An airplane, JB Weld, and Incontinence

We have four kids, four dogs (because we are watching Jacquie’s while she is on vacation), five cats (because one that Steve brought over had babies, and even though I booted mama out as soon as her babies were weaned, we still haven’t gotten rid of the babies yet), a rabbit, and a bunch of fish.  Some of these animals have GOT to go-so we put Sam on a plane to Seattle yesterday evening. 

He was so excited all day long because they day was finally here.  He didn’t seem at all to care that we fixed his glasses with JB Weld(because perhaps predictably, the frames are not here yet. Gotta hand it to Wal-Mart for being consistently shitty, right?  At least you know what to expect all the time!) so there is a big gray blob by the left corner of his eye, either, which is nice in that he is young enough to just be glad he can SEE.  Anyway, he was so pumped up, being all cool and feeling like The Man carrying his ticket and boarding pass through the airport…and the woman at the ticket booth pulled her strings and allowed ALL of us to go through security with him (me, Steve, Hannah, and Owen) even though the rules say that Hannah couldn’t go through with us), so the security guy said “Either these people really love you or they are all glad to see you go,” and he said, “Oh, both,” very casually….and we waited until all the people were on the plane and the flight attendant came to escort him and he burst into tears.  Too much excitement, and then the sudden realization that a) he was getting on an airplane alone for the first time ever and b) he has never been gone more than one night without at least one sibling with him all kind of hit and he panicked.  Then Owen started crying because his “Yammo” was leaving and well.  We ALL sighed a big sigh of relief when the plane took off and they hadn’t had to stop it for a panicky little boy.  When I talked to him after they landed, he was totally fine; I asked how the flight was and he said, “It was great; I got to sit next to a girl who was really nice even though she was old, and they gave me pretzels and my own root beer, and we walked right past Camille and they had to call her and now we are trying to find her car.”  He is definitely off on a grand adventure; C. emailed me to let me know they are headed up to Mt. Ranier this morning.

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory after dropping him off at the airport, and it was the first time I had ever been.  I had this Bistro shrimp pasta that was by far the best pasta I have ever eaten, and I can’t wait to try to duplicate the recipe at home.  I think I already have the lemon-garlic sauce down from previous attempts, so all I need to do to make it the same is to add some fresh basil; I think.  It was a lot of fun; even Owen enjoyed it.  He kept saying, “Gooooood macaroni!” and it was.

We were listening to the radio on the way to the restaurant and that song by the Ting-Tings came on, That’s Not My Name.  So it is kind of catchy, and Steve and I were both singing; we went past this convertible (actually, they passed us on the freeway and Steve was waving because he was making a reference to a Chevy Chase movie but the people thought he was waving at them, so they were all like, “Huh?” but waved BACK, and then we ended up going off the same freeway exit and ended up next to them at three stoplights) and the back was full of teen-aged girls, so Hannah was mortified and rolled up her window.  Then at the next stop light the mom looked over and said hi, so I said hi back, and we chatted for a minute while HER girls giggled and blushed and pretended like we weren’t there, and as we drove away I heard the , “Moooom, why did you TALK to them?  How embarrassing!” and we both smiled; our jobs were done at that point, having embarrassed teen girls in both cars.  Good times.

Got home at 11:00 last night to find that my Harley couldn’t wait and peed all over the floor.  The hardwood floor (unfinished, so very porous) that I spent a goodly amount of time scrubbing on my hands and kneesyesterday morning.  She was embarrassed, too, poor thing, and in her haste to hobble outside fell down the stairs again.  She looked at me all embarrassed like, “Oh, come on now, we both know this is ridiculous….” and it broke my heart.  I have been giving her an aspirin at night and in the mornings, and also glucosamine.  She doesn’t seem to be hurting more OR less, but is losing weight at a rapid pace.  Poor, poor baby.

So.  It is not Monday, and I have several posts floating around in my head but they aren’t ready to be written yet.  I have a buttload of work waiting for me at the office, I am finally getting the cold that Sam and Steve both had, and it looks like it will be a full week.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


12 thoughts on “An airplane, JB Weld, and Incontinence

  1. Is there anything that doesn’t embarass teen-aged girls? No, there isn’t.

    I’m sorry your week is off to a crap start. I had that same cold last week, and it sure was some shit. Then my bf almost had to get his leg amputated due to an INGROWN HAIR…

    Sigh. I hear you, dear.
    .-= Lady Lemon´s last blog ..Ten Truths =-.

  2. Good Grief! You’re a very busy little lady, ain’t cha!? That was quite fast paced and I laughed more than once, but especially when you made the comment about embarrassing the teenaged girls. My day isn’t complete until I have heard one of them say “Moooooooooom!”
    .-= Krissa´s last blog ..…home again, home again, jiggity-jig. =-.

  3. We’re just on the cusp of constantly embarrassing my oldest. I expect that any minute the mere idea of my existence within a 3 mile radius is gonna make him wanna be swallowed up by the earth.
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..I gotta feelin =-.

  4. Kori, thanks for keeping up with me, I’ve been an errant blog buddy lately for sure. You are the sweetest thing, and I wish you HAD gone to BlogHer, for purely selfish reasons.

    You have a very brave boy there, going on the airplane all by himself. I’m sure the time will fly by and he’ll be back before you know it!
    .-= Karen MEG´s last blog ..Happy to be home =-.

  5. Wow. The thought of sending off my baby would be so hard. Granted he is only 4-months-old but just imagining him older and sending him off. All I can think is wow. But I can’t really imagine him older right now anyway. I feel like he is always going to be a little baby. Sorry to hear about the cold; hopefully that does not linger too long. We have never done The Cheesecake Factory thing either and I think they have been open for a while now. We just have our go-to restaurants in town that we love and just don’t like to mix it up too much. So what is wrong with Harley? Our fat little basset is dropping weight badly too. He just had cancer this winter so we are worried it might be back. He has lost 10 pounds and it is not because of exercise. Oh well I have rambled on long enough. Take care.
    .-= Mr. Shife´s last blog ..Random Acts of Shifeness =-.

    • @Mr. Shife, Well, I am not entirely sure what is wrong with her; she was old and arthritic when we got her, and from the sounds of her she has some heart and/or lung issues. Her arthritis has been terrible so she needs a LOT of help getting up and down the stairs, and now she is becoming incontinent….plus being skinny. Sigh….

      I just have to laugh; I remember with each one of mine wondering how I would EVER have the heart o punish them, because they were so sweet and tender and…then they grow. Believe me, as hard as it was in SOME ways to send Sam on that plane, there is another part breathing just the quietest sigh of relief….

  6. Oh that song is pretty catchy. And seafood pasta is always delicious! Hah I rememberthose days everything embarrassed me. Looks like a pretty eventful weekend.

  7. I quite enjoyed this post. The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite restaurants. If you go back, and you like peanut butter, you need to try Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Cup Ripple Cheesecake. It is to die for. And I recently discovered that it is the highest calorie cheesecake they have. Leave it to me to love that one!

    I’m sorry about Harley. Seeing your pet go downhill is the worst. 😦

    And your first paragraph – LOVED the last sentence. I laughed out loud.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Where has the time gone? =-.

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