I hate cell phones and chy is still missing

Many of you know that I don’t own a cell phone; what you may NOT know is that I hate them.  I hate the fact that they make one easily accessible at any time, day or night, because for some reason people seem to have a hard time finding the “off” button on them.  Really.  Having dinner in a restaraunt?  Let me show you how little consideration I have for you or anyone else in the restaraunt by answering this phone and carrying on a conversation while everyone around me is trying to enjoy a night out.  Now,  I am not saying they are never useful tools, but the things that drive me crazy are how they are used to inflate the ego and take the place of EVER having to have actual interaction with another human being and how what you have to say is so almighty important that you just have to answer this call while driving 85 MPH while also having a small snack.  Or yak yak yak while you are supposed to be writing out the check for your groceries (you know, the check which you should have already had mostly filled out before you ever GOT to the cashier), which holds everyone up.

I don’t like cell phones in general but I am more annoyed than usual because for the first time in a long time, we were not only in bed by 10:00 last night but also ASLEEP by not much after.  The kind of lovely, deep sleep that when you begin to feel it stealing over you is just damn near orgasmic.  The kind where you just know you are going to wake up with big old eye boogers and drool on the pillow, and you look forward to it.  And then at 10:40, some friend of Steve’s decided it was a reasonable time to start texting. I heard the LOUD ring signifying an incoming text and I bolted straight up out of bed and smacked Steve awake because if you don’t answer it, it keeps ringing periodically until you actually do something about it.  And it wasn’t a text saying “I ran out of gas and broke my leg so I can’t actually get out of the car and walk to the gas station and you are the only person I could think of who might actually be persuaded to come out and get me.”  No, no,  it was a dirty joke.  And not even one so funny that you were dying to tell someone so had to while it was fresh in your mind because you are an idiot and won’t remember the punchline in the morning so you have to say it right this minute and share the deliciousness.  It was a stupid, lame-ass, crude dirty joke.

And then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  I have a deep love/hate relationship with sleep, because it is such a dicey thing for me.  I love to sleep, love the feeling of falling into bed and letting my bones kind of sink into the mattress, but like I said, it’s dicey.  Probably better than half the time, it takes me a really long time to fall asleep, and God help me if I have to wake up because then it is nearly impossible to get BACK to sleep.  Last night was like that, and really, my mind in the middle of the night is just not a safe place to be.  Really.

About the cell phone thing, though, one of the things I like about Hannah’s school is that not only are cell phones not allowed in the classroom, they are prohibited from being on the property at all.  They have a phone in the office which is available if students need to call their parents, and they say that no one else is important enough to need called in the middle of a school day.  Phones can be left in cars, but if a student has to go out to their car for something, they have to be escorted to said vehicle with a teacher AND they can’t make a phone call or text.  If a student is caught with a cell phone, it is confiscated and also looked through, including any text messages.  There was a cop at the school yesterday who was talking about sexting, and he reminded the kids that it is a crime in Idaho to be caught sexting-whether the message is a verbal one OR a visual one. 

I don’t know how I feel about the whole criminal aspect of it, but he also reminded the kids that they are worth so much more than to cheapen themselves by engaging in such demeaning behavior, and that is what I like.  I am pretty liberal, most of you know, and while I don’t like the whole sexting thing at all and think it is, well, just kind of silly, I am not going to get all up-in-arms about adults doing it.  I mean, I don’t like porn at all as a general rule, for myself, but I really don’t care about what you do in the privacy of your own home.  Consenting adults and all that.  But it bothers me a lot that kids think that sending naked or suggestive pictures via their phones or think if it as foreplay is both normal and okay.  With this kind of cavalier and thoughtless attitude toward sex, it’s no wonder we need a daycare at the school, you know?

I kind of went off there; perhaps it is the lack of sleep this morning making me sound like a crotchety old woman.  Next thing you know I will be gumming peanuts to death while grumbling, “You think this is music?  This isn’t music…now back in my day.” 

Yeah.  Shaking my head at myself again.

***As most of you know, my friend Jesz’ daughter is missing.  She has posted an update on this site if you want to take a minute and go over to offer support for her.  We love you, Jesz!***


17 thoughts on “I hate cell phones and chy is still missing

  1. I admit, I ❤ my cell phone. But I'll be honest and tell you that I hate it too. I don't enjoy being so accessible. Especially when you call me in the middle of the night and you don't want anything.

    Do me a favor? If you call me at home and I don't answer, unless something is on fire or someone is bleeding…assume I'm busy and that I'll catch up to you when I'm done.
    .-= Lynette´s last blog ..WTF Wednesdays =-.


  2. I don’t get the whole sexting thing, so dumb. Even worse for these kids is that many state will prosecute as child pornographers and if convicted they have to register as sex offender… just for sending pix of themselves to boy/girlfriends.

    The only reason I have a cell is to keep in contact with my peeps. I could care less otherwise. I’m always forgetting to turn mine on.
    .-= Tara R.´s last blog ..Support Hours and Updates =-.


  3. I love your daughters school policy on cell phones! We have a rule that they must be in lockers and turned off, but that has yet to be strictly enforced. And I agree about cell phones over all, but my biggest gripe would have to be texting. Why does someone have the time to type out a poorly spelled message using tiny little keys they can barely see, but they don’t have the 30 seconds it would take to call me and just spit it out.
    .-= jennie´s last blog ..Who Do I Thank For This? =-.


  4. Love my cell phone, but I don’t answer in restaurants, or in lines, don’t take it anywhere near the bedroom and don’t text (never have). I would say that I am too old for that but I got an incoming text the other day from my 65 year old mother.


  5. I like to call cellphones “self-owns”.

    Because really? These days, all a self-own is is an extension of ones dick. If they weren’t then there would be no such thing as ‘contracts’ and ‘family plans’ and all the rest of the lame jargon out there that the cell companies make them buy into.

    Personally? You should be able to get away with the old school ‘minutes’ card. Remember those? Emergencies only – put your damn phone away in your purse or pocket and use it to check up on the babysitter or when you’re broken down at the side of the street.

    This whole iPhone – there’s an app for that! Lame. I couldn’t be friends with a person who’s life was wrapped up in something like that.

    I DON’T own a cellphone, blackberry, whatever. And I’m damn proud of it. You wouldn’t catch me texting or Facebooking or Twittering from a phone – god, the concept alone is mind boggling to me. When I go out – away from my laptop – that time to step away from the onlines, you know? Breathe, walk, disconnect.

    My man on the other hand has a Blackberry for work – email only – so his boss can get in touch with him, so can I. When he gets home, it gets plugged in and is gone for the night.

    It’s the way it should be.


  6. I’m so sorry about your friend’s daughter; I would lose my mind.

    Wow. That’s a very aggressive cellphone policy! I’ll be 90% of students at my kids’ school carry cellphones at school; they don’t even require a signed permission slip anymore. It doesn’t seem to be a problem, though. I love that the kids have cellphones, because they often text me, just to say hi or to set up plans/rides, etc.
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..It Only Takes a Second =-.


    • @Mrs4444, There is no strict policy in the regular high school, only the alternative one where Hannah is going. Better than half (closer to 80%, if I recall correctly) and going to that school because they are on probation for drug/gang/violence, so they are really strict all the way around.


  7. I hate cell phones too, but what I hate most is how everyone feels entitled to know where you are and be able to reach you 24/7. Sometimes I just want to drive around and be alone, dammit.

    Keeping Chy in my thoughts. I can’t imagine.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Bad =-.


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