 15 years does” is a new one. No wonder his current wife doesn’t like me.

***From a financial standpoint, it sucks to have two kids with birthdays within three days of each other. I just stopped at a store at lunch to pick up a couple of things for the boys (because they shouldn’t have to wait for the big family party) and dropped $50 in less than 15 minutes. I really could have planned that better.

***I love April; I know you all know that, but I have to say it out loud on occasion. She loves me enough to be honest with me when I am being a bitch and talking out my ass and making assumptions right and left, and that? Is pretty fucking amazing.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments-Edited to Add More!

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry Sam’s friend died. 😦 Happy Birthday to Owen – and Sam, for what it’s worth. I’ll pop a couple of cards in the mail for them.

  2. Aw, experiencing a death is so tough on kids. :(I also have two kids who have b-days a day apart. It over Labor Day weekend though so I usuall just have a nice backyard bbq and a big cake and call it good. They seem to like it too although there is a 11 year age difference.I love that you love April. And you are blessed to have each other. 🙂

  3. Ugh, I know what you mean about having their bdays close together. If I were a wiser person, I’d be saving now for the girls’ bdays (6 days apart) in Oct. But of course, I’m not. And in Sept., you’ll be listening to me freak out about $$. Kori, you are more than my friend. You’re my soul mate. And I will always love you.

  4. Happy Birthday and belated birthday to the boys!So sorry to hear about Sam’s friend.It’s always so great to have someone you can be totally straightforward with. Life’s complicated enough without having to walk on eggshells around people.Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend (hopefully it means an extra day off)

  5. So much. Life is always shoveling so much at us. My wish for you is that there are days (days!) where you have nothing to think of at all besides what to cook for dinner and whether or not the laundry is done.Sigh.

  6. Ah, Kori, so sorry about Sam’s friend…It is so hard when you are a kid…Shit, it is so hard at any age, but especially then. Happy birthday to both the boys this week…that would be hard to have them so close together.

  7. Happy Birthday to both of the boys, and my deepest sympathies to Sam. It’s hard to lose anyone for any reason, but harder when you’re of an age that the concept of mortality is unknown.And money for birthdays. Pul-ease! I’m always broke when birthdays roll around, and damned if I can ever plan far enough ahead to get it together.

  8. Dang! You didn’t link up on Friday, so it took me this long to get here! Sorry about that. I’m slowly but surely making it through my reader; it’s good to be here :)So sad about your son’s friend; that’s heartbreaking. The important thing for him is that he do something that makes him feel like he’s done something for that friend. Maybe walk in a walk this summer in his memory? Plant a tree? Say a prayer? Write a letter? It’ll make him feel better.April is the crazy birthday month for our family; there are at least four. SUCKS. Happy Birthday to the kids! 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday to your boys. That is really sad about Sam’s friend. How difficult that must be when you’re just 10. I was 18 before anyone I was really close to died, and I had trouble understanding it then. I hope he’s doing all right. Give him a hug for me.

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