A Double-Post Day!

Okay.  Breathing now, the statement finished.  A rough draft anyway, and I will go home tonight and re-read, fix here and there, but for all intents and purposes, done.  I feel both relieved and ill, euphoric and depressed, raging and terribly, terribly sad.  Still, once I hit the send button, it will be out of my hands.

It is out of my hands anyway; I know that.  And of everything, this is maybe the hardest; from day one, this has been out of my hands.  I am the mom!  I have always been able to protect and comfort my kids, have always been able to fix the things that were broken!  Yes-except for those times I can’t. 

I wanted to tell you all thank you.  That I love you, that I love those who keep coming back.  You move me to tears almost every day, from the things you say on your own blogs to the things you say here, and even more for the things you don’t say.

I have changed the password for all my protected posts; I will email those of you who were privy to it prior to today, and for those who haven’t been, you know what to do.  There are reasons for this, but mainly because the new one reflects more accurately my life and those words I need to protect.  If you know you have the PW and I didn’t get you an email out, let me know, please.   I had a list, and then I lost it, and so I tried to remember and…well.  I might have missed a few of you.

Still breathing….and thank you.


13 thoughts on “A Double-Post Day!

  1. Yes. You are the mom. And when Hannah came to you, you did EVERYTHING in your power to make it right for her and protect her. That’s what you did. And that’s what you’re still doing. Because you’re the mom.

    And BTW you kick ass.
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..FEED THEM =-.

  2. Hi Kori,
    I just want you to know that I am so sorry for what has happened. I am getting the drift from some of the things you have said although I do not have your password. I can’t even imagine what you and Hannah going through. I would love to read more if you would let me. Thanks for sharing what you have.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..GNO and more =-.

  3. Thinking of you Kori, this must be such an emotional and difficult time, but hopefully this is one major step forward toward really healing.

    I don’t have the password, and if you’re so inclined to share it, I’d love to read it. But of course, only if you feel comfortable.

    Hugs to you and Hannah and just so you know, your strength amazes me xoxo.
    .-= Karen MEG´s last blog ..I felt pretty, oh so pretty =-.

  4. I hope everything is OK. I feel like I just entered into the middle of something that I am completely oblivious to and have no idea what is going on. But that is pretty much my MO for most days. Anyway hope all is well.
    .-= Mr. Shife´s last blog ..An epic battle =-.

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