Friday Fragments 10 July 2009


Friday Fragments.  Mrs.4444. Saving us all from mental constipation, one Friday at a time.

***I have figured out why, when you make kimchee, it is best to quadruple the recipe: there is so much chopping and dicing and preparation involved that you don’t want to have to do it very often.  We now have a full gallon jar plus a quart jar of it sitting on the microwave, and it is beautiful.  We found the most beautiful Korean red pepper in an Asian market, and I think this will be our best batch yet.

***In addition to a huge workload this week at the office, I have also been trying to figure out the logistics of making it so that we can, in fact, go to Island Park next week.  It has made my brain feel fried, but we might be able to manage it.  I hope.  I really want to go.  Did you know I am a camping freak?

***Last week when Steve and I went to see Public Enemies, there was a woman ahead of us taking her kids to see the new Ice Age movie.  Four kids plus her + snacks for all=$70 dollars, approximately.  She was thin, very sleek and blond, beautiful, and was talking to her kids so nicely and sweetly; I hated her on sight.  Then yesterday I saw her dropping her kids off at the daycare I walk by every morning and heard her say, in a tone of MAJOR exasperation, “XXX, get OUT OF THE car right now or I am going to spank your butt!”  It made me smile and not hate her anymore.  Parenting: The Great Equalizer.

***I saw a sign in the local grocery store this week that said, “XXX: The Stores That Feel Like Home.”  I tell you, my home does not smell like spilled milk and old bread and little old ladies-you know, that faintly moldy, sweet smell?  Oh.  Wait.  Yes it does.

***In a fit of pique a few nights ago, I actually slapped Eli across the face.  It wasn’t like a full swing, didn’t even leave a red mark (why yes, I DO feel like shit about it; thanks so much for asking!), but still.  I have to laugh a little now, though: he is about 10 inches taller than me, and is close to weighing as much as I do; what, exactly, did I think  Iwas going to accomplish?  He told me yesterday that it didn’t hurt at all, it just shocked him-and reminded him that I am, in fact, still his boss.

***Steve cooks.  Which is really quite lovely.  I got home from work last night and he had flank steak marinating and eggs boiling for deviled eggs ( I started to fall in love with him over deviled eggs, actually, and he made them as a  “surprise” for me) and red potatoes already cut up.  He had also helped Sam make a cake for dessert.  I could totally get used to this.

***I have been having night sweats on and off for several months now; not like hot flashes, thankyouverymuch, because I am very rarely EVER too hot.  But I wake up shaking and dripping sweat.  Like, soaked sheets and jammies and pillows and literally dripping.   Steve will often wake up, too, and try to be considerate by pulling the covers OFF of me, which then chills me to where I shiver.  It was a simply minor annoyance, and now is getting to be a regular thing, which is just almost worrisome. Since of courseDr. Google is THE expert, this could be anything; cancer, hyperthyroidism, perimenopause, a bad bacterial infection…or just a side effect of the antidepressant (although since I have been on it forever, why would this suddenly occur after two years?), it is not in my nature to assume the best.  I need to stop Googling things.

For more Friday Fragments fun, head on over to see Mrs.4444.  And while you are there, check out some of the pictures of her mom’s recent birthday party.  Talk about love.  The pictures will make you so happy to look at!


18 thoughts on “Friday Fragments 10 July 2009

  1. Lol, I still pop my kids on the but, and it is never enough to hurt them, but it does get their attention when they think it’s safe to ignore me. As well as a few other, probably not so great parenting techniques,but hey, let them try it out on their own kids, and maybe a few generations from now, somebody will get it right.

    My vote on the night sweats would be peri-menopause combined with the anti-depressants. It’s not very well known that it can start years and years before you get anywhere close to menopause, screws with anything in your system, and having hormonal problems, I’ve dealt with it already for quite some time, and trust me, until you catch yourself wanting to run outside, strip naked, and roll in the snow, you’ll be OK.
    .-= JT´s last blog ..It’s funny how real life interferes with your virtual one =-.


    I love you, Kori. I love your fragment about The Stores That Smell Like Home AND that hilarious intro!

    No idea what kim chee is…

    I’m positive that if I slapped Kyle in the face, he would fall apart, even if it didn’t hurt. All we have to do is scowl at our kids and they feel terrible. Don’t know what we did to earn that, but I love it! I also love that Eli knows that you’re the Alpha 🙂

    Hmmm. Night sweats, huh? Let me know when you figure that one out.
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

    • @Ms. Moon, only 37, which is why it is a little odd to me. And I dont get HOT when I have them, at all. No flushing, no dying of heat, nothing-just buckets of sweat. and I am chilled. Oddness….but I DO feel okay, really, other than tired, but-I am always tired, ha ha.

  3. You could make some kimchee dip with some of the extra kimchee. I think all you do is add cream cheese and serve it with tortilla strips. My brother in law who is from Hawaii loves the stuff.

  4. Lol about googling things. And about the spanking. That is too funny. I still don’t get spending that much on those nasty snacks though. I mean, if I HAD the money, I’d be willing to spend it for something good. But for something that will make me feel bloated and sick and possibly give me cancer in 20 years? HAH!
    .-= FreedomFirst´s last blog ..Early Friday Fragments =-.

  5. Ahhh, a man who cooks and a kid who “gets it” that you are still the boss. That’s great stuff right there! Mrs. 4444 is right – even if it doesn’t hurt them – it still affects them. One of our preachers one time emphasized that if you discipline you children – they’re not going to DIE. They may act like it, but they won’t. Thanks for visiting me!
    .-= ChristyJean´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

  6. YUM!! Thanks for the kimchee recipe. Can’t wait to try it.
    Avoid web medicine at all costs. It’ll just make you crazy and scared talking about all the debilitating and terminal possibilities.
    Can you email me the password?
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..the hills are alive =-.

  7. I have horrid nightsweats, and when I asked my doctor he said it could be any number of things, but was most likely a hormone shift, that it was normal and not to worry about it. So I don’t, and it’s kind of nice. 🙂

  8. The story about Mom cracked me up.

    I also don’t google anymore when it comes to health. I am hypochondriac and have anxiety. So, googling for me can lead to a mess for my hubs. LOL.

    My man also cooks. Ain’t it great? :o)

  9. haha, STOP googling!!

    more than likely you have sleep apnea. go and talk to your doctor…or look up a sleep apnea checklist..I know there’s one online. night sweats…fatigue…depression…all symptoms of sleep apnea. and it has an easy easy fix!

    oh, and to your more recent post…let me know when you figure out how to stop grieving for the mother you wish you had….I need to learn that too!
    .-= mightymom´s last blog ..goals =-.

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