Swine Flu, Lice, and Coffee

Okay, I am just going to throw a couple of things out there and see where they land.  Am I the only one who is totally unconcerned about the damn Swine Flu?  I keep reading all of these different articles about it, I listen to the hype and the hysteria, and really, it just isn’t getting to me.  I don’t believe in anti-bacterial soap and I won’t be sending sanitizer to school with the kids and I most certainly am not going to walk around feeling terrified over something that is really no more deadly to the general population than any other strain of flu.  I DO have one child with severe asthma so if there is a vaccine we will all get it (we all have to get a flu shot every year, in fact), but beyond that, I don’t imagine I am going to be too worried. 

 I believe that part of the reason people get so much sicker now than they used to is because of our nation’s paranoia about germs.  Anti-bacterial soap and toilet cleaner and Lysol disinfectant spray and those handy-dandy little bottles with the sanitizer in them and we have no way to build up any kind of immunity.  The only time I use any extra precautions is when we have the stomach flu, and basically I don’t do anything different other than wash blankets/sheets/etc  in the hottest water possible AND soak the toilet in bleach.  Oh, and I like the hand sanitizer thingies in the porta-potties, even though I would rather not USE the porta-potties at all (and please know that I know there are issues sometimes where it HAS to be a concern for households due to existing illnesses; I am not talking about those people, just the general public).

The biggest problem I am worried about in terms of an epidemic (so to speak, and yes, I know the proper word being bandied about is pandemic) in school is lice.  Every year it is a huge deal, not just at the elementary level but clear on up into high school.  My theory is that it is so expensive to treat (three years ago all three of the older kids got lice, and it was close to $200 to treat them twice like you are supposed to AND to take every item of bedding/clothing/etc…to the laundromat) that parents only do it once, and then don’t follow up with the second treatment.  I was preggo with Owen when the kids got it, and the OB guy said “just be careful treating them because you cannot use the stuff on yourself!”  I never got the lice, but I felt like I did, so dumped an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol on my head.  It burned like hell and I thought I was going to suffocate, but at least it got rid of the feeling that there were little tiny bugs in my hair.

And let me throw this out there, too.  Why would any parent put their small child in a pair of shorts with words on the ass?  I saw some little-girl shorts last time I was at Wal-Mart (which you all know I think is evil anyway) that said something like “Cutie” on the back of them, and I wanted to scream; in my opinion, when you put your child in clothes like that, you might as well be a walking billboard for pedophiles.  I also don’t like t-shirts with “cute” little slogans like, “Teenage Hottie” or shit like that.  We all know that there are a lot of people who already think that about our daughters; why would we want to draw even more attention to that?

I don’t know; I am in an odd mood today.  Not a bad one, just an odd one.  I keep having dreams about blog people, which is really, really strange, and last night my gay boyfriend (I didn’t KNOW he was gay, all right?  It puzzled me as to why he never was interested in doing anything more than kissing, but whatever) made an appearance as well.  Along with a group of people dropping of a car-load of Christmas presents at the neighbors house and several small animals.  Make of it what you will.

And by the way, the coffee this morning?   Was ambrosia.


37 thoughts on “Swine Flu, Lice, and Coffee

  1. Ok, I totally had to look up “ambrosia” because the only context I’ve heard it used is as in ambrosia fruit salad. LOL.

    And AMEN about the germ phobia. Those anti-bacterial soaps and gels are only breeding super bacteria! Heard of MRSA? Yeah, likely medication resistant because of all the anti-bacterial shit out there. My friends always offer it to me, but I REFUSE! (unless, of course I’m using a porta-potty.)

    And I also despise any apparel with stupid phrases on it.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..I’m a pimp =-.

    • @Julie, I secretly (well, not anymore) don’t even like t-shirts with slogans or pictures on them for girls/women. Men have a hard enough time looking past the boobs already, why give them something extra to read while they are ogling? Or maybe that’s just me…

  2. I’m so totally with you on the germophobia. There are a couple of people in the office that are huge germophobes, and frankly, they get sick more than anyone else!
    I think this is something we also know from (gasp) having our kids in child care. Kids who go to child care have stronger immune systems, and miss less school when they’re of age than those who did not.
    And I love you.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Seeking safety in a dangerous world =-.

  3. I agree about the swine flu and about our bodies not being able to build up immunities due to all the anti-bacterial crap out there!

    As for lice, I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t do everything recommended to get rid of the lice completely. I do know that anytime I was in a school when I was a case manager and they even spoke of a student having lice I immediately got a case of the itchies!

    I also agree about cutesy sayings on children’s clothing. Is that really necessary?!
    .-= Mrs. Ski´s last blog ..Friday Fragments! =-.

