Friday Fragments 10/23/09

 Friday Fragments?

Yep, Friday Fragments time once again.  If you don’t know what to do, Mrs.4444 over at Half Past Kissin’ Time  will be more than happy to explain.

***One of the forty-bazillion reasons I love Sam is because he says things like this: “Hm.  I just saw a soda dispenser on that person’s front porch.”  NOT  “pop machine,” but soda dispenser.  How can you not love a kid who speaks like that?  It baffles the mind.

***This is how neurotic I really am: I bought a hair dryer off of Ebay about two weeks ago, and with one thing and another it just got here yesterday (and yes, I paid, I usually pay within 32 seconds of having won or purchased something).  So time came to leave feedback, and I gave her a neutral rating-and was nervous about leaving a less than positive rating.  Because, you know, it might make her mad, and she will retaliate by leaving me a less-than-positive rating, and-well.  I know, I know, I am nuts.

***At youth group this week, the girls were taught how to make dough for a variety of things.  I could be a little annoyed that they are teaching the girls only how to be good little housewives, cooking and such, but I was really quite glad; it meant I didn’t have to make pizza dough last night.

***I was right about the whole Ebay thing; I had a really, really nasty response to my neutral rating.  So now I am all worked up about the fact that someone I don’t even know and from whom I won’t buy again is mad at me.  Yeah-a little neurosis with a side of paranoia, anyone?

***Everyone at my house is finally if not healthy then at least functioning and back at school.  Whew; talk about a relief!

***My current obsession is those little packages Keebler peanut butter and cheese crackers, in case anyone is interested.  The only real problem is that I could eat an entire 8-pack in a day if I let myself.  I buy one about every two weeks to bring for snacks at work, and they are gone the first week.  I have no sense of moderation.

***Our backyard neighbor did not last long; the house has been dark and empty for the  last week.  This may possibly have something to do with the fact that she got arrested on Sunday for disturbing the peace, trespassing, vandalism, and domestic battery, with a little soupcon of resisting arrest to spice it up a little bit.  I am not sure where the kids are, and hope they are okay.  I DO know that one of them is and has been living with her not-quite-ex-husband, and for that I am grateful.

***My sister turned 40 yesterday; I look at her (or rather think of her, as I don’t see her all that often) and think, “well now, THAT’S just not possible!”  In my mind, we are all still quite young and unbearably lovely.

***I went to my friend J.’s office last night to pick up yet more books she had set aside for me, and had to laugh.  I roll my eyes a little about Steve’s compulsion to acquire yet one more cast iron pan/skillet/Dutch Oven, yet every time he comes home with one more pan, I come home with another stack of books.  I guess it evens out.

There you have it, a small glimpse of the inner workings of my convoluted mind; aren’t you glad you stopped by?  Now go check out some other Fragmenters over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

22 thoughts on “Friday Fragments 10/23/09

  1. Sorry about the Ebay thing. Just ignore her. If I got a neutral rating for that, I would have rolled my eyes in annoyance and privately labeled you a demanding jerk, hehe. But getting all worked up over it is just ridiculous. People can read the feedback for themselves; I do. If I think the person who left neutral/negative feedback was being unreasonable, I bid anyway.

    I hope your neighbor’s children will be okay. That’s really sad.
    .-= FreedomFirst´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

  2. You ARE unbearably lovely. 🙂

    And again I have learned a new word from you… soupcon. There was a word I learned earlier in the week or last, but forgot to comment on it… Let’s see if I can find it. Thank you for the education. heehee
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Milestones =-.

  3. I always feel compelled to respond to your Fragments posts in fragmented fashion…. so here goes:

    I am the EXACT same way about ebay. I was so pissed off when I got a negative feedback that wasn’t warranted a few years back b/c it ruined my 100%. (Ebay ended up removing the negative b/c the ebayer was a “bad ebayer”) hehe I don’t know why saying “bad ebayer” just cracked me up.

    I myself have not been able to “do” moderation in about 5 years. It’s a form of being dramatic. And I like it.

    Unbearably lovely is a wonderful description — I will use it in the next 24 hours I swear, so thanks!
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Memories =-.

  4. That’s enough to make me avoid Ebay altogether (as if I had time.)

    Glad everyone is well (enough). 🙂

    Yes, I am glad I stopped by, even though I am deliriously tired and ready for bed. Just wanted to say hi and that I wish you could come to the party (and not drink, with me). It’s going to be fun 🙂
    Have a good weekend…
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

  5. I was frothing at the mouth that my niece has to take a home ec class. But she loves it! In fact, it’s her favorite class at school. I suppose my problem comes with it not being required for everyone, including boys. I mean, we all should know how to sew on a button and boil water, right?
    .-= Dingo´s last blog ..I’m Totally RAD =-.

  6. I can’t believe the rating drama. Ugh! I get like that too.

    I left a bad review for an Amazon vendor after not being able to resolve my issue and then I complained to Amazon. The seller resolved the issue and made me feel like such a jerk for complaining that I didn’t get what I ordered.

    Yay for pizza dough made by someone else!
    .-= Unknown Mami´s last blog ..Fragmented Fridays =-.

  7. I love that eBay can utilize such a basic concept of psychology.
    What’s the youth group teaching boys while the girls are making dough? If I was a boy I’d be banging on the door demanding to learn how to cook too.
    If I was a boy I MIGHT like cooking.
    Those Keebler crackers? They have a little extra something that makes you eat more than just one (package). Moderation be damned.
    I am endeavoring to inviegle a polysyllabic exhortation of verbiage into this missive; sadly the soupcon of intellect I may have once possessed is *poof* a goner. One great reason to read is FINDING all of those lovely words…

  8. Totally get the Ebay thing. As a seller, I’m not allowed to leave negative feedback so dealing with crappy buyers sucks, and I imagine it sucks when someone doesn’t do as promised on the selling side either.

    Poor backyard neighbor’s kids.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Parenting Styles =-.

  9. Grr, that Ebay thing really makes me annoyed. That happened to me once – I gave neutral feedback because it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. It was just… neutral. Okay. They gave me negative feedback in response. WTF? So annoying.
    .-= Rachael´s last blog ..Sick and Tired =-.

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