Bloggers Block?

I have a new post up here. And I have to say that it was hard to even get that one written. Bloggers block, writers block, whatever you want to call it, I am just having a hard time in general lately. Four or five times I have tried to write a letter to a friend only to get about three lines into it before giving it up as a lost cause. My mind is scattered in ten different directions, and pinning even one thought down seems nigh impossible; I can forget stringing all these thoughts together to create anything resembling a coherent post. So it isn’t Friday, but you may just get fragments today.

I don’t talk about the Octo-Mom simply because I don’t give a shit, but I recently got sucked into an online debate about it. I have my opinion, you see, and expressed it. And then I got a reply where this woman was all like, “You are WRONG. Blah fuckety blah, I am going to use all these big words to prove to you that you are wrong because this woman is the devil and blah fuckety blah….” I had to laugh. It is my opinion; how can my opinion be WRONG? So that was the extent of my involvement in this debate. Meh, whatever. For the record, I don’t think it is my business how many kids anyone has, or even how they got here. If it is okay for the Duggars or Duggans or whatever their name is, or the Jon and Kate whoever, to have as many kids as they want, then it is okay for everyone. Again, my opinion. I just don’t see the point in getting all worked up over stuff that really doesn’t make a bit of difference in the greater scheme of things.

There have been some big changes going on at our house this last week, and I think they are good changes but still, changes. I am working really, really hard at simply letting go of control yet again, trying to overcome a lot of my own personal fears and simply trust, but damn, it is SO hard. Just-really hard to adjust to whole new set of circumstances. Keep me and mine in your thoughts.

Despite having told several different people from the LDS church, more than once, that I do not like people to stop by without calling, we had some people-yep, you guessed it-stop by last night. I have also told everyone that not only are we not active, but don’t plan on becoming active, but that didn’t stop someone from the Relief Society from stopping by the house on Sunday (while I was napping) to drop off some newsletters and stuff. It drives me insane, it really does. The people who stopped by last night are nice enough, I guess, but also clueless. This time I spotted them out the front door so went outside, pointedly NOT inviting them in, but they still showed no signs of getting the “We should go” vibes. Then the woman asked if I got the stupid newsletters and do I want to go to this Progressive Dinner thing and before I could remind myself to be at least polite, I blurted out, “Heavens, no!” I could tell her feelings were a little hurt, but day-um. What is is going to take to get the message across that my house is MY house, and unless you are invited, you need to not come by? Or at least call first? Further, do I have to burn a cross on my lawn in order to make it clear that I am not interested in becoming active? No, I am sure that wouldn’t help, because they would simply increase the effort. It falls on deaf ears when I say that I am not interested. I have said it more than once, and I am sure I will have to say it again and again. It is just frustrating to not be heard, you know?

Bah. Summer school for Hannah started today, which is more of a pain than anything else. I fail to see how a two-week session is going to give her all that she needs in order to get credit; if that is the case, if students can learn everything they need to learn in a trimester in two weeks, then why have school at all? Senseless. Still, in order for her to get some of her credits back, she has to go. She will go to two sessions, and will most likely have to go again next summer, but at least she will be able to graduate.

See, nothing much going on, or rather too much to make sense of. The sun is finally shining this morning, so that is good. My flowers are growing like crazy, which makes me happy, even though the rain and gloom is disconcerting for June. I learned how to make sourdough bread over the weekend, AND my bundt cake came out of the pan just beautifully. So life is good, even if I am feeling a little out of sorts just now.

17 thoughts on “Bloggers Block?

  1. I guess calling the cops and reporting them as trespassers would be a bit much? Is there a way for you to see them without opening the door? I would imagine the more obvious you are in ignoring them the more discouraging it would be.

  2. did you want to call the church and talk to them for you and tell them you aren't interested?Being a concerned friend and member it might help…Let me know

  3. I seriously hate those types that seem to think that your turning them away is really a call for them to try HARDER…WTF, get a clue. WHy can't people just be happy in their faith, and level of involvement, and leave other people alone? I really REALLY hate that. I hope they get the clue soon.A bit gloomy and blocked around here too Kori. Hope the sunshine helps perk your spirits.((hugs))

  4. It's Monday and it's pouring rain and cold here – no sign of summer in sight. I feel your blahs……Maybe you could let the dogs answer the front door next time. Just a thought. 🙂

  5. Kiddos out for the summer, sun, flowers blooming, sourdough bread and bundt cake – I don't think summer gets much better than that! enJOY your day!

  6. You know how I feel about religious people trying to push their agendas on others. Basically I would want to tell them to take their Book of Weirdness and put it where the sun don't shine. Moroni my ass.Cake is good, though. Cake is very good. And sourdough bread? The secret of life.

  7. Sorry about the over zealous zealots. At least you can take some extremely small comfort that they don't wish you ill. But it's still annoying I know. You could always tell them that you've converted to Judaism. Now wouldn't THAT cause tongues to wag in your little burg…

  8. You're actually making me appreciate living in a gated apartment building. It cuts down on the bible-pushers! The sun is not shining here. I'm wearing a sweater and a jacket! But I still love you.

  9. Oh it's so annoying when people don't take a hint. Great to hear an update. Sending good thoughts your way for the trial. Graduating is the most important thing.

  10. Must be something in the air… I'm pretty scattered these days myself.I hide when I see people coming up to the door, seriously!LOVE sourdough bread, BTW ;)!

  11. Trust and fears and change… I find the rough stuff is always tempered by flowers blooming and bundt cake baking and sun shining. It makes life OK

  12. I hate people who wake you up from a nap over something stupid.Here's an idea – convert to Judeaism or something, and start displaying their religious symbols prominently. Heehee. I'm kidding, of course; you can't really change your beliefs just to annoy people. Still, it would be funny. Make a nice big Star of David as a gravel lawn sculpture, and maybe throw in a prominent Virgin Mary statue just to confuse things….. A Buddha or two….. Lol. Then when you answer the door, tell them you're a Jehovah's Witness and that they'll be seeing you on their doorstep soon. :DI'm wishing Hannah lots of luck with her summer school. Whatever works, in the end. I can totally relate to the feeling of having to give up control right now. And it's much harder than I expected.

  13. They're trying to wear you down! Eventually, you will turn blue in the face from telling them "No" so many times, pass out, and while you are unconscious on the floor they are going to pick up up and take you to church and put a hymnal in your hand. It's how they do things.

  14. I see no blockage :)Maybe put a sign on your door that says something like, "I appreciate your efforts to save my soul, but I prefer Hell." JK, of course.

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