  4. Swine flu, schmine flu… that’s what I say. I’m completely unconcerned. All anyone needs to do is wash their hands occasionally and that’s far more protection than the vaccine.

    Yeah… hootchie words across elementary school butts kinda makes me want to throw up. I think it’s even gross across butts of legal age. Some might call me prudish…
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..Sundays in My City =-.

  5. My first boyfriend was gay! I’ll have to write about him someday, lol.

    I’m totally with you on the anibaterial stuff. It’s been drilled into my head by my doctor dad since I was little- antibiotics are going to create antibiotic resistant strains that will kill us all.

    And with that, happy hump day!
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Single Mom Books =-.

    • @Cat, and how long did it take you to figure it out? Me, I didn’t REALLY figure it out until after we parted ways (very amicably) and I found out my hairdresser was doing more than cutting his hair! 🙂

      • @kori, He was my high school boyfriend. One kiss in a 6 month relationship probably should’ve tipped me off, but he’d had brain cancer when he was a kid so I just thought his hormones were screwy. He came out when we were in college, which was when I found out.
        Lol@ Doing the hairdresser- glad he didn’t fall back on any stereotypes 🙂
        .-= Cat´s last blog ..Single Mom Books =-.

  6. I’m not too worried about he swine flu – yet. But I ahve thought about it since it is LO’s 1st year of preschool, and you KNOW how germs spread there.

    Lice? I am SOOO glad I have never encountered that in my 18 years of parenting. But then, I still ahve a four year old to get through it. But yeah, that creeps me out BIG time.

    I agree w/the words on the shorts for girls. My teens do wear them but they are school/sports related. They normally dress pretty reasonably so what they wear is rarely an issue.
    .-= MindyMom´s last blog ..Do Men Want to be Pursued? =-.

  7. Haha months ago I would have been on the opposite end of the germophobe argument. I remember using hand sanitizer on Jayson at two months. Then my mom said if he doesn’t get sick he doesn’t build up immunities. I’m glad I actually listened to that advice. I do wonder though since he’s not in daycare now does the amount of exposure to kids matter. She keeps another baby and then there are my two cousins who are school age. Should he be around more kids?

    Anyhow we have CNN on all day at my job and as soon as they start mentioning the statistics about how many people could potentially get the swine flu my eyes are already rolling. So GLAD I don’t have to deal with lice though. We’ve never had it and hopefully we’ll never get it.

  8. Amen girl, preach it! We try to tell patients at the Children’s hospital ALL THE TIME to not overuse that stuff.

    Seriously, it’s BAD NEWS.

    As for H1N1, I am a little worried about it, mainly because of doing clinicals at the Children’s hospital, and all that. But like everything else, one just needs to read up and be aware.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Blueberries =-.

  9. Couldn’t agree more about the “juicy couture” shorts and sweats on kids. A four-year-old’s rear should not say “naughty” Its just plain wrong. I mean, when I was that age my parents had me in a denim leisure suit with mushrooms embroidered on it. What’s happened to today’s youth?
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Out Of The Mouths Of Babes =-.

  10. Add me to the list of Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass About Swine Flu. It’s nothing but blatant fear-mongering in order to slam more invasive laws through Congress. And yes, enough already with the germophobia! Sheesh!

    I’m so glad you got a support payment. Here’s to many more!
    .-= Freedom First´s last blog ..Quick one =-.

  11. I feel like I may have already replied to this post, but maybe not? I am way too tired this afternoon. Anyway, I could TOTALLY care less about that stupid swine flu (watch me get it, now) and can’t stand all this fabricated hysteria. I would consider the vaccine, but I don’t know for sure.

    I also hate words/cutesy lettering on ass shorts AND i hate ass shorts in general (those super shorty ones) and I thank god every day that I’m not a teenager right now because I couldn’t stand to feel pressured to dress like that. I don’t like ’em on t-shirts either. They try to look all rustic and vintage and it really ends up looking like “Hey everybody! Let’s try so hard to be original, that we end up just like everyone else…”
    .-= SJ´s last blog ..Saving Lives =-.

  12. I HATE those pants/shorts with words on the butt, and Kendall would never wear them, even if she wanted to, which she does not. It makes me sad to see girls with no self-respect.

    I’m not worried about the flu, and I will not be taking that flu shot (though I do get one annually.) I just won’t trust the newness of it, due to a bad experience in my family (from childhood). I’m leary. That said, I do try to avoid germs, but not because I fear illness; it’s because it grosses me out to think of where other people’s hands have been before they touch stuff in public. Yuck!
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Weekly Winners/Sundays in My City =-.

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