Friday Fragments 08/14/09


Welcome to Friday Fragments!  Mrs.4444 came up with this great idea to post all of those little, well, fragments of things that have happened during the week that just don’t have enough ooomph to make it into a post on their own.  After you read mine thoroughly and soak in the inanity of my post, go check out hers.  Really, there are some gems in there that you would be sorry to miss.

***The enormity of Steve being at the meeting with us yesterday is not lost on me.  Even more huge is the fact that he is the one who set up the meeting, as he knows Mr. K personally.  He talked to him first as well and filled him in on most of what has been going on, so we didn’t have to spend that hour talking about what led us to the Alternative School.  I am still sorting through my various feelings about all of this, because it is new.  Very new.

***Speaking of the alternative school, Ms. Moon made a comment yesterday about the diversity of the kids at the school two of her kids went to-and alternative school, with basically the people who don’t “fit in” at the regular school.  Unfortunately, the only people who really go to this one are the kids who are in trouble of some sort.  Mostly in trouble with the law, but also in other ways (like Hannah) as well.  They have an on-site daycare for young moms, for example, and security cameras in every classroom that are reviewed by Mr. K and Law Enforcement weekly.  I wish we HAD some real diversity here; the kids saw a lesbian couple and a flamboyant cross-dresser in the airport, and I thought Sam’s eyes were going to explode; not because he thinks it is bad, but simply because anyone here who embodies anything different learns to hide it well around here, so he had never SEEN anyone like that.  Isn’t that horrible that in this day and age, people still have to live a lie in towns like this?

***Eli has been gone for a month, and we get to go pick him up on Sunday.  I have missed him, and can’t wait to see him.  However, last time he went away for any length of time, he grew four inches and filled out a little and came back with a beard; I shudder to think how much he has changed in the last month.  15 year old boys change much more rapidly and MUCH more noticeably than 15 year old girls, I think.

***And speaking of Eli, Owen is also impatient to get him home.  He also has no real concept of time yet.  So I told him, “Four more days!” and he was all like, “okay, I am going to go get my shirt on!”  There have been tears every night because it isn’t time to go get him yet.

***The neighborhood boys, including Sam, have become little entrepreneurs, picking peaches off the neighbors tree (I HOPE with permission!) and selling them on the street corner.  Surprisingly, they have earned about $10 between them so far.  One woman had to come back and exchange one peach for another because she found one in her back that already had a bite taken out of it; guess whose kid did that?

***I have GOT to stop seeing/reading posts about babies and childbirth and new babies and breastfeeding….because it makes my ovaries hurt.  I am done; Steve has made it clear that he does not want anymore, and since I already have four, of course it would be selfish of me to throw him down and get his sperm one way or another  insist on having another, plus there are lots of other reasons to not have more…but my god, the cuteness!  The joy!  Sigh….

***I am getting really, really tired of people referring to rape as “inappropriate sexual conduct.”  Come ON; rape is rape, and to call it something else, ESPECIALLY something as seemingly innocuous as “inappropriate sexual conduct” somehow diminishes what a horrible transgression it truly is.  Sheesh…when are we going to stop sugar-coating everything?

There you have it, snippets of things that have been rattling around my head this week.  Now go forth and conquer some of the other people on Mrs. 4444’s link list; you never know what you might find!


27 thoughts on “Friday Fragments 08/14/09

  1. I’d threaten to thro John down to get his sperm but since I don;t have a uterus, it would be fruitless. Plus, I don’t want any more kids. I just want a baby head to sniff whenever the mood strikes me!!


    • @Ms. Moon, I wish we had something more like yours was…but I am not going to complain much.

      Ha, chickens…to go along with my rabbit and three dogs and two cats and the four kids I already have…I think I just need to save up my money to get my freaking tubes tied! Really. I am sick of myself.

  2. I like the selling peaches idea – how cool! I would SO buy some if they wanted to sell me some. We had a huge peach tree at our old house and I loved making peach cobbler. I miss that tree so much!

    I agree on the sugar coating things. Call it what it really is – so frustrating!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you have a chance, please check out my Friday Fragments!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Friday’s Freewrite and Friday Fragments =-.

  3. omgosh those boys sound just like my son…he would paint rocks then sell them as ‘pet rocks’ lol

    I have been compssing an email for Hannah and have started over 3 times…would you mind emailing me…I do not know the back story but think i have a general idea…
    .-= georgie´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

  4. Aw, selling peaches- that’s so cute! I bet they’d have fun trying to plant a peach pit for next year.

    I only have an 11 month old and my ovaries hurt. Stupid biological impulses.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Chaos =-.

