Weekend Recap, Such as it is

I didn’t get a damn thing accomplished that I WANTED To get accomplished over the weekend, but it was a good weekend nonetheless. It was very much an AA oriented weekend, starting with the meeting on Friday night.  There is a new meeting just started up on Saturdays at noon, so I went to that one as well, and it seemed like nearly every conversation I had with people over the weekend was recovery-related.  I finished up the things my sponsor wanted me to do during the week, and I feel a lot better in general.  Amazing how empowering it is to take action where action CAN be taken, and let the rest go.  It is a daily struggle for me, to know and understand and DO what I need to do, but god, the benefits are so worth it.

 My friend/sponsor P. told another woman who is having some marital issues to, “Stick with Kori; she has her shit together and she’ll help you get through this,” and I had to inwardly laugh.  I SO do not have my shit together!  But in terms of getting through shit without drinking, well, I haven’t had to do that so far, and maybe that is what she meant.  Anyway, as far as my friend goes, well shit, I can’t tell her what to do.  All I can do is listen, try to be impartial, and let her make whatever decisions she needs to make.  So hard to do sometimes though.  For one thing, I can’t REALLY be impartial, as much as I would like to be able to be.  For another thing, it is so easy for me to look at her life and tell her what she needs to do, but I can’t do that either.  The best I can do is only tell her what I really think/feel when she asks me to, and keep my mouth fairly shut the rest of the time.  Wish me luck on THAT one!

We also fished some more this weekend, once with the little boys and once with just Steve and I.  No luck at all, but it was still fun.  I think I sat down wrong on the rocks (and does this mean I am getting old?  To sit downwrong?) and hurt my back, because by time we got home I was hurting.  My left leg was all tingly and I had these sharp pains shooting down the back of my thigh.  Took Ibuprofen and laid down, and once I finally got into a position where it didn’t hurt so much, I was able to nap (heaven).  Same thing last night-took more Ibuprofen and a Benadryl, too, so I could kind of relax, and I feel much better this morning.  Stiff and a little achy, but not sharp pains.  Damn, this aging thing is pretty odd, isn’t it?  Who knew one could sit down wrong and become crippled up for a few days? 

Otherwise, it was a good quiet weekend, and in the hours of fishing hanging with the kids and talking with my friends and going to meetings, I feel filled up again.  That is a good way to start the week out, and I am glad today.


15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap, Such as it is

  1. So glad you had a good weekend! I miss fishing. I need to go more often. 🙂 It’s so relaxing.

    I’m the same way…friends come to me for advice and what I really need to tell them I don’t for fear of hurting their feelings so I end up just listening and somewhat sugar coating what I’d really like to say. That must have made you feel good though for someone to recommend another to talk to you because you have your shit together. I’m so proud of you for not turning to alcohol, I’m sure that must have been difficult with all that has been going on lately.

    As far as your back pain goes, I’m sorry, I hope it feels better soon. I have the knees of an eighty year old woman if that makes you feel any better! 🙂
    .-= Mrs. Ski´s last blog .. =-.

  2. Sounds like sciatic pain and that can happen at any age. Nerve stuff. You probably DID sit down wrong but only in that you somehow pinched that sciatic nerve. I’ll bet that’s what it is. You might want to see a chiropractor if you can afford it.
    Damn. I just realized that I am ALWAYS giving advice. I need to shut up. I am really just saying that you are not old.
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..I Am So Confused =-.

    • @Ms. Moon, That is what my friend who has chronic back problems says, too. And I believe you both. 🙂 I just find it funny that sitting down wrong can actually hurt you! Am much better today, though, mostly just stiff.

      and I for one like your advice; if I don’t choose to take it or it doesn’t apply, at least I hear other viewpoints, right?

  3. I went fishing this weekend too! Caught absolutely nothing, baited a ton of hooks for little kids, but had a blast. There really is something so soothing about it, isn’t it?
    .-= SJ´s last blog ..The Pieces =-.

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. The weekends where you get nothing done and still have fun were always cool to me. There’s always next weekend right?

    Oh sometimes if they only knew…

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