Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
Do you all know Mrs.4444? If not, go check her out and join in with the Friday Fragmenters. Lots of fun, you might get a cool little award, and hey; your name will be on a cool blog. What better way to start out a Friday?

***We got a squirrel feeder for Christmas last year, and we have a ton of squirrels where we live. We don’t, however, have a tree from which to hang said feeder. So Steve hung it up on the railing on the front porch. Does anyone else see a potential problem with this arrangement, or is it just me?

***I have decided that MySpace is, in fact, evil. I had to go in and delete Hannah’s profile last night, for reasons better left unsaid on the blog (for fear I will get chastised for my fucked up parenting abilities), and did you know that you can use a fake email address to set up an account? Nice. And I have also found out that no matter how vigilant one is about supervising computer use, kids up to no good will find a way to circumvent that. Like, sneak quietly upstairs at oh-dark-thirty, use the bathroom and NOT flush so as not to notify anyone that you are, in fact, up, then get on the PC and go to town. Thank heavens Steve is a light sleeper; ‘nuff said.

***I have been working with some really great people on the new blog layout (and when I say working with I really mean they have done all the work and I nod my head), and it will be up and running very, very soon. Once it is, I present the questions for my Blogwarming Party; I bet you can’t wait! I am a little (lot) nervous about launching this new space; it’s as if I am publicly declaring that I take this blogging stuff seriously. Yikes.

***Who says blogging doesn’t create real friendships? Yesterday I received a little package in the mail from one of my favorite bloggers in the world, with a lovely handmade card and some homemade soap. It was just what I needed yesterday, and this woman just amazes me. If you don’t know her yet, please go see her; her words will awe you every single day.

***I saw a blackbird/crow/raven (whichever) this morning as I was having my coffee. It swooped down off the power line and in the sunlight looked almost blue, it was so black. They like the rain, these big black birds, because there are so many tasty little morsels popping up everywhere. Sometimes they sit on my fence and eye the rabbit; perhaps the squirrel feeder on the front porch is that bad an idea after all.

For more Friday Fragments, click on the link above and it will take you right to where the good are. Have fun!

19 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. I find it funny that anyone would try to attract squirrels; we are constantly trying to get rid of them. They sneak into our garage to steal bird seed, annoy the poor birds on the feeder, etc. However, we live in a wooded area, so they come with the territory.I use Spectorsoft computer monitoring software, and it is worth every penny, since I have complete piece of mind with it. It shows every site, every keystroke, and takes a screenshot every 5 seconds of whatever the user is doing. (You can watch it in FF, stopping wherever you want.) My kids both know I have it, and I think it's like putting Jiminy Cricket on their shoulders 🙂 Check it out!Starting to think you're just being a tease about the new blog layout…JK! Can't wait to see it!

  2. I'm glad the package got there. Boy, that was FAST! People complain about the US Mail but I think it's awesome.Have a happy weekend, Ms. Kori.

  3. Oh boy….let the games begin. Our kids have their own laptop down in their playroom but they are still too young to know how to get in trouble with it. Plus the parental controls are tight and no way in hell they are getting the administrative password to circumvent them. Happy weekend, chica!

  4. I think a squirrel feeder on the porch is a terrible idea. :(Sorry about the MySpace thing. I agree that they are incredibly irresponsible, to what I feel is an outrageous degree. As in 110% don't-give-a-crap-if-our-website-wrecks-lives-as-long-as-we-get-money irresponsible. There is something I would be glad to see the gov't cracking down on. It holds too much potential for injury.

  5. My brilliant neighbors left the front door cracked open a bit last week and the squirrel that lives in the tree adjacent to the porch strolled right into their apartment!! I gasped and waited. A few seconds later it strolled back out. The following day the neighbors still had their door cracked open, but they had a large can of soup holding the door open. Yeah, that's totally going to prevent a squirrel from strolling into the apartment again.The squirrels at my apartment complex make this horrid noise that sounds like a bird is screaming on the brink of death. It's so lovely, it makes me want to claw my ears off.

  6. Stupid myspace and their lack of decent censorship. I actually changed my email address and now they won't let me CANCEL my account with them – how ridiculous!Ooh – I can hardly wait to see the new layout… and did somebody say 'PARTY'???

  7. I am not looking forward to the days when my boys want to use the computer for something more than Webkinz…

  8. I totally understand the myspace thing. I have the kid's facebook login info so we can check up on her when we want…I got on there last night to check things out for the first time in a long time, and some boy (damn boys!) instant messaged me (thinking I was the kid)with the greeting of "hey little tits". It was all I could do to not blow my cover and kick his butt!!!Frickin' kids.

  9. I can't wait to see your new blog, can't wait. And I'm sure that I will be really jealous. I WANTS A NEW BLOG! But I have neither talent or means to pay someone else to do it. Oh well.I think squirrels are cute.

  10. Myspace is an evil that I never gave into thankfully, but facebook on the other hand.. You should get some entertainment out of the squirrels being on the deck 🙂

  11. I've never heard of a squirrel feeder; we're usually trying to get them out of walls/attics. On the porch, they must be awfully cute!Happy weekend, Kori…

  12. For now, we have one computer, in plain sight, in the tv room, which we all share. Occasionally I bust the boys for looking at "hot" music videos on YouTube. No way can they have a page on MySpace or Facebook, but I know it's just a matter of time…

  13. Totally agree with you about MySpace. Hopefully by the time my kids are old enough to know what it is it will be defunct.Man. Sure wish I got homemade soup in the mail.

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