A Hiatus of Sorts

I am not going to be around for a little while, just so you all know.  In writing, publishing, and subsequently deleting the post I had up this morning, I realized that it is all pretty much pointless to keep going over and over and over the same things all of the time.  Yes, I have a good life-thank you to those who pointed that out to me; I have never claimed otherwise, and I won’t now.  Having a good life does not preclude things being shitty sometimes, however, and this is one of those times. Having 25% of your checks taken even when you thought you have gotten them ALL taken care of?  That’s a big deal, by the way, a very big deal.  $390.00 less a month, PRE-taxes, is a big deal.  Please forgive me not for being upset about it, but blogging about it.  Please forgive me for feeling stuck.  We all go through it-maybe I am just more vocal about it than most.  And honestly, the only reason I even SAID anything about that is because this is almost exactly where I was last year; I was expressing my very personal feelings about the unending sameness of my life.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Anyway, due to the BlogHer ads contract, I can’t be gone for long.  A few days, anyway.  You know how to contact me should the need arise.


18 thoughts on “A Hiatus of Sorts

  1. You shouldn’t have to apologize for what you write. And don’t ask forgiveness for being stuck. Yes, we all do go through it, and I’ve written about it. I’m sorry people are being critical.


  2. I am sorry that you feel like you have to apologize for feeling the way you feel. I don’t care how good we have things sometimes and how “it could be worse”, it is still real and hard to those of us that feel it. You can bitch about what ever you want any time you want on YOUR BLOG. For those that don’t get it or don’t like it. DON”T READ IT!!!
    From what I have seen so far, you are a good women trying to get your family and yourself through life. It really is flipping hard sometimes and I know very well with my personal situation, that when you just cant get ahead and things keep happening it gets to you. I get you and hope that you don’t go away for too long. You will be missed.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..Eww, did you see that train wreck? =-.


  3. Yeah you really shouldn’t have to expalin yourself. Sure it’s all same shit different day but it’s that same shit that really gets annoying and old and I don’t even get 25% taken out of my money.

    Take care and we’ll see you when you get back.
    .-= Shiona´s last blog ..Quick Update =-.


  4. $390/month is a massive big deal. A deal where payments would not be made or groceries would not be bought (in this household at least). I have no idea what happened in the last post but I hope you’re okay and keeping your chin up. Taking a step back from internet world is a good idea sometimes – I’ve done it many times myself and have comeback fresh. Nonetheless, it’s your blog ~ your space. Say whatever you want, whenever you want, missy – i wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I’ve missed you. So come back soon 🙂
    .-= Huckdoll´s last blog ..exhaustion. it’s what’s for dinner. =-.


  5. I so understand. I barely blog (blogher will be sending me a “friendly” reminder soon) due to, oh, I don’t know . . . life, maybe? More like newborn baby who LOVES to be held and a toddler who DEMANDS my full attention. But, who the heck am I to complain? And reading blogs . . . can’t even go there.

    And here’s the deal . . . this is YOUR space. We are visitors. You do with it what you like, when you like and you know we won’t go anywhere.

    Take care, you . . .


  6. Don’t you dare apologize! It is good to complain. People say that complaining does not change things, but somehow I believe that it does. When my bosses don’t like something, trust me, they let all of creation know. Then, they get what they want. Me, I bite the pillow and scream only to get s**ted on. I rarely get what I desire or need. There is nothing noble about not complaining.

    My life just seems to be a endless wave of satifying the needs of others, only to be left wanting for myself, without anyone to help me. Sorry, did not mean to make this about me. This is Kori’s Rant, not Claudia’s! LOL

    If you can, get your money back. Hey that’s nearly 400 bucks! WTH? Do not tolerate it if you do not have too. But I suspect that you have no choice in the matter. ;-(
    .-= Claudia´s last blog ..Workload =-.


  7. Hang in there. It sucks that your money is being taken for a debt you didn’t create! Not fair and more than worth complaining about. Rant all you want, that is what the blog is for.

    It someone doesn’t like it they can go read another blog. Great thing about reading, you can stop when you want to unlike listening where it is harder to stop without being rude. This way no one will ever know they didn’t read the post!!!!


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