  5. Poor Owen misses his brother! I’m sure the whole family will be so happy to have him home again!

    I worked as a social worker for a time right after college. The kids on my case load all had some type of mental disability whether it was ADHD, ODD, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc. A couple of the kids went to Alternative schools and it was such a blessing in disguise for them. The sad thing is that the stigma that comes with Alternative schools if only people knew how kids excel and succeed in that type of environment. I hope Hannah adjusts well and takes advantage of the opportunity to have small classrooms and one on one attention.

    It’s very sad that society would even considering downplaying something as serious as rape. What is wrong with people?!

    I loved reading your fragments! Sorry for the long comment…I got a little carried away! haha!
    .-= Mrs. Ski´s last blog ..Friday Fragments! =-.

    • @Mrs. Ski, Oh, I love long comments, so no worries there! They actually make me feel better about obsessively checking my blog for comments. 🙂

      thanks for the kind thoughts for Hannah and school.

  6. How cool! When I see new babies I get the baby bug as well but realistically that just wouldn’t happen. I’ll wait for my sister to have a couple and live vicariously through her.

    I wish I would’ve had fruit growing around my house when I was growing up. What a great idea!

  7. Us women are so funny around babies. I am going 30, and I am still not ready for children. However, I too tell hubs that my ovaries are throbbing when I see babies. He says, “Oh Lord.” Haha.

    A lot of women I know have a hard time saying the word rape, even when it’s happened to them. Most of them, I find, say sexually assaulted. Just something to think about. The victums themselves sometimes can’t even say or hear the word.

    Happy FF! Mine is up too. :o)

    • @Sara Bonds, I understand that, I truly do, but what I am referencing are stories in the paper about rape. Yes, it is an ugly word, but innapropriate sexual conduct implies that the act is somehow far less serious than it truly is.

      One of the things that has been impressed upon my daughter by every “authority” involved is that to call it “innaproprate touching” diminishes what happened to her. Which just makes it that much harder in her mind to come to terms with having been violated as well as gives it less weight in the public eye. Rape victims were, in fact, raped; why pretend that it wasn’t like that?

      This is just my opinion; we don’t use words like “private parts” at our house, either, ha ha ha.

  8. Love the peach sales idea! And that whole time thing with Owen wanting to pick up Eli is so sweet. I have to be really careful not to let Esme know what we have planned for the next day, etc. because she always wants to do it right away and creates a scene if she can’t…

    I’d really like a 2nd kiddie right now – but I don’t think it’ll happen here, either.
    .-= Mozi Esmes Mommy´s last blog ..Fashion Friday =-.

  9. I have a peeve about people using the word “rape” generically, as in “He raped the ball from me!” (during recess) Seriously-I come close to slapping people who do that.

    Babies…ah…babies. So sweet. I look forward to being a grandma (in about 10 years, of course.)

    I’m so glad Steve is supporting you with Hannah. And yes, alternative schools are bittersweet that way–the odds are not for meeting “Mr. Wonderful” there, but there are some terrific kids who just don’t fit the mold of typical classrooms.

    Don’t forget to take pics of the reunion between Owen and Eli! 🙂
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Friday Fragments/Friday’s Freewrite =-.

  10. Hey you!

    I just got finished making some diamond encrusted crab stuffed pancake bacon wrapped puffs and thought I’d come by, lol 😉

    I’ve missed you lady, thanks for coming by yesterday. I have some friends that actually did really well – academically and socially – at our alternative schools. It’s the reputation they have to the normal high schools kids that is really sad, but what can you expect from teenagers I guess. It is sad to know there are still so many towns that people have to hide their true colours – here in Vancouver and areas there is nothing like that and I’m glad the girls are growing up seeing that it’s okay to be whomever or whatever they want to be.

    Selling peaches! Too cute.

    Inappropriate sexual contact is bullshit. Shame on anyone who downplays rape.
    .-= Huckdoll´s last blog ..Friday Fragments: The Early Edition =-.

  11. Don’t even get me STARTED on people who refuse to acknowledge the word rape.

    If I was raped and can USE the word rape, then SO CAN YOU. UGH.

    Moving on..

    The peach thing is ADORABLE. I love that. I’m so crossing my fingers for Hannah, and hoping this school thing works out for her. She deserves a break.

    And the baby thing? OMGAH my ovaries are aching with want. But I need to wait at least 3 more years before we start having a family. *crosses fingers* I hope I can wait that long!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Babe, I love you =-.

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