Enter My Giveaway!

The time has finally come for my new-blog-giveaway (though come to think of it, since this is a blog warming deal, why am I not being bestowed gifts?)!  The items up for grabs are : First Prize: a Seventh Generation reusable grocery bag filled with different sample of environmentally-friendly products.  Also included are full-sized bars of soap from Toms of Maine and De-lux. Second Prize: A Burts Bees overnight beauty bag and a $25 Visa gift card, and Third Prize: an E-Certificate for 50 free photo prints from Snapfish.  In addition, all three winners will receive a CD of my favorite songs.

 So.  Here are my questions…and though I know some of you either don’t want any gifts (Ms.Moon) or are ineligible to play (April), please play along; it will be fun for all of us!

1. What food on the following list would I rather go hungry than ever eat?  Bonus points if you know why.

  1. Liver
  2. Ramen Noodles
  3. Meatloaf
  4. Goose
  5. Sushi

2.  What other blog do I write for?

3. How many times have I been married?  And which marriage was the biggest mistake?

4. I got a soundtrack for my birthday; what movie was it for?

5. I do ___________ to eat, but I __________ to live (or, what do I do to keep me semi-sane while I am performing my job as an…)?

6. Which of the following is on my Top Ten list of Pet Peeves?

  1. People who talk on their cell phones while driving
  2. Misspelled signs (as in advertising or outside stores)
  3. Stupidity/ignorance
  4. The sound of an animal licking itself
  5. Sarah Palin

7. If I had unlimited financial resources, what would be the first thing I would do?

8. Of the following words/phrases I have had attributed to me in the last 6 months, which bothers me the most?

  1. Arrogant
  2. Stubborn
  3. Fucked up
  4. Mommy blogger
  5. Bitch

9. Which blogger would I choose to meet first if given the chance?

10.Do I know how to type?

There you have it, folks.  Please leave your answers in the comment section, and remember, there are no “extra” entries for following, commenting, referring friends, buying that second set of knives.  The person with the most answers correct wins, and the people with the second and third most correct second and third place.


16 thoughts on “Enter My Giveaway!

  1. I was wondering if you might be willing to mention my raffle/fundraiser (or just let me comment about it here so others can read about it).

    I would NOT ask if it wasn’t for a great cause. Plus, there are over 90 donated prizes to win totaling over $3000.00! And who doesn’t like to win??

    It’s really a win-win for everyone. People get to help me meet my fundraising goal AND potentionally win big.

    Saturday was the 6th anniversary of my Dad’s heart transplant. I am more determined than ever to give back in a big way.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE clickover and enter my raffle!! You can truly win TONS OF PRIZES (totaling over $3000.00 – gift cards, Starbucks coffee maker, $600 in camping equipment, gorgeous jewelry and more).

    It’s for a great cause….


    6 years ago my Dad received a new heart.

    This is my way of giving back.

  2. Hey… If people post their answers in the comments, the subsequent commenters can cheat!
    1. Meatloaf
    2. twice, the second
    3. Rocky Mountain Moms Blog
    4. Juno
    5. Insurance (personal lines to be exact. hee hee), write/blog
    6. That’s tough. I’d say ALL since it’s a top 10 list and there are 5 options there. If this isn’t a trick question, and you really are forcing me to choose, I’ll go with the sound of an animal licking itself because I recall you mentioning recently that you kicked the dog off your bed for committing such a heinous act. (I think…)
    7. Quit your job and move
    8. Mommy blogger
    9. April
    10. Yes

    Yeah, I pay attention. 🙂

    I just found out that your replies to my comments from yesterday get routed to the email address that’s associated with my blogger account, which I don’t check regularly.

  3. 1 – You’d never eat meatloaf again. Why? because of the time he dragged you on stage and dropped his pants.

    2 – The other blog you write for is the randy mountain unshaven mamas.

    3 – You’ve been married 11 times. Twice to the same toothless cousin, once to a bag of potatoes, and once to a goat.
    The goat was the biggest mistake, no where near horny enough.

    4 – Showgirls.

    5 – Origami, while you pass your day as an IRS agent. You really should have told people that.

    6 – The sound of Sarah Palin licking herself.

    7 – Buy a bumper pack of Duracell.

    8 – Shouldn’t that read “1 arrogant, stubborn, fucked up, mommy blogger, bitch” ?

    9 – Me & Mrs Moon. We are actually the same person.

    10 – If you do you hide it well.

    Disclaimer: Before you lot crucify me. I love Kori.
    .-= Xbox4NappyRash´s last blog ..Rear view mirrors =-.

  4. I doubt I’ll get more than half of these, but here goes:

    1. Meatloaf, because it’s disgusting. (Does that count? Hehe.)

    2. Rocky Mountain Moms Blog

    3. Twice? And #2.

    4. I have no idea…

    5. Hmm. Your job is insurance agent, and I think you either blog or drink coffee to stay sane. Or both. Lol.

    6. Misspelled signs (as in advertising or outside stores)

    7. Buy a house

    8. Mommy blogger

    9. I should know this…. but I’ve forgotten. 😦

    10. Yes
    .-= FreedomFirst´s last blog ..Never in a million years =-.

  5. 1. Meatloaf
    2. Rocky Mtn. Moms Blog (took me a while to find this one-hint, hint. You might want to add it here somewhere 🙂
    3. 2, the second?
    4. Juno
    5. Work to eat but ??I have no idea
    6. 1-People who drive and talk
    7. Buy a house?
    8. Stubborn?
    9. Mrs.Moon, and ME
    10. Um. Yeah.
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Adventures of the Mountainous Type =-.

  6. 1. Meatloaf
    2. Rocky Mountain Moms
    3. twice; #2
    4. I don’t know this one.
    5. insurance agent; write
    6. Misspelled signs
    7. Partner with April to create a non-profit group to help single moms
    8. Mommy blogger
    9. April
    10. I’m gonna say no.

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  9. 1. Ramen Noodles
    2.Rocky Mt mom’s
    3.twice and the second
    4.um…I know it was a movie I netflixed and didn’t watch so I think its Juno
    5.hmmm i thought of many fill in the blank answers but I think they really are insurance and blog/rant.
    6.people who talk on their cell phones while driving
    7.Write a book
    8.Mommy blogger
    9.Ms. Moon
    10. NO!!!

    If I happen to win just tell me I did and let it go to the next person I’m dandy for the time being. -oh and I took a stupid quiz on facebook about which female celebrity am i most like and the answer was reese witherspoon haha just wanted to make ya go yeck!

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