A Wal-Mart Rant and School Starting

You all remember how much I hate Wal-Mart, right?  Well, the saga of Sam’s glasses continues…we ordered them three weeks ago, and blah blah blah, discontinued so we have to order them from another location, why don’t you get a new set of frames instead….so I called them again this morning to find out if they had gotten there yet, and the woman with whom I spoke said, “No, they aren’t here, and we don’t even know if they ARE coming…so we just have to wait.”  I said, “No, we don’t have to just sit and wait, I was  told three weeks ago that it would take two weeks and now you are telling me you don’t even know if they are coming?”  She was, predictably, snotty about it, and said, “Well why don’t you just buy him a different set of frames?  You will have to pay for the frames, but we can offer to grind the lenses to fit them at no coast.”  Um, no.  “Why would I buy a new set of frames when the ones we have are less than a year old AND are still under warranty?(sound familiar?)”  “Well, that is the only way he is going to get them fixed.”  I finally asked to speak to the manager, and the girl was really bitchy in saying, “I just don’t think that should be necessary.”  Clearly she has no idea with whom she is dealing; I insisted that it was, in fact, necessary, so she put me on hold for almost 10 minutes (was she thinking I was going to just give up?) before getting the manager.

Long story short, not only are the frames actually there, but they have been there since SATURDAY.  I shouldn’t be surprised, yet I am.  The manager was very nice, and I felt like she listened to me and commiserated, so I felt slightly better.  I went through with her the problems we had getting his glasses in the first place, then detailed when I ordered the new frames and the fact that every time I have called or gone in, the story has been different, and how frustrated it has been for me.  I also told her that the woman with whom I spoke today was very quick to throw her co-worker under the bus in order to escape taking responsibility (“Oh, I don’t remember talking to you at all,” she said, when there are only TWO Hispanic girls who work there, she being one of them.  And for the record, I have talked to both of them, more than once!), and that I would be a lot more understanding had she just admitted to having dropped the ball and saying, “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I forgot to put the order in, and just now I didn’t even go into the back to check to see if they were here.”  Whether or not she was just giving me the party line, I don’t know.  Maybe.  BUT: the frames are here, we can go get the lenses put in tonight, and Sam will no longer be walking around with JB Weld on the stem.  ALSO, the manager offered me a $25 Wal-Mart Gift card as well, which hey, I can sure use.  Granted, I hate Wal-Mart and don’t like to spend my money there, but I do have school supplies to buy, so you can bet I will use it. 

Speaking of school supplies, mine will be starting school on Monday, and now that Hannah is going to the Alternative school, I will once again have three different kids in three different schools.  Plus, of course, having to take Owen to daycare as well.  I dread having to get everyone back into the school routine, myself included.  Since I have to make three different stops, we have to leave no later than 7:15, which means I am going to have to start getting up earlier as well.  It will be fine once we all get used to it, of course, but I anticipate the first week or so being rough.  I will also have to try to get the Little Boys in bed earlier, which just isn’t going to be any fun at all.  Especially in Owen’s case, as he has become a little bit of a demon about bedtime lately. 

Still, I like this time of year; I like the weather, I love the smell of new school supplies, I really quite enjoy the feeling of possibility that comes along with the beginning of a new year.  This is my New Year, really, the beginning of school.  When I was a child, it really was; I looked forward to this time of year even more than I did Christmas, and ever since then, this is the time of year when I take stock of things, how my life has changed and what I want it to look like through the coming year, where I examine how far I have come and pinpoint areas for improvement.  Just like New Year’s, only without the pressure.

I have several different things I want to write about, too, along the above lines, and a couple of posts percolating about different issues, and it just feels really nice to be able to feel this sense of what the future might hold for all of us this year.


11 thoughts on “A Wal-Mart Rant and School Starting

  1. I love the onset of fall as well. Unfortunately it’s not quite here yet in California. The evenings have been cool, but it was pretty hot this weekend.

    WOW! about the Wal-Mart story. WTF?! I hope those girls get fired. That is so ridiculous. I’m glad the manager listened to you. And super glad for Sam getting his new glasses!

  2. Stupid Wal Mart, at least he’s finally getting his glasses.

    I love fall too- football, cool weather, it’s my favorite time of year. But I’m down south so it’s going to be hot for a while yet.

    I hope you enjoy taking stock and looking at what the year will bring. And I hope it brings only good things.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Best Day Ever =-.

  3. I dread the school routine and I hate fall too…just because I know what’s coming afterward.

    I have had great service at Walmart, so I’m sorry to hear that yours was so bad. That stinks! I bought a huge fried chicken order from them for a party and the chicken was horrible. I went back the next day, with NO receipt (I paid cash) and ONE piece of that nasty chicken wrapped in aluminum foil. They gave me my money back on the spot. Cash. Again, no receipt. I was amazed. The least they can do for you is a $25 gift card!

    • @Momo Fali, And lo and behold, the gift card didn’t work. Really, at our wal-mart, good customer service is NOT the norm, but I think it is because they ar such a horrible company to work for; everyone just hates their job. 🙂

  4. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Living in Texas, it comes later than most places, but I agree with the excitement that a new school year brings. I’m excited too =)I’ve been waiting for fall to get here all summer!

    I hate when people drop the ball on their job and then act so put out when you are pissed. I’m glad the manager listened to you and I hope those girls got in trouble somehow, or at least a good talking to.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Password Protected Post =-.

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