A Friday Fragments Post on A Tuesday

If it was Friday, this would be a Friday Fragments kind of post, but since it is only Tuesday, this really is something like, oh, “I Can’t think of A Single Thing to Write About But I Have Lots Of Random Thoughts Tuesday.”  It doesn’t have quite the ring of Friday Fragments, but same principle.

***I love the panic button on my car.  Not because I have ever had to use it in a real emergency (I didn’t really lose the car in a parking lot, I swear!), but for this reason alone: the neighbor hoodlums kids for some reason like to congregate in front of my house and lean on the back bumper of the car.  So watch out the window for them and hit the button.  I get a great deal of sadistic pleasure out of the fact that they jump and scatter-even though I have done it several times before. 

***I was laying in bed last night and thought, “Ah, it just doesn’t get any better than this.”  Clean sheets, I was tired, Steve next to me, the house quiet…there are days when that seems pretty close to heaven to me.

***I love working outside. Well, that isn’t technically true, because I am a rather lazy person, but I love this: getting all sweaty and dirty and looking at the finished project and thinking, “Well done.” And then I love being able to get into a cool shower and wash off the sweat and the grime and go to bed tired, feeling like I accomplished something.  I think when I grow up I want to be like Ms. Moon.  I already have the overalls and a funky hat, I am already batshit crazy, now all I need is a little bit of fallow ground and some chickens; THAT would make me happy.

***I dreamed last night of tamales.  Every year this Mexican place has a booth at the Square over the Fourth of July, and every year they make THE best tamales in the world.  The bad thing about it is that there is a very narrow window of time in which to procure them; last year at the parade I ended up eating tamales at 9:30 in the morning because had I waited until lunchtime they would have been gone.  They are that good.

***Today began the 4th of July festivities, and we started the morning off by going over the the Square to partake of the Kiwanis pancake breakfast.  How great is it to have a job where the boss stays in the office to answer the phones while we employees walk over to shove some pork and pancakes down our gullets?  I basically got paid to eat this morning.  Now THAT would possibly be a dream job I could sink my teeth into.

*** Our company finally has health insurance, at my boss’ expense.  Of course, it doesn’t do me any real good; it is a high deductible HSA plan, and I got outvoted because the others wanted this one so as to get a tax write off.  The boss is going to pay the premiums, as well as do some quarterly funding to make up for the lack of prescription drug coverage, but then of course we can contribute as well.  When I went over to sign the paperwork at the bank yesterday, she was like, “And it’s so great, you can deposit up to $4,000 this year!”  I just looked at her blankly, because yes, sure, I CAN, if I had, you know, $4,000 extradollars.  As it is, this particular health plan  really doesn’t benefit me at all, and in fact causes a couple of problems.  My anti-depressant runs on average about $100/month.  We have no prescription drug coverage; I never have, but have instead gotten my prescription free through enrollment in the Patient Assistance Program.  Which, since I now have this HSA coverage, I no longer qualify for.  Yes-one of the many things in life that looks good on paper-HEALTH INSURANCE!-but really isn’t at all useful for me.

On that note, I will stop pissing and moaning and just be grateful for the day.  We shall eat hearty tonight and watch fireworks and people-watch to our hearts’ content, and with luck and a small amount of skill I might be able to surreptitiously take some good pictures for blog fodder.  Believe me, our town is FULL of fodder, but I don’t usually carry my camera with me.  That could all change tonight….

***And oh, I have a new post up over at the Rocky Mountain Moms Blog today, should you choose to check it out.

18 thoughts on “A Friday Fragments Post on A Tuesday

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have the option of electing no coverage. Sigh….still, I guess if I get cancer or something, I will have coverage…although I wouldn’t be able to, say, pay for CHEMO. It is really just a big savings account.

  1. http://jennymacslipsmack.blogspot.com/2009/05/chili-today-hot-tamale.html

    you’re totally welcome. i made them in the crockpot and they’re super cheap to make. one you get to the part about wrapping them up like little foil burritos, just stack them up in the crockpot on LOW for 4 hours. turn it off and take the lid off and let them sit to set for 20 minutes. again… you’re welcome. my toddler ate 4 all by himself and then proceeded to “mmm… mmm… MMM..” himself all the way to bed that night. tamales rock. much like the word “fodder.”

  2. LOVE the panic button idea! That’s hilarious.

    If you like the outside work thing, come on over! It’s July and I haven’t even planted any flowers yet.

  3. So I wonder when the damn hoodlums will just GET A CLUE and stop hanging out leaning on your bumper? I feel so old right now, but all I can think is “So many kids these days have NO RESPECT for ANTYTHING!”

    I LOVE clean sheets – I washed ours this weekend and hung them on the line and OH it would be heaven if only I could sleep in the bed these days…So I brought the top sheet on the couch with me (since W doesn’t use that anyway) and it wasn’t quite the same, but it worked :0)

    I was thinking COOL – health insurance! And funded by your employer no less – that is pretty good in a time when most people are getting employer funded health insurance taken away (Ha- I’m only a TEENY bit bitter about health insurance right now) but that sucks that it actually makes things worse for you…so you are facing the same thing we are now, except it’s because you actually GOT it instead of getting it taken away…now that is F’d up. I hope you get the prescription thing figured out.

    Have a tamale for me! I LOVE the 4th of July, and can’t wait for the parade on Saturday, and a trip to the local little fair for cheese curds, pronto pups, mini doughnuts and Dippin Dots, LOL! I think I will take full advantage of the fact that I am already up 36# from being pregnant and just eat until I want to explode ;0) Oh, and to take L to see the animals and watch the fireworks :0)

    Oh, I almost forgot…I totally want to be like Ms. Moon when I grow up :0)
    .-= Justme´s last blog ..Nightmare =-.

  4. HSA’s suck. That’s what my husband’s job has and why we have to pay $750 a month for our own insurance. Well, for now. We can’t even afford it anymore so we’re going to have to switch to a high deductible plan.

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