Keep On The Sunny Side….

So there was an assembly at the high school yesterday, and Hanna’s school was bused over so they could also take part in this assembly.  When the announcer said, “A special welcome to the students of XX Jr/Sr. High School,” a huge number of the student body stood up and booed the kids from the alternative high school.  To top it off, the kids from the alternative school were not allowed to leave the gym for ANY reason.  There was even a policeman “patrolling” the area in which those kids were sitting to prevent them from leaving the gym.  They could not even go across the hall to get a drink OR to go to the bathroom, so for two and a half hours, they had to sit there on the bleachers like prisoners.

I am trying to decide whether this is something I should REALLY be pissed about (I am), or rather if I should make a stink.  Eli said that there was an announcement over the intercom yesterday afternoon regarding the kids’ behaviour in booing the kids from the alternative school, but of course all the kids just laughed.  Still, at least it was addressed, right?  I am more mad about the fact that the kids from the alternative school were basically prisoners;  while I understand that some of them are, in fact, juvenile delinquents, if they can’t be trusted to walk across the hall to go pee then they shouldn’t even be allowed to go to the assembly.

Also under the heading of general what-the-fuckery, I got letters from both Sam and Eli’s school yesterday regarding the vaccine for the swine flu.  I am actually starting to get a little bit more concerned about it in a general sense; there are a lot of sick people here right now, and several documented cases.  The thing is, even though I have a high-risk child, I can’t see actually having him (or any of us) get vaccinated with a vaccine that hasn’t been thoroughly tested in a controlled setting before being used on the general public at large.  In a rush to get a vaccine found and made available to the public, it seems a little as if the FDA/CDC in conjunction put this one on a fast track, and I wonder what steps they skipped before releasing it.  No, I don’t think I want any of us to be injected with something that hasn’t been thoroughly vetted, including with long-term ramifications.  Does this make me an irresponsible parent due to the fact that I have a high-risk child?  The letter implied that.   However, I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea at all.

And once again, the first three posts I read this morning were about babies and/or pregnancy; enough already!  Not really, because I love to read them, but babylust is strong lately (as you all know) and I am having a hard time coming to terms with being all the way done.  Plus I don’t have any babies around with which to get my fix.  However, I do go home to a three-year old who hasn’t been feeling so well lately, which is pretty damn good birth control right there.  I don’t get annoyed (much) at him, but it IS  good reminder of all of the stuff I am NOT missing by being done.  Everything has a sunny side.

It is cold here; I went out to take my morning walk and just about got blown away.   We got the pilot lit in the furnace last night and kicked it on for the first time since May (and I broke my personal rule about not turning the heat on until AT LEAST October 1st), and I was glad of it when it come down to 30 degrees last night.  It will be chicken noodle soup and bread for dinner tonight, and the recommencing of our nightly tea-before-bed ritual; like I said, everything has a sunny side.  Also, Ice Age 3 is at the cheap theater this weekend (the $2.00 theater), so for $12 we can maybe all go to see it; I loved the first two, so am excited to see this one as well.

(Clearly I am running out of things to say, so perhaps I should just, you know, stop here.  A novel idea, you say?)


33 thoughts on “Keep On The Sunny Side….

  1. I would have been pissed by the booing too, not so much from the kids (kids can be little monsters), but from the admins who didn’t address it right then and there. The could have been a way for the kids to go to the bathroom, that was just wrong.

    My whole family has had the flu (I’m taking Tamiflu now and my son prolly will by this afternoon). It’s like getting hit by a truck and then trying to hock up both lungs. Hurts like crazy.

    Yet, I’m still not convinced getting the shot will totally make you immune from it. Especially since there is such a lack of documented research.
    .-= Tara R.´s last blog ..Imaginative CSS =-.

    • @Tara R., See, there you go: it is the undocumented part that has me all wierded out. I had lunch with my friend Janet who is also our doctor and SHE says that with Sam’s terrible asthma that we would be foolish NOT to get it, but it still seems a little wonky to me.

      I hope you get to feeling better; it is pretty scary, isn’t it?

    • @Ms. Moon, Well, I actually COULD just not READ the posts, but I am helpless to stop myself. Powerless.

