Please Help Find This Girl!

And all of this other life stuff pales in comparison….



See that sweet and beautiful little girl?  Gone.  Her non-custodial father kidnapped her,  and her mom asked me to post about it today in hopes that someone might be able to help locate her, give her advice, help her find a lawyer who will help, whatever.  Please.  Take a minute or ten and go over to the website Jesz has up and read the information she has there.  Read her story and take a long look at those pictures.  The site is called Find Chy.

I know this woman; she is someone I call a friend.  And having been in a position before where my ex-husband has made kidnap threats and threatened to harm Sam and hearing the same story, that it is a civil matter and not a criminal matter, I know that because she was trying to help her daughters maintain a relationship with their father, she is being punished in the worst possible way.   Her daughters are, too, by being ripped from each other and Chy from her mom and everything she calls home.

 I want to tell her, Jesz, this is not your fault.  It doesn’t matter what the courts or the cops or whomever, you did not cause this to happen.  You were doing what you thought was best for your girls by making sure they could have that relationship with their dad, and he is the one who has done this horrible thing.  I know it doesn’t help get through any of this, but this?  is not.your.fault.

If any of you feel the desire to help, please post her site on your own blogs.  Pray for them all, that her mom and step-dad will be given strength as they go through this horrible time.  Pray that Chy will be safe, that she will hold in her heart a picture of her mama in her heart and be immune to the various lies her dad might be telling her.  If you have any advice for Jesz, if you are a secret family law attorney under your blogging veil and know some strategies that the rest of us don’t, let her know.  Above all, keep them close in your thoughts and your hearts and know that this is a family in crisis.  None of the bullshit, none of the dramatics, just a mom who doesn’t know where one of her babies is.  Help Find Chy.


12 thoughts on “Please Help Find This Girl!

  1. You might suggest she gets this info to the schools in the ares she things they might be. Right now students are signing up for fall and if the secretary had a picture it might help.

    Also, other kid type things. Sports groups, Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls clubs etc.

    Maybe hospitals, doctor offices, dentists might also spot her. Kids get sick and she might need care at some point.

    They just might get lucky! You never now.


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