Weekend Recap

I love the time change; not so much for the extra hour of sleep, though certainly that is wonderful, but for the tangible evidence that time keeps moving forward.  I don’t mind the early dark in the evenings, because I love the way the light shines in the street from the windows, I love the cozy comforts of home, I love not feeling as if I need to be doing X, Y and Z.  There is no more yard work, no after-work fishing or swimming expeditions, and while I love all those things when it is time, I also love the feeling of resting. 

The weekend was about as spectacular a weekend as I could have asked for during the changing of the season.  It was 66 degrees and brilliantly sunny on Saturday, perfect weather for trick-or-treating.  We did four different Trunk-or-Treat venues, which was just about perfect; two of them had those little jumping houses, one had a fun little train ride, and both boys really enjoyed themselves.  Owen fell asleep on the way home, poor kid, and even though he woke up when we got home, he was a little out-of-sorts the rest of the evening.  Sam and Hannah went back out in the neighborhood when we got home, and Owen went to a few of the neighbors’ houses, but mostly he stayed in and helped hand out candy (and we went through a TON of candy this year, more than we ever did before we moved!).  In fact, I think he enjoyed yesterday more that Halloween itself; he wore his costume outside all day, and seemed to have more fun remembering  trick-or-treating than he did doing it.  Funny kid.

On Friday, Steve and I went to dinner and to the meeting.  Dinner was really good so far as food went, but the place was-well.  Steve knows the owner from his work, and I know the owner from my work; consequently, we both ended up talking shop all through dinner, which was a little bit annoying.  The owner is a really, really nice guy-like the hell out of him-but we went out to dinner in order to, you know, NOT talk about work or kids or whatever, but to be together.  Still, he IS a nice guy, and the food was good, so that should be enough. The meeting was just okay; it hasn’t been a GREAT meeting very often lately, which is too bad because meetings are pretty limited here, but I did get to see a couple of people whom I really like, plus my friend J. spoke (he who asked me out quite some time ago) , so it was enough to keep me sober.

Sunday, Owen and I were both up at the butt-crack of dawn due to the time change; it was not even 6:00 yet!  It was really quite nice, though; we snuggled on the couch together with the dogs and watched a movie, and actually got to finish the whole thing before the rest of the house started stirring.  I met my friend P. for coffee on Sunday as well, which is always nice, and then spent the rest of the day canning pumpkin again; I triple-checked each jar this time before putting them away, so I know this time they all sealed.  Whew; 18 quarts of pumpkin now, ready to be used.  As always, it just makes me feel happy to have those golden jars lined up on the counter.

I feel especially rested and ready for the week, which is such a great feeling.  In talking with P. yesterday, she gave me some different things to do in order to help regain my serenity and spirituality, because as most of you know, I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  And while nobody would dare say to me that I have had it easy the last year or so, well, how I react to it is up to me, and I haven’t felt serene or spiritual consistently for, oh, the last year or so.  Back to the basics for me, and thankfully I have this great, strong, wonderfully sober woman who is willing to hold my hand through the journey. 

And who knows what this week will bring; I think progress is made in that I can almost look forward to what might happen, because hey, it’s all another day of living and breathing and loving, right?  Really, when push comes to shove, that’s all there is, and damn it, I am choosing today to see it.


21 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I love your beautiful spirit, Kori. I do.
    Now- unrelated question- do you pressure can your pumpkin? I’ve always heard you had to pressure process the non-acid foods. Tell me, please.
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..And Thus =-.

    • @Ms. Moon, No, I cook the pumpkin first, and then I just water bath can for 20 minutes. I had thought-and this is what I have always done, so I hope I am not wrong!-that if the food was cooked first, you didn’t need to pressure can it, but if it WAS cooked, you could water-bath.

  2. Kori,

    As the homeys like to say — true that.

    Ok, they say true dat, but well, I can’t say “dat”

    Ok, so MY homeys don’t say true that or true dat… they say “good for you”

    But true dat is more FUN!!
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Memories =-.

    • @Jill, I don’t even KNOW what you look like, yet now there is an idelibile mental image of you flashing gang signs and saying, True Dat. Which is both terribly amusing AND slightly disturbing, frankly. 🙂

      Thank you.

  3. I agree–I think I need to have some weekly sessions with this P woman, too! 🙂 She sounds like someone who has a wise perspective, and I’m glad you’re benefitting from that! Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. I think sometimes the universe brings us what we need, and tonight I needed the reminder that I am in control of how I react to things, no matter what life gives me. Sounds like you had a decent weekend, glad to hear it!
    .-= jennie´s last blog ..Score One for Stupidity =-.

  5. Well have yourself a wonderful week, and I am glad you had a good weekend. I got a little freaked out last night when I looked outside at 6:30 and it was so dark. I guess I am still adjusting to the time change. So sorry to hear about your basset problems. We are having issues with our basset as well. He is not getting along with the baby at all. Very jealous.
    .-= Mr. Shife´s last blog ..The Murtaugh List =-.

  6. Awww, your last paragraph was excellent.

    A combination of the time change, a nearly full moon and way too much sugar made my family and I freakin’ nuts this weekend and it’s all just balancing out right now thankfully.

    Hope the week is treating you well so far.

  7. Man the time change is still affecting me. How cool to just enjoy a movie together. What a perfect way to start a day. Glad you had a great dinner despite the not so great conversation.

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