      I am considering writing a letter to the school administration about it, but don’t know yet if I WILL. Next time I should just tell Hannah to whip her pants down and pee on the floor; that oughta get the point across, no?

  2. I would write a letter- they should’ve at least been able to get escorted to the restroom. If I were the alt kids I wouldn’t even want to bother going again after that treatment.

    I try to keep my baby posts on balance with my single mom and depressing posts. It comes out a three way split for the most part, but I will confess that my child is so adorable he makes the ovaries of every woman we meet practically leap at him. (puking yet?)
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

    • @Cat, See, that is kind of what I thought, about having them escorted. But again, there remains the issue that if they are so dangerous (WTF?) that they can’t be trusted to go to the bathroom, then why are they allowed to go to the assemblies at all? Seems nuts to me. And these kids are all already fighting the stigma of going to the school in the first place; I don’t understand why people want to make it worse.

      Oh-ho, clearly you haven’t seen baby pictures of OWEN; talk about shrieking and leaping ovaries! I will email you one. 🙂

      • @kori, Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. From what you’ve said they seem more like they’ve been on bad paths and are trying to fix it rather than they’re straight-up dangerous.

        Yay, baby pictures!
        .-= Cat´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  3. The principal of H’s school seems like a nice enough guy that I think you should talk to him about it first. Because from everything you’ve told me about the other school, I think you’ll just end up getting more upset.
    And wow, you’re SO much more a baby person than I am. All I think of when I read baby posts or pregnancy posts is how glad I am that it’s not ME 🙂
    And guess what? yeah, I love you.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Weekend Wrap-Up: Children and Art =-.

    • @April, The thing is that it isn’t his school, so therefore there isn’t realy anything he can DO about it. Same school district, be he has authority only over his own kids and they have to abide by the other school’s policy if they go there. I imagine he will be rethinking his decision to allow the other kids to take part in things like that again, though. It wasn’t a good experience all the way around.

      I really AM a baby and kid person; there. SAid it right out loud. Well, I like MY kids. Am I going to have more? NO. But I WANT to! 🙂

      And yep, I love you too.

  4. I know just what you mean about the ‘reading too much about babies’ thing. I told Ms Moon my biological clock might explode when Owen was born, and I think it did 🙂 It’s a little difficult for me, because I obviously can’t relate to giving birth or having a baby, and while I would want one right now if I could, that’s not possible at the moment. Ah well.
    .-= SJ´s last blog ..Marriage, and everything else I don’t know. =-.

  5. I’m VERY skeptical about the H1N1 vaccine. I’m not giving it to my kids, and I’m not pushing it on my patients. Trying to stay strong against the fear mongers and look at the whole picture clearly and objectively. And that means no swine flu vaccine. For now.
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..Keeping My Head Above Water =-.

  6. I have to get all three of the vaccines- The regular flu shot, the H1N1 shot, and the pneumonia shot. I do my clinicals at the children’s hospital here so it’s out of the question to avoid it. My biggest fear is this: Last time I got the REG flu shot? I was SICKER THAN A DOG. So I’m hoping that i can get them spaced out enough.

    That sucks about the assembly– Kids are such assholes sometimes. But the admins proved to be the bigger ones in this case.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Comments for a Cause =-.

  7. They have never been able to prove that the flu shot (any flu shot, not just H1N1) prevents you from getting the flu. As for epidemics, I think the biggest concern is loss of productivity and people being off of work because they are sick. Unless you are in a high risk category or don’t take care of yourself when you have the flu, no one dies from it. You just feel like shit.

    As for the assembly, I’m not surprised at the lack of respect exhibited by the students. Very little about the way we treat each other surprises me anymore. But I agree with the others, if the bused in students are so dangerous that they can’t even go to the bathroom, then they shouldn’t have been allowed at the assembly in the first place.
    .-= Dingo´s last blog ..Fine Feathered Fiends =-.

  8. @Dingo, We always get the flu shot because of Sam’s asthma-we also have all gotten the Varicella vaccine, which actually GAVE Sam chicken pox, and the pneumonia vaccine; I talked to our doc yesterday and SHE says we would be foolish NOT to, again due to Sam’s asthma, but I am still not convinced of the safety of it, much less the usefulness, you know?

