Friday Fragments-When You Are Too Lazy to Write a Real Post

Friday Fragments?
Come on, it’s FRIDAY! Join in with Mrs.4444 and her gang for Friday Fragments. It will only hurt for a minute.

***It has rained so much here that we have mushrooms growing in our back yard. Mushrooms; this is Idaho and where I live is a freaking desert. I keep hoping that they are not poisonous but will maybe make one break out in hives and some slight vomiting; maybe then they neighbors kids will leave my fucking dogs alone.

***Speaking of dogs, the cast fell off the one with the broken leg and oh my good lord in heaven, that.thing.stunk. Not just a mildly offensive odor, but an eye-watering, make-you-want-to-hurl stench. I kept looking for a dead animal under the couch or something (and in my house, that could actually happen), but it was really just her cast.

***Are you all getting excited about the new blog? I know I am. Because, you know, it’s mine and I love it. Kind of like the favorite, always well-behaved and looking sweet kid I never had. I read something somewhere at some point where someone said, “Come on, it’s just a blog,” and that bothered me. Of course it is just a blog, but for me, it is a way to keep working at a mind-numbing desk job without losing my mind.

***If it goes the way it is supposed to, the trial is in 10 days. I am not totally freaked out about it just yet, because there is a part of me that really believes they will postpone it again, but I am more freaked out than I was last week when I wrote almost the exact same thing. It will be good if it does, because this is taking a major toll on all of us.

***I had an opportunity to be an anonymous caller on a new ABC online segment entitled, “Moms Get Real.” They set up a phone call and everything, and I got to hear the show and respond when I was told, and that was fun. What was NOT so fun is 1. realizing after the fact that I sounded like an uneducated hick, and 2. realizing that the people running the show, so to speak, are actually FAMOUS. that’s what I get for not watching TV, because I had no idea who they were until I googled them, and then got all sweaty and nervous. I? Am a dork in the extreme.

***This just added on Friday afternoon. Have any of you seen this blog post about apes being ticklish? And the burning question here is does anyone besides me find it to be a) terribly disturbing and amusing that money was actually spent on studying something like this, b)odd that this can so easily be construed into a Creation Vs Evolution Argument, c) disconcerting that it is rather fun in a slightly not-nice way to go in and make gentle fun at some of these people and last, d) what the hell does any of this matter? We will all be dead soon enough and will find out firsthand; why fight about it now?

okay, time to head to the shower to get ready for work. If you liked these, there are lots better ones out there. Click on the link above and go check out some of the other fragmenters!

15 thoughts on “Friday Fragments-When You Are Too Lazy to Write a Real Post

  1. OMG Kori when my husband's late dog had a cyst removed on her paw before our trip across country, they put a cast on her. We drove across country in what could only be described as the most heinous of conditions. Sleeping in the truck. No showers. Hot and humid southern weather. I will never forget the stench of that dog's leg when her bandages were removed shortly after arriving out east. I can still recollect the head spinning nausea that overtook me and it's still a stench that will make me gag a little even just thinking about it. You poor thing…

  2. Yeah, I hear you on the rain thing. I think it's effecting my mood too. Enough already!Funny about the radio show but I'm sure you are your own worst critic and actually sounded fine. So who were the celebs running it?

  3. I like your blog just fine now, but I will read you anywhere you go. 🙂 I'm too brain-dead to comment on the rest right now. In spite of my upbeat post, I'm feeling really depressed today. It probably has something to do with not eating for like two days because I was so stressed out……

  4. Do you have a link of the interview? I totally want to hear it!It's been raining here, too, believe it or not.

  5. Read this earlier today, and finally have time to come back and comment!Kristin's comment/story is very funny. (Sorry, Kristin, Sorry you :)Yes, I am excited about the new blog digs! I'm also excited that I can finally sleep tonight, knowing for sure that apes are ticklish (It was keeping me up at night.) heehee

  6. I once had a radio station call me and I argued with the woman for like 10 minutes because I thought it was my mom playing a trick on me. It was totally on the air. And I rock.

  7. Wow how exciting to be interviewed! I too always worry about how I look/sound to others. I want to hear it too. Oh man the cast stench. Gross! Mushrooms also gross! Hopefully the rain has moved on.

  8. Why is it surprising to anyone that apes are ticklish? I mean, do people really not notice how much like us apes look? Seriously.

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