  9. I can’t believe the admin. didn’t address the booing right then and there…but then again, it might have turned into more of a spectacle if they had… but what I’m really getting on the pissed train with you about is that they were treated like such prisoners. Are you kidding me? I can’t believe they did that. I’m sorry, but that’s humiliating!! Why can’t our society build kids up instead of always expecting the worst?! Sad really.

    I agree with you on the swine flu vaccine… I didn’t get it, and probably actually have the swine flu right now, but I’m living through it. Anyway, hope you have a great rest of the week, and I wish I lived close—so I could be one of those bad friends who invites themselves over for dinner. I’ve been wanting some Chicken noodle soup!! 🙂
    .-= Juls´s last blog ..Say the Word…. =-.

  10. I agree and I agree. The kids shouldn’t be invited if they won’t be allowed to move. And I would rather clean up barf for a week x 4 than have anyone in my family take that shot. My sister was a DES baby; I know the dire results of taking meds that aren’t properly tested first.
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..The Ridiculous Part =-.

  11. They were booed? Kids seem to get more and more immature through the years. Whatever happened to be being a respectful soon-to-be adult? Weird.

    If the students from the alternative school were going to be treated like criminals, I do think that perhaps they shouldn’t have invited them.

    You are NOT a bad parent for not wanting to get your children vaccinated. We never get a flu shot, so we surely won’t be getting a swine flu shot. I have a lot of thoughts on vaccines, though. My children, should I ever have/adopt any, will NOT be getting most vaccinations that are pushed. Period.
    .-= Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome´s last blog ..Friday’s Freewrite =-.

    • @Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome, I have chosen to vaccinate all of my kids with the regular childhood vaccines, mostly because it is too much of a fight to keep them in school and daycare without them. Also, my middle son has TERRIBLE asthma, and for his sake it is necessary. However, I have also delayed them so far as possible; all of them have gotten their 12-18 months vaccinations before starting kindergarten. However, this swin flu one, I don’t know; it just doesn’t seem like it has been researched nearly long enough to make it safe.

      • @kori,

        I plan on fighting. Scott and I have spent over 5 years prepping for the day we might be parents, which comes with a TON of research. I plan on fighting over many vaccines with my children. Not all of them, but there are so many that are flat out unnecessary.

        As for the swine flu vaccine not being tested enough, I agree. Look what happened with the new HPV vaccine. It was brand new, not nearly enough years of testing, and now girls are dying. DYING! Last I read, 8 more girls died from that vaccine. It’s an important vaccine, obviously, but it was NOT tested enough.
        .-= Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome´s last blog ..Friday’s Freewrite =-.

      • @Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome, And in retrospect I realize that my reply sounded bitchy but I didn’t mean it that way. Maybe where you are peopel are more liberal, but I DO know that it is a huge battle re: the immunizations. I know two families who opted to homeschool their kids because of the hassles, and for me, I don’t have that option. I believe that vaccines are necessary (and it’s okay if you don’t), but I would sure like more (years) testing done before I just say “okay, shoot me up!”

      • @kori,

        Oh, no worries. It didn’t read bitchy to me.

        I am in Arkansas, not even CLOSE to Liberal. LOL! We don’t plan on living here forever, though. When ‘the hubs’ is done with grad school, he will get to transfer.

        I do plan on homeschooling, though. Again, if and when we ever have/adopt children.

        I agree that vaccines are necessary, but just not all of them.
        .-= Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome´s last blog ..Friday’s Freewrite =-.

  12. I agree with Kara. Back in the olden days, our principal would have checked us on the spot, perhaps even canceling the assembly all together. But nowadays, we are afraid to correct our children, leaving them to fend for themselves.

    Why invite the children if one must chain them to the bleaches? WTF?
    .-= Claudia´s last blog ..Saturday =-.

  13. That’s too bad that they got that reaction from the kids. I wonder how many are a step away from being there for bad behavior. That would be a little bit of irony. I’m on the fence about the swine flu vac myself. I got Jayson a flu shot last year then they wanted to do a booster. It was hard enough getting the first